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Understudies and different Persons of Concern

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Presenters Anne Hudgens Dean of Students Christopher Wolf Commander, CSU Police Department Investigations Dwight Burke Sergeant, CSU Police Department Investigations Jennifer D. Van Norman Student Case Management & Referral Coordinator

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Session Overview Welcome! Shots Fired Video Philosophy Colorado State University Systems Partners & Programs Myths & Behaviors about Mental Illness Student Consultation Team (in the past Emergency Consultation Team) Case Management CSU Police Department Questions & Answers

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Shots Fired on Campus Two recordings that welcome discourse on reaction choices to a dynamic shooter on grounds or in workplaces is being offered for review to college understudies and staff by the Colorado State University Emergency Management Team. Enter CSU Login and Password

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CSU's Philosophy Model of Strategy Identification - Prevention - Response - Post Incident

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Public Safety Partners CSU Police Department VP Student Affairs Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services University Counseling Center Office of the General Counsel Residence Life Office of Woman's Programs Human Resources CSU Facilities Training & Organizational Development Environmental Health Web Development and IT ACNS Telecommunications

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Public Safety Programs Consultation Team Student Case Management and Referral Coordinator Counseling Center Triage Coordinator Building/Site Survey and Assessments Video Surveillance, Alarm Projects, Access Projects Shots Fired/Workplace Violence Video Presentations Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Rave Text Alert System Emergency Management Team Emergency Phones Website Management System Building Proctor and Training Program Training Seminars (FERPA, Safety, and so forth) SafeWalk Program Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services Coming Soon – Rave Guardian System Coming Soon!

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Mental Health Issues Over the previous 10-15 years there has been a critical increment in the quantity of college understudies determined to have an emotional sickness and the seriousness of the side effects are more noteworthy. Ready to come to University due to early distinguishing proof and continuous treatment Anxiety/Stress Depression Alcohol/Drugs Bi-polar scatters Personality issue Psychotic issue Seeing increment in co-happening issue additionally entangle the clinical picture. 

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Indentifying Behaviors Developmentally Typical Substance Abuse Mental Health Anti-social Behaviors

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Truths & Myths about Mental Illness Psychological clutters most quickly rising inability on grounds the nation over Wide scope of sorts, seriousness and practical effect – not solid ADHD, LD to more extreme issue like bipolar, schizophrenia, identity issue Highly alterable after some time Functional effect shifts extraordinarily Research proposes that most people determined to have dysfunctional behavior are not any more likely than other to show savage or forceful conduct. Really, there are a few analyses that are fundamentally more averse to be rough than the ordinary populace.

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Consultation Team This board of trustees is gathered when an occurrence including an understudy happens that could possibly make hurt the understudy, different understudies, staff, personnel or the group. The group suggests and starts reactions that accommodate the prosperity, security, and regard of those included. Discussion Team : Dean of Students General Counsel Office Associate Executive Director of HHS/UCC Director of Residence Life Director of CRSCS Associate Director of OWPS CSU Police Detective Student Case Management & Referral Coordinator EAP Manager

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Student of Concern Student Identified by workforce, staff, understudy, group or relative and contacts the Division of Student Affairs Dean of Students Behavior of understudy IS seen as an immediate danger or problematic to others Behavior of understudy is NOT saw as an immediate risk or troublesome to others Consultation Team : Dean of Students General Counsel Office Associate Executive Director of HHS/UCC Director of Residence Life Director of CRSCS Associate Director of OWPS CSU Police Detective Student Case Management & Referral Coordinator Information Gathering/Referral from/to insurance offices/programs on grounds that may include: Other personnel/staff/understudies Resources for Disabled Students Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services Student Case Management & Referral Office of Women's Programs and Studies University Housing CSU Police Department Student Plan from proposals of all included that may include: Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services Ongoing case administration Parent/Guardian inclusion University Withdrawal Alternative living game plans Referral to grounds assets Referral to group assets No activity Other

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CSU's Approach The Division of Student Affairs at Colorado State University offers a full supplement of administrations accessible to understudies. In troublesome circumstances, which may incorporate emotional wellness, individual or family emergency, ailment, or damage an understudy may profit by a planned needs evaluation and proper referral. The attention is on minimizing the effect of practices on the individual, personnel, staff and different understudies.

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What is a "Caseworker"? Contracted Fall 2007 Reports to Dean of Students Close associations with grounds and group asset suppliers Core capacities Works with understudies in "emergency" Hospital Liaison (PVH System, Mountain Crest Behavioral Health & Island Grove Detox) Connect understudies to grounds assets Coordinate moves from CSU to outer group suppliers Assist understudies and families with inward methods (withdrawal, advances, and so on.)

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FERPA Health or Safety Emergency : In a crisis, FERPA grants school authorities to uncover without understudy assent instruction records, including actually identifiable data from those records, to secure the wellbeing or wellbeing of understudies or different people. Law Enforcement : Investigative reports and different records made and kept up by law implementation units are not considered instruction records subject to FERPA . Likewise, foundations may reveal data from law requirement unit records to anybody, including outside law authorization powers, without understudy assent. Divulgence to Parents : Schools may reveal instruction records to guardians if a wellbeing or security crisis includes their child or girl; if the understudy who is under age 21 has disregarded any law or its arrangement concerning the utilization or ownership of liquor or a controlled substance; a school authority may by and large impart to a parent data that depends on that official's close to home learning or perception of the understudy.

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Who is a Student of Concern? Staff Student is pugnacious, hostile, unseemly Student reports wellbeing or psychological well-being worries that meddle with every day life Another understudy/staff/relative reports interesting or unusual conduct Student reports musings or practices of hurting self or others Any conduct that you find irritating or disturbing Faculty Any of the past Student has uniquely quit going to class Student turns in composed or online work that is aggravating Student conveys in an odd manner (email, phone message, face to face)

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Recognizing a Distressed Student Depressed or lazy state of mind Hyperactive or quick discourse Uncontrolled or constant crying Strange or peculiar conduct demonstrating loss of contact with reality Not participating in self care Highly problematic conduct Threats of mischief to self or others Inability to impart obviously

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Case Examples Department of Art Student turned in "anecdotal" work with characters that were fundamentally the same as educator and graduate staff Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Student was alluded to Case Management from nearby clinic; made dangers against scholarly counselor. Place for Advising and Student Achievement Parent brings into report that understudy is hospitalized and needs to pull back understudy from classes Student Financial Services Student with odd practices

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Working with Distressed Students Strategies Talk to the understudy Express your worry Give trust Avoid judging, assessing, & condemning Maintain the expert relationship Refer Consult Process Tips for Staff & Faculty Take any danger to self or another genuinely Utilize grounds administrations – Call and Refer Plan, build up and convey wellbeing and efforts to establish safety Develop and practice office conventions on the most proficient method to react to psychological well-being or conceivably fierce circumstances

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Who Should I Call? Division of Student Affairs Dean of Students 491-5312

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Who Should I Call? If all else fails or there is ANY worry about your or another's security: CALL 911

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CSU Police Department When would it be advisable for me to call the Police? Would it be a good idea for me to call 911 or another number? What will the police do? What would it be advisable for me to do after the police clear out?

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Questions & Answers