Processing Networking User Group Meeting

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Clients and JLab IT. Ed Brash is User Group Board of Directors\' delegate on the IT Steering Committee.Physics Computing Committee (Sandy Philpott)Helpdesk and CCPR asks for and activitiesChallengesConstrained budgetStaffingAging infrastructureCyber Security. Processing and Networking Infrastructure.

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Registering & Networking User Group Meeting Roy Whitney Andy Kowalski Sandy Philpott Chip Watson 17 June 2008

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Users and JLab IT Ed Brash is User Group Board of Directors' illustrative on the IT Steering Committee. Material science Computing Committee (Sandy Philpott) Helpdesk and CCPR solicitations and exercises Challenges Constrained spending plan Staffing Aging framework Cyber Security

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Computing and Networking Infrastructure Andy Kowalski

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CNI Outline Helpdesk Computing Wide Area Network Cyber Security Networking and Asset Management

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Helpdesk Hour 8am-12pm M-F Submit a CCPR through x7155 Send email to Windows XP, Vista and RHEL5 Supported Desktops Migrating more seasoned desktops Mac Support?

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Computing Email Servers Upgraded Dovecot IMAP Server (Indexing) New File Server and IMAP Servers (Farm Nodes) Servers Migrating to Virtual Machines Printing Centralized Access through Accounting Coming Soon Video Conferencing (chipping away at EVO)

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Wide Area Network Bandwidth 10Gbps WAN and LAN spine Offsite Data Transfer Servers ) )

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Cyber Security Challenge The risk: complexity and volume of assaults keep on increasing. Phishing Attacks Spear Phishing/Whaling are presently being seen at JLab. Government, including DOE, prerequisites to meet the digital security challenges require extra measures. JLab utilizes a hazard based approach that fuses accomplishing the mission while in the meantime managing the danger.

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Cyber Security Managed Desktops Skype Allowed From Managed Desktops On Certain Enclaves Network Scanning Intrusion Detection PII/SUI (CUI) Management

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Networking and IT Asset Management Network Segmentation/Enclaves Firewalls Computer Registration Managing IP Addresses DHCP Assigns all IP addresses (most static) Integrated with enlistment Automatic Port Configuration Rolling out now Uses enrollment database

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Scientific Computing Chip Watson & Sandy Philpott

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Farm Evolution Motivation Capacity redesigns Re-utilization of HPC groups Movement to Open Source O/S overhaul Change from LSF to PBS

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Farm Evolution Timetable Nov 07: Auger/PBS accessible – RHEL3 - 35 hubs Jan 08: Fedora 8 (F8) accessible – 50 hubs May 08: Friendly-client mode; IFARML4,5 Jun 08: Production F8 just; IFARML3 + 60 hubs from LSF IFARML nom de plume Jul 08: IFARML2 + 60 hubs from LSF Aug 08: IFARML1 + 60 hubs from LSF Sep 08: RHEL3/LSF->F8/PBS Migration finish No restoration of LSF or RHEL for bunch hubs

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Farm F8/PBS Differences Code must be recompiled 2.6 part gcc 4 Software introduced locally by means of yum cernlib Mysql Time limits: 1 day default, 3 days max stdout/stderr to ~/farm_out Email notice

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Farm Future Plans Additional hubs from HPC bunches CY08: ~120 4g hubs CY09-10: ~60 6n hubs Purchase as spending plans permit Support for 64 bit frameworks when achievable & required

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Storage Evolution Deployment of Sun x4500 "thumpers" Decommissioning of Panasas (old/work server) Planned substitution of old reserve hubs

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Tape Library Current STK "Powderhorn" storehouse is nearing end-of-life Reaching limit & coming up short on clear tapes Doesn't bolster move up to higher thickness cartridges Is formally end-of-life December 2010 Market patterns LTO (Linear Tape Open) Standard has multiplied since 2000 LTO-4 is 4x thickness, limit/$, and transmission capacity of 9940b: 800 GB/tape, $100/TB, 120 MB/s LTO-5, out one year from now, will twofold limit, 1.5x transmission capacity: 1600 GB/tape, 180 MB/s LTO-6 will be out before the 12 GeV time 3200 GB/tape, 270 MB/s

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Tape Library Replacement Competitive obtainment now in advance Replace old framework, bolster 10x development more than 5 years Phase 1 in August System coordination, programming development Begin information exchanges, re-utilize 9940b tapes Tape swap through January 2 PB limit by November DAQ to LTO-4 in January 2009 Old storehouse gone in March 2009 End result: breakeven on cost before the finish of 2009!

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Long Term Planning Continue to increment register & capacity limit in most practical way Improve forms & arranging PAC accommodation handle 12 GeV Planning…

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E.g.: Hall B Requirements

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LQCD Computing JLab works 3 bunches with almost 1100 hubs, principally for LQCD in addition to some quickening agent displaying National LQCD Computing Project (2006-2009: BNL, FNAL, JLab; USQCD Collaboration) LQCD II proposition 2010-2014 would twofold the equipment spending plan to empower key counts JLab Experimental Physics & LQCD figuring offer staff (operations & programming advancement) & tape storehouse, giving efficiencies to both