Procedure Flow Charting: A Tool for Delivery System Redesign

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Prepare Flow Charting: A Tool for Delivery System Redesign Neil Korsen, MD, MS MaineHealth Caring for ME and Mental Health Integration Programs MMC Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation MaineHealth Learning Community January 18, 2007

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Why Change?

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Chronic Care Model Health System Community Resources and Policies Health Care Organization Clinical Information Systems Self-Management Support Delivery System Design Decision Support Prepared, Proactive Practice Team Informed, Activated Patient Productive Interactions Improved Outcomes/ICIC

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Process Flow Charting Understand how a function procedure/work process at present works. Produce thoughts regarding how the procedure may move forward. Consider staff parts and whether you are making best utilization of the general population on your group.

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Improving a Process Understand the procedure through the eyes of the general population who encounter it – patients, staff, and so on. Conceptualize thoughts regarding how the present procedure may be progressed. Utilize the Model for Improvement/PDSA to test these thoughts, on a little scale, and work your direction towards the procedure that works best for you.

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Model for Improvement What are we attempting to finish? In what capacity will we realize that a change is a change? What change would we be able to make that will bring about change? Act Plan Study Do From:: Associates in Process Improvement

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A P S D S P An A P S D A P S D Repeated Use of the PDSA Cycle Changes That Result in Improvement Learning from Data Proposals, Theories, Ideas

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Calls Office Pt. with Sx Pt. Arrives Appt Made PHQ-9 Pt. meets with clinician Pt. Dx with Depression Tx Options Psych Rx Meds Wztchful Waiting SM Goal Next Appt Care Mgt