Princess Dragon Part 4: Breathing Fire Adding Effects to Alice

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Princess & Dragon Part 4: Breathing Fire—Adding Effects to Alice By Elizabeth Liang under the bearing of Professor Susan Rodger Duke University June 2010

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Introduction Welcome to Part 4 of the Princess & Dragon instructional exercise. In Part 3 we secured how to make an occasion to change camera sees and also acquainted you with capacities. Section 1: Objects Part 2: Methods & Properties Part 3: Cameras & Events Part 4: Billboards, Sound, & 3D-Text In Part 4 we'll include more occasions, binds them to 'enhancements' in Alice to make the activity more practical. This will cover announcements, sound, and 3D-content.

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Step 1: Fire Object The principal thing we need to do is have the winged serpent thunder and inhale fire. We'll do this by surveying a portion of the strategies from parts one through three and also present another sort of occasion and demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to incorporate sound into your Alice universes. Tap on Add Objects to get to the display. Locate the Special Effects envelope in the Local Gallery . Discover the Fire protest and add an occurrence of it to the world.

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Step 1: Positioning the Fire Use the situating apparatuses to move the fire to the mouth of the mythical serpent . You should utilize quad view to turn and pivot the fire so that the base is at the mouth of the mythical serpent . Tap on done to leave include objects mode.

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Step 1: isShowing Property Under the properties of the fire , set the vehicle property to the mythical beast . Keep in mind, this will stick the fire to the mythical beast. Another property that is valuable is the isShowing property . Like the name proposes, by setting isShowing to false, you can make objects vanish. To make them return, set isShowing to genuine. Set the isShowing property of the fire to false .

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Step 1: New Method We will make another technique called dragonFire to put in our code. Tap on world in the question tree. Tap on make new technique under the strategies tab and name the strategy dragonFire . dragonFire is a world technique since it will utilize the fire furthermore solid from the world. Since these articles are distinctive in the question tree, it must be a worldMethod.

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Step 1: isShowing & Wait Click ablaze in the protest tree. The principal thing we will enliven is making the fire show up and afterward vanish. Drag the isShowing property into the code and set it to genuine . Put in a Wait charge and select 1 second . This will essentially make the code do nothing for a moment. Drag in another isShowing property and set it to false . Set the length of the isShowing lines to 0 seconds .

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Step 1: When Key is Pressed Event To make this code run we will make another occasion that runs code when a key is written. Select make new occasion in the occasion editorial manager . Select When a key is written . In the principal clear, select Letter and after that F . In the second clear select dragonFire . You will see that there is another occasion in the occasions editorial manager under flame: When the world begins, do fire.spin like there's no tomorrow. A few articles accompany worked in occasions; for this situation this technique helps the fire look common.

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Step 1: Testing dragonFire Now play your reality. At the point when the mythical serpent starts to fly around the tower , squeeze F . You will see that each time you squeeze F, the fire will show up. This happens whether you can see the mythical beast in the edge or not.

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Step 2: Adding Sound If you have not downloaded the creature_roar2.wav document from the instructional exercise webpage, do as such now and spare it in a place you can discover it. There are numerous short clasps of sounds for nothing on the web. Check the terms of utilization before you utilize music in any case. For this specific activity we are searching for a commotion that sounds like a winged serpent and goes on for about a moment. Tap on world in the protest tree and afterward on the Properties tab. Look down until you see Sounds and tap on the + beside it to uncover the sound controls.

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Step 2: Adding Sound Continued Click on import sound and discover the creature_roar2.Wav . Tap on impor t when you have discovered it. You will see that it shows up under Sounds . You can see the sound by squeezing the green play bolt . You will see that you can likewise record a sound. This element presently just deals with the Alice 2.2 PC form and not the Mac variant. An option for Mac clients is to utilize another program to record and spare the sound and after that import it into the world.

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Step 2: Animation with Sound We need the fire and sound to show up and play in the meantime. Drag in a Do all together and put each of the three lines of code inside. Drag in a Do together and put the Do all together inside. Drag in the creature_roar2 cut into the Do together outside of the Do all together .

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Step 2: Testing dragonFire Again Play the world and squeeze F when the winged serpent starts flying. You ought to see the fire and hear the monster thunder. Ensure your volume is on! The following stride is to include the words "The End" to the liveliness and have them appear toward the end after the knight gets the princess.

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Step 3: 3D Text Click on Create 3D Text toward the end of the neighborhood display keeping in mind the end goal to add a 3D Text protest the world. Sort in the " The End " and select a text style that you think looks great. We picked Lucida Blackletter yet every PC has their own rundown of textual styles. Click OK when you are finished. Pivot and move the content up with the situating apparatuses .

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Step 3: 3D Text Properties You will see that the 3D Text protest shows up in the question tree. 3D Text is a question simply like the various protests in Alice, however they do have some exceptional properties. Tap on the properties and you will see that you can change what the content says, and what text style it is from the properties board. Change the shade of the content to dark . Set the isShowing to false . We will now energize the content to show up toward the end.

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Step 3: 3D Text Animation We will add this code to the end of knightRescue . On the off chance that you don't have the knightRescue tab open, go to world strategies and afterward tap the alter catch alongside knightRescue . Look down to the end of knightRescue and drag in the 3D Text isShowing property into the very end of the strategy, outside of the last Do together .

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Step 4: Making a Billboard A bulletin in Alice is a level rectangle with a photo on it. You can either discover the pictures for announcements on the web or you can make your own in a picture altering program (like Paint or Photoshop) or Powerpoint. Either download the woods 1.jpg record from the instructional exercise site or utilize another picture of a woodland that you find on the web. Spare it on your PC so you can think that its later. To put the board into the world, tap on File and select Make Billboard . Discover the picture and snap Import .

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Step 4: Positioning the Billboard Click on add protests to move the bulletin into place. Position the announcement behind the tower and the mythical serpent . By resizing it and moving it in reverse. Boards can likewise be vivified like some other question. We will include a window ornament bulletin that will ascend toward the start of the liveliness and drop down toward the end.

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Step 5: Another Billboard The shade we will utilize is another bulletin that you can download from the instructional exercise webpage. You can likewise discover comparative pictures on the web. Make a Billboard with the stage-curtain1 picture or another comparative picture. Turn and Move it forward and resize it with the goal that it covers the whole view.

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Step 5: Animating Billboard To raise the window ornament toward the starting we will add a line of code to first technique . Tap on the first strategy tab in the technique manager. Tap on the stage-curtain1 board in the question tree. Drag the stage-curtain1 move strategy into the code specifically beneath the two remark lines. Have the drapery climb 10 meters . Set the length to 5 seconds .

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Step 5: Animating Billboard Continued To bring down the shade toward the end we will add a line of code to world.knightRescue . Tap on the world.knightRescue tab in the strategy editorial manager. Drag the stage-curtain1 move technique into the code into the end straightforwardly beneath the 3D content isShowing charge. Have the shade move down 10 meters . Set the span to 5 seconds .

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Congratulations! Presently play your reality. Watch the drape pull up and the movement play. Bulletins, Sound, and 3D impacts add another layer to your reality to make your livelinesss look more cleaned and locks in. Congrats on completing Part 4! Utilize the fundamental abilities that you have figured out how to make your own particular Alice activity. Keep finding out about the elements of Alice in different instructional exercises on the site. Welcome to the Alice world!