Princess Dragon Part 1: Objects in an Alice World

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Princess & Dragon Part 1: Objects in an Alice World By Elizabeth Liang under the course of Professor Susan Rodger Duke University May 2010

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Introduction Welcome to Alice! Alice is an imaginative 3D programming condition that makes it simple to make an activity. These movements can be utilized to: recount a story make an intuitive diversion make a video that you can share on the web and significantly more! Alice utilizes 3D representation and a simplified interface so its fun and simple to learn. In this four section instructional exercise, you'll be adapting a portion of the nuts and bolts of Alice with the goal that you can program your own stories and amusements. Download & Install Alice 2.2 You may need to download Alice from the site. See the site for more subtle elements

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Overview In this instructional exercise, we'll be making a short energized tale about a princess who is caught by a mythical serpent and safeguarded by a knight that comes riding in. The instructional exercise is separated into four sections. Section 1: Objects Part 2: Methods & Properties Part 3: Cameras & Events Part 4: Billboards, Sound, & 3D-Text In Part 1 we'll set up the troubled princess calling for help on top of a tower. This will cover how to set up a world, include objects, position them, and make a straightforward activity.

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Step 1: A New Alice World Start Alice and after it loads (it might take for a short time) you will see the "Welcome to Alice!" screen. From this screen you can begin another world with a layout or open a spared Alice world from before. Tap on the Templates tab to begin another Alice world and you will see 6 essential layouts. Select grass and afterward click open .

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Step 1: Main Screen The primary Alice screen is separated into segments. Toolbar World Preview Object Tree Events Editor Method Editor Details Pane

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Step 1: Saving an Alice World Click on File in menu at the highest point of the screen, select Save World and give a name to your reality. Click Save when you are finished. Alice universes are spared as .a2w documents. Keep in mind where you spare the world with the goal that you can think that its later!

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Step 2: Adding Object Screen Click on the Add Objects catch in the World Preview Pane and You will see the screen change into the Adding Objects screen. Toolbar World Preview Positioning Tools Object Tree Gallery Details Pane

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Step 2: Dummy Objects A Dummy Object permits us to spare the position of the camera and come back to it. Before you include or position any articles, it's a smart thought to spare the first camera position. Tap on the more controls catch under the situating devices, select drop sham at camera .

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Step 2: Renaming Objects You will see in the protest tree that another organizer called Dummy Objects has showed up. Right snap it and rename it cameraViews . Open the envelope by tapping on the + alongside it. Right tap on the fake protest inside and rename it originalView .

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Step 2: The Gallery The Gallery contains distinctive sorts of articles that you can add to a world in Alice. It is composed into envelopes which are recorded in sequential request. Look to one side until you discover the People envelope. Tap on it. Look to one side until you discover Cinderella . She will be our princess. Tap on her and you will see a screen fly up. Tap on Add example to world and you will see Cinderella show up on the planet! Congrats you've included your first Alice question!

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Step 2: More Objects Click either the envelope symbol beside People or snap Local Gallery to leave the general population organizer. Presently include a mythical serpent and a tower. Locate the Medieval organizer and include a Dragon and a Tower

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Step 3: Positioning Tools The board to the privilege contain an assortment of situating devices that will help you move the articles on the screen to set up the scene. To utilize the apparatuses, you tap on the device that you need and afterward click & hang on the question you need to position. Move the mouse to watch the apparatus work! Try not to utilize the keep going device on the right, it doesn't work. On the off chance that you botch up, utilize the Undo catch in the toolbar! X

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Step 3: Positioning Tools Continued Use the mouse device to move the tower to one side and move Cinderella back with the goal that she is practically at the base of the tower. Utilize the Up and Down apparatus to move the tower down a little and Cinderella up with the goal that she is in the entryway of the tower. Move the monster up off the ground.

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Step 3: Positioning Tools Continued Use the Tumble apparatus to move the monster noticeable all around with the goal that he appears as though he is flying. Turn the tower so that the camera sees it straight on.

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Step 3: Positioning Tools Continued Positioning items in Alice is precarious. Take as much time as is needed and don't be reluctant to play with a device until you get the hang of it. On the off chance that you inadvertently move the ground or the camera, simply utilize Undo . Advance the tower (utilizing the mouse catch) and utilize the Resize device to make it littler with the goal that you can in any case observe it in the screen.

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Step 3: Quad View Click on quad view and you will see another perspective of the world with four windows. We will utilize this view to move Cinderella onto the tower .

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Step 3: Quad View Continued X Use the Scroll and Zoom instrument on the from the top view with a specific end goal to get the highest point of the tower into view. Initially zoom out until you discover the tower , then zoom in on it and look until you get the correct view. Utilize the mouse device to move Cinderella in that view onto the tower . (In the event that she goes into the tower rather than on top of it, move her up additional in single view)

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Step 3: Quad View Continued Practice utilizing zoom and look until you can get a decent perspective of the tower in every one of the four screens.

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Step 3: Centers When you are done, tap on single view to backpedal to one screen. On the off chance that you tap on a question, either in the survey sheet or in the protest tree, you will see that lines show up around and through the question. Tap on the winged serpent . The focal point of the question is the place the green, blue, and red lines meet. When you tumble the mythical beast for instance, he moves around his inside. The winged serpent's inside is situated amidst his body however each question has it's own middle.

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Step 3: Centers Continued Click on Cinderella . You will see that her inside is around her knees. You will likewise see the yellow jumping box of the protest. This can be valuable when you're attempting to arrange the question. There are three introduction lines to help you. The green line demonstrates the protest's feeling of up. The red line demonstrates the protest's feeling of right. In Alice, everything happens with respect to the question so regardless of the possibility that it is your left, keep it mind that it is Cinderella's privilege. The blue line shows the protest's feeling of forward and in reverse. Between the review sheet and the display you will see three arrangements of bolts. These are the camera controls . We will utilize them alongside make another camera see. To utilize them, tap on the bolt you need and hold discharge when you are finished.

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Step 4: Camera Positioning Move the camera so that the tower is in the focal point of the view. Drive the camera so that the you can see Cinderella.

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Step 4: Camera Positioning Continued We have made another camera see! Drop a sham to spare it and name it towerView. Tilt the camera somewhat.

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Step 5: Methods Click the green DONE catch to backpedal to the primary view. Since we have every one of our items set up, it's a great opportunity to figure out how to quicken them in Alice. We will make Cinderella bounce up and say she is caught. The protest tree demonstrates every one of the items that are on the planet. Tap on Cinderella since she is the question we need to quicken. Tap on techniques in the points of interest sheet . When you tap on a question, its subtle elements appear in the points of interest sheet. There you can see the protest's properties, techniques, and capacities. A technique is a succession of directions that will be done when taught. Every one of the strategies you find in points of interest demonstrate the fundamental conduct that each question knows how to do. Worked in techniques are consolidated to make more confounded movements.

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Step 5: First Instruction A rundown of choices will show up, asking you what Cinderella ought to state. Click other… and enter gee golly, I'm caught! At that point squeeze OK. Snap and drag Cinderella say from the points of interest sheet into the strategy proofreader. You will see the new direction show up in the technique manager.

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Step 5: Testing Click Play in the toolbar to test the new guideline. The words vanish too rapidly so we might want to change that The survey screen has many instruments to help you. You can alter the speed the activity plays through with the slider and also delay, continue, restart, and stop the movement whenever. Never forget to Close the survey screen to come back to the principle see. Test every now and again when you are building an Alice world. You can speed through parts that are working and delay to show signs of improvement take a gander at parts you need to adjust. Try not to hold up until you have many lines written to test!

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Step 5: Duration Click on additional… in the say guideline to raise a rundown of choices. Select span and after that 2 seconds . All guidelines are set to 1 second of course so multiplying the time will make the words remain on the screen for more. Click Play in the toolbar to test. The words now remain up sufficiently long for everybody to peruse it. There are numerous different alternatives in the more menu, for example, changing the textual style and shade of the words. Give them a shot!

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Step 5: Move Method keeping in mind the end goal to make her bounce, we will move her up and afterward down. Drag Cinderella move from the points of interest sheet into the technique proofreader over the say strategy that is as of now there. Discharge when you see the green line where you need the direction. Select up ½ meter . .:tslidesep.