PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS by Shri B K Das Chairperson, OERC 05.01.2011

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PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS by Shri B K Das Chairperson, OERC 05.01.2011

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KEY INITIATIVES – REFORM PROCESS Unbundling of coordinated elements into era, transmission and dissemination Setting up of Independent Regulatory Authorities Campaign to upgrade incomes, diminish misfortunes, enhance upkeep of systems and improve client administrations Substantial speculations to upgrade nature of system Designating Distribution Circles as Centers of Excellence under APDRP

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West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. : Organizational change 100% Electronic Metering took after by Energy Auditing and Accounting Investment of about Rs.100:00 crore – empowered recognizable proof of spillages by range – and obsession of responsibility on region administrators AT&C misfortunes lessened from 34% in 2002 to current level of around 20%. Decrease monetised and around 15% - 20% paid to representatives as motivations Not speculation yet Organizational Transformation that is the key element – finish metering, inspecting and bookkeeping done by workers with reliability, genuineness without strikes or showings Such change conceivable regardless of normal time of representatives in abundance of 50 years

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Gujrat Jyoti Gram Yojana – not endowment but rather guide advantage to purchaser GJGY presented in 2003-04 for Rural ranges – guaranteed 24X7 power supply for local utilize – 8 hrs to horticulture – with 100% jolt of all towns with in 30 months Separation of local and agribusiness feeders – by establishment of 12,621 new transformers and 56,599 KM of new lines Reduction in misfortunes by 5% and diminishment in transformer disappointment by 1.5% in 2006 Study by CII and Institute of Rural Management demonstrates significant increment in business including independent work and lessening in relocation to urban territories by 33% Average pick up of extra work hour by six hours – because of continuous supply

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North Delhi Power Ltd. (NDPL) – Customer Centric Focus Automated Meter Reading and Data Analysis (AMRDA) framework – remotely downloads information from high esteem meter to focal server – helps with charging, and distinguishing altering and burglary SMS based blame administration utilizing GSM – guarantees supply grumblings went to instantly Walk in Consumer Care Centers – took care of by Customer Care Executives administered by Customer relations Officers Centralized Call Center – for all protests and enquiries Consumer Portals for on-line Billing Data alongside on-line installment office - protestation and demand enlistment Advanced Distribution SCADA framework, GIS, ERP – IT application for operational proficiency

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Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company (APSPDC) – Enhanced IT work CAT (Consumers Analysis Tool) – programming to incorporate Billing and Collection Data from Private Accounting Agencies (PAA) and buyers – Reveals special case, followed up by field officers Generates reports in meter anomalies, accumulation abnormalities and First Information Reports of robbery cases Consumer Billing Software – to guarantee the PAA are on normal stage – produces un-illuminate information for unrivaled quality support Transformer Information Management framework (TISM) – oversees transformer data and tracks transformer life-cycle Assists Vendor investigation on transformer execution Customer Service Centers, Call Centers Computerized Collection Center, Spot Billing and E-Seva

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Distribution Automation Korean Electric Power enterprise Reduced T&D misfortunes from 29.4% in 1961 to 3.99% SCADA, DMS (Distribution Management System) propelled application work Introduction of AMR and mix of AMRs and reconciliation of SCADA, DAS, GIS & AMR Stepping up of essential appropriation and optional circulation voltage levels Use of low misfortune types of gear, undefined center transformers and capacitors Pilferage review groups, disengagement and fines, reconnection simply after fines Consistent motivating forces/punishments Entirely mechanized Customers Relationship Management System prompting to enhanced Meter to Cash handle

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Boulder City in Colorado USA – the main city in the USA with Smart Grid Technology Xcel Energy is making Boulder a completely coordinated savvy matrix city $100 million propelled shrewd lattice venture will achieve 100,000 homes with ecological, operational and budgetary advantages Existing metering structure to associate with vigorous, dynamic electric framework correspondence arrange giving constant two path correspondence all through the network Smart sub-stations equipped for remote checking with continuous information and improved execution Programmable in-home control gadgets to completely robotize home vitality use in light of client needs Integration of foundation to effortlessly despatched dispersed era advances, for example, little wind turbine, sunlight based boards, battery framework, and so on

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20/20 Programme of California – Demand side Management To keep away from Black outs – offered rebates to clients for diminishing vitality utilize If shopper lessened utilization by 20% got discount of 20% on bill 1/3 of clients got refund – vitality utilize decreased by 7% and pinnacle influence request by 10%

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