Presenting A D Metro and ULTRA

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Presenting A D Metro and ULTRA . January 2007. A D Metro

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Presenting A D Metro and ULTRA January 2007

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A D Metro – Company Highlights Touch Screen Sensor Manufacturer Innovative building and custom touch screen arrangements Private organization headquartered in Ottawa, Canada Established in 1993 History – POS affiliate, touch screens, bended CRT touch maker, level resistive and capacitive, defensively covered resistive Over 100,000 sensors sent around the world

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A D Metro - Facilities Ottawa Headquarters: Standard 5-wire and ULTRA sensor creation Custom sensor advancement Operations, Sales and Marketing 5000 sq/ft Offices/gathering room Production region Machine region Warehouse, sending and getting Two OEM's that are authorized to deliver ULTRA sensors Asian contract producer 4/8-wire sensors generation

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A D Metro - Facilities

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A D Metro - Products Touch Sensors Resistive ULTRA – heavily clad resistive AbsoluteULTRA and UltimateULTRA 4/5/8-wire customary resistive Custom setups Capacitive 10.4" to 19.1" with/without back ITO back shield Touch Controllers USB, RS232, PS/2 Driver bolster for Windows, Linux, Mac

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A D Metro – Key Partnerships Manufacturing Strategy: To create key associations with driving touch industry providers Optera , Holland, Michigan, USA ITO and silver let go base glass provider Capacitive sensor generation - worked to A D Metro plan and particulars EETI , Taiwan Touch controller producer - , Taiwan 4/8-wire sensor maker

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Why ULTRA? The Problem: Resistive sort innovation is excessively delicate Capacitive sort innovation excessively entangled and costly Infra-red, SAW, and so on excessively inconsistent in unforgiving conditions The Requirement: A sensor with the strength of Capacitive and the straightforwardness of Resistive that is dependable and reasonable to make The Solution: ULTRA!

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Resistive based touch sensor with exceedingly tough glass external surface Ultra-thin borosilicate glass/polyester cover gives 6.5 Mohs adaptable glass best sheet that is unfathomably solid and resistive to scratching, concoction solvents, soil, water, flares, and so forth. Accessible 100 sparkle hostile to glare or clear forms accessible Pressure actuated innovation that gives material sense Utilizes standard 4 or 5-wire controllers Can be connected from little to vast arrangement touch screens Internal surface against Newton Ring sort A/G covering What is ULTRA?

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Key Innovation Advanced material building O.1mm borosilicate glass overlaid to .7mm ITO covered polyester in an optically culminate mold Patent secured holding process that defeats the troubles of various coefficients of warm development and withdrawal Result is an adaptable layer for use in a resistive touch sensor that is amazingly extreme and impenetrable to dampness, chemicals and the components

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Benefits of ULTRA Abrasion and scratch safe Impervious to chemicals, solvents, fire, and so on. Gives a total dampness boundary – perfect for extremely moist conditions. After some time, dampness will saturate the polyester in an ordinary resistive sensor Top-sheet does not smash and keeps on working even after extraordinary mishandle, for example, profound scoring, rehashed pound blows and other vandalism Contributes to open wellbeing and diminishes obligation by keeping broken show or substrate glass behind the external film Maintains every average advantage of resistive innovation; glove or stylus initiation, great EMI/EMF profile, basic/reasonable controllers, material input, exact, financially savvy Eliminates "padding" successful normal to customary resistive sensors The marginally stiffer layer fundamentally amplifies the operational existence of 4 and 5-wire sensors by decreasing cracking of the ITO covered polyester, which is the most widely recognized disappointment for standard resistive sensors

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When to utilize ULTRA? Perfect for brutal situations: Industrial mechanization and shop floor shows High movement or vandal inclined open booths Military In-vehicle shows EMI delicate applications Hand held field gadgets Gaming consoles and machines Just those hard to tackle issues Any capacitive or NFI application Any resistive application where field support is an issue ULTRA with improved substrate

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ROI Considerations Significant lessening in substitution and field upkeep costs Compatible with standard 5-wire controllers and controller chips-sets. A great deal less expensive than capacitive hardware No retraining of field specialists required on new innovation When utilized with A D Metro drivers; capacitive, normal resistive and ULTRA sensors are compatible – diminishing strategic, support and upkeep costs

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ULTRA Options For enhanced effect resistance, ULTRA is offered with re-implemented substrates – extra glass or polycarbonate boards are optically attached to back of standard ULTRA sensors. UltimateULTRA Various thickness tempered or synthetically reinforced glass AbsoluteULTRA Lamination of 12mm polycarbonate backplane Suitable for use in blast evidence appraised gear Custom sizes up to 23" NRE and least request required ULTRA Conversion Program ULTRA cover can be connected to completed polyester sensors Enables transformation of existing spec'd item to ULTRA 4 and 8-wire changes

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ULTRA Option cont. EMI Shielding Rear surface ITO covering, 100, 20 Ohm/sq/in 4 or 8 Ohm/sq/in conductive film <2 Ohm/sq/in smaller scale work window IR, Privacy and other film overlays 8/4-Wire sensors using hostile to intelligent polyester and back surface medicines diminish inside surface reflection Enhances differentiation and lucidity for daylight and brilliant overhead light applications

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Custom Sensor Development ULTRA sensors are in a perfect world suited to hard to comprehend touch applications that regularly require customization and low volume generation. Covering improved glass or polycarbonate backplanes to build affect resistance Providing different ITO coatings or work covers for RFI/EMI protecting, including sensors for MIL-461 evaluated conditions Infra-red protecting to help diminish sunlight based warming and ensure LCD boards in open air areas Specific optical arrangements, for example, A/G, A/R, hostile to Newton ring and others Custom link area and length

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ULTRA – 5-wire Production Specs

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ULTRA Specs, proceeded with

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Also Available from A D Metro Capacitive touch sensors Standard sizes Durable artistic A/G covering, 6.5Mohs Excellent transmissivity and lucidity Fully protected link with back shield ITO accessible Ideal option hotspot for any capacitive application or 3M substitution Resistive and Capacitive touch Controllers USB or RS232 Wide stage driver bolster Various cabling choices ROHS consistent

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Contact Info A D Metro 1181 Parisien Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1B 4W4 Canada & USA: 1-800-463-2353 Telephone: 613-742-5545 Fax: 613-742-5245 Email: Web: