PRESENTATION TO PORTFOLIO Board: Expressions and Society NOVEMBER 2007

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The NFVF backings film celebrations at a national level to satisfy the accompanying ... Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Johannesburg. Yearly REPORT 2007 ...

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MORAL IMPERATIVE It is a national basic to make offices for common South Africans to endure impact in the declaration of their own picture, along these lines develop vote based system and make success. The National Film and Video Foundation takes a stab at this honorable perfect.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) Audit Findings Other Matters: Due to the particular way of the NFVF business the greater part of the providers were one of a kind and must be sourced from particular administration suppliers. This made it unreasonable to dependably welcome aggressive offers. Due to delays in the arrangement of the new Council individuals, the review advisory group, which is a sub-board of the Council, met twice in the money related year 2006/07. This brought about the review board of trustees not having the capacity to play out specific capacities as required by Treasury control 27.1.8.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS Sediba Skills advancement activity A decent script is the establishment of an awesome program or film and SEDIBA intends to give the business a script improvement and script editors' preparation program, which stresses the inventive group while recognizing the essayists' position. This is to support, sustain and grow South African written work ability.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) Sediba Skills improvement activity (cont) During this money related year: Developed 14 appointed SABC show extends Almost 100 individuals prepared including script editors, and dispatching editors Introduction of "Start" program for 1 st time scholars amid which 14 journalists were prepared

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) 25 Words or Less Genre challenge In expectation of the marking of the SA/UK co-generation bargain, the NFVF in relationship with the UK Film Council propelled the 25 Words or less pitch challenge concentrating on 3 kinds: angle out of water drama; adolescent repulsiveness; and zero to legend. 4 Winners chose Intensive preparing & improvement workshops

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) Short Film Contests As part of the NFVF's system to create and deliver particular type movies that reflect and build up a South African tasteful, including the generation of indigenous dialect item, the NFVF presented 2 short film challenges: Projects in indigenous dialects Projects by ladies movie producers 14 candidates in both classes have been short recorded Projects are being workshoped by Sediba program

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) 50 Bursaries granted for full time examine 5 understudies partook at "Envision" preparing program in Burkina Faso Support given to 6 preparing programs including "Anamation Training Initiative"; Women of the Sun; Scrawl; Monash 37 Development stipends 26 Production gifts

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTA's) The SAFTA's were set up to perceive, remunerate and promote neighborhood film and TV substance and ability. The expectation was to offer distinction to neighborhood content, which thus would build its prevalence, consequently expanding its request and developing its groups of onlookers. Occasion hung on 27 & 28 th October 2006 Live SABC communicate 74 Awards displayed

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) National Film Festivals The NFVF underpins film celebrations at a national level to satisfy the accompanying fundamental goals: To develop markets for South African silver screen. To give roads to the dispersion of South African film. To expand the income streams coming into the business and invert the decrease in silver screen participation. To empower the way of life of film thankfulness, (particularly of South African substance) and silver screen going.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) National Film Festivals Supported Durban International Film Festival - Durban Encounters Documentary Festival – Johannesburg & Cape Town TriContinents Film Festival - Johannesburg & Cape Town North West Film Festival - Mafikeng Apollo Film Festival - Victoria West Malopo Arts Festival - Mamelodi Cape Town World Cinema Festival - Cape Town Soweto Arts Festival - Johannesburg KwaMashu Film Festival - Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Johannesburg

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) International Film Festivals Since 2001, the NFVF has set out on a coordinated program to position the South African industry in the worldwide field and to cut a remarkable South African specialty in the worldwide film industry. The NFVF has national structures at different celebrations which give a business domain to South African movie producers to have a home and a base far from home to permit them to lead business in a situation that is as helpful and obliging as could be expected under the circumstances.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) International Film Festivals went to Cannes Film Festival - France Mipcom and MipTv - France AFCI Locations Expo - Los Angeles USA Venice Film Festival - Italy Toronto Film Festival – Canada Berlin Film Festival - Germany

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) National Film School Feasibility Study The objective of the study is to build up a national instruction and preparing system for the South African film industry. The deliverables of the study are: Industry abilities needs investigation (quantitative and subjective); Education and preparing sway examination; Best practice models for film instruction and preparing; Feasibility of the foundation of a national film school.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2007 HIGHLIGHTS (cont) Co-Production Treaties Treaty with United Kingdom marked in May 2006 Currently arranging settlements with the accompanying nations Ireland New Zealand Australia France 8 ventures ensured under current arrangements in 06/07.

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CHALLENGES The NFVF might want to recognize and thank the Portfolio Committee for raising the accompanying issues amid the Minister's Budget discourse in June 2007: with a specific end goal to make an economical industry and maintainable employments, South Africa needs to create no less than 15 – 20 movies for each annum in the following five years. In the previous year, just 2 highlight movies have been delivered & discharged. The rand esteem inferable from generation has declined.

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CHALLENGES (cont) The NFVF needs a long haul vision and duty by the office with the goal for us to arrange in like manner. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish its command the NFVF needs to build its ability. Right now, NFVF staff are overburdened in endeavoring to meet the greater part of its orders. The NFVF is constrained in that lone 25% of wage can be spent on organization costs. This absence of assets likewise impacts on the level of consistence with different enactments including the PFMA.