Presentation. Regions that we will cover: A) Projects utilized as a part of this exhibit B) Watchword Suppositions versu

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2.Hyptext-Matching, including watchwords, labels, meta labels and neighboring Web pages. Essential ... A) Google gained Urchin in April 2005, based on their stage ...

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Introduction. Ranges that we will cover: A) Programs utilized as a part of this exhibition B) Keyword Assumptions versus Reality C) Basic SEO coding methods D) Google Webmaster Tools (Sitemaps) E) Google Analytics F) Where to go from here?

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Programs utilized as a part of the exhibits A) Notepad – Used to alter documents (part of Windows, or utilize any "word processor") B) Filezilla – a free File Transfer Protocol customer ( C) Google Account (

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Keyword Assumptions versus Reality A) Does your watchwords coordinate your prospects terms to depict you? 1.Web Development versus Web Design 2.Google Keyword Tool B) Does your substance coordinate your watchwords (Google Webmaster Tools) C) Conversions versus Visits

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Basic SEO coding methods A) What goes into Google positioning? 1.PageRankTM measures significance of a page based on number and significance of different destinations linking to it. 2.Hyptext-Matching, including catchphrases, labels, meta tags and neighboring Web pages.

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Basic SEO coding strategies B) How would I enhance my PageRank? 1.Get connections from relative destinations a) Geographic region b) Industry bunches, exchange affiliations, related businesses c) Press discharges (inlcude Web deliver to interface back) d) Good substance, blog entries, and so forth. 2.Link to quality, outside locales

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Basic SEO coding systems C) How would I streamline my webpage 1.Check out Google's rules 2.Standards based HTML (cleaner and leaner) 3.Meta Tags and Title Tags 4.Descriptive Link Tags (<a href="link.html" title="descriptive">Descriptive</a>) 5.Avoid tricky works on (shrouding, concealed substance, etc.)

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Google Webmaster Tools ( admins/instruments/) An) Expanded from Google Sitemaps in August 2006 1.Notify Google of your substance (sitemap.xml document) 2.Reports on how your webpage performs from Google (keywords, blunders, and so on.) B) Setup and Confirmation C) Creating a sitemap.xml record See case underneath 1.Manual 2.Third party illustration:

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Google Analytics A) Google obtained Urchin in April 2005, based on their stage 1.Hosted programming, Google utilizes a "following pixel" on each page. 2.Conversion following, incorporated with Google Adwords 3.Very decent interface and usable reporting.

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Where to go from here? A) Google Website Optimizer ( Allows you to test varieties of your Web pages to decide the best change rates. B) Google Adwords ( Google's watchword promoting program C) Google Base ( Submit your item inventory into Google's database to appear in item and web seeks.