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Chapter by chapter list. Area A: The Chairperson\'s StatementVision, Mission

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Introduction OF THE 2005/06 ANNUAL REPORT 19 MARCH 2007 IN THE NCOP BUILDING IN PARLIAMENT Presented By: Ms. TP. Nyakane – Maluka (Chairperson of BWB) Mr. RS. Matsebula (Chief Executive)

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Table of Contents Section A: The Chairperson's Statement Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives Appointment and Composition of the Board. Board Committees Governance of the Institution Institutional Performance Major Challenges Section B: The Chief Executive's Report

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Vision To be the best open water administrations utility Mission "BWB endeavors to give maintainable water, sanitation and bolster benefits through ideal usage of proper assets and contribute in water asset administration to upgrade financial advancement". Vital Objectives Providing practical water and sanitation Services Pro-effectively captivating in water asset administration Providing bolster administrations to customers Exploring and misusing key routes for hierarchical budgetary supportability and business advancement exercises Continuously taking part in group improvement through corporate social duty

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Appointment and Composition of the Board Appointment: March 1, 2006 – February 28, 2010. Involves 9 non official chiefs Ms. TP. Nyakane – Maluka (Chairperson) Mr. R. Ngomane (Deputy Chairperson) Mr. C. Phiri Mr. BL. Mavuso Ms. N. Kubayi Mr. B. Qokose Mr. N. Nxumalo Mr. M. Makhweyane Ms. B. Ngobeni

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Board Committees Executive Committee: Ms. TP. Nyakane - Maluka HR Committee: Ms. B. Ngobeni Audit Committee: Mr. S. Ndlovu Remunerations Committee: Ms. TP. Nyakane - Maluka Technical Committee: Mr. M. Makhweyane Business Dev. & Compliance Committee: Ms. N. Kubayi Finance and Tender Committee: Mr. C. Phiri

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Governance of the Institution Policies: Procurement Policy Fraud Prevention Policy Appointments: Chief Executive Chief Financial Officer Internal Auditor

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Progress on Forensic Audit (2003/4) Chief Executive: Mr. SG. Nkuna Suspended: July 13, 2005 Invited for a disciplinary hearing: March 13, 2006 Resignation letter: March 10, 2006 His CCMA application fizzled Criminal and Civil argument against him No advantages paid to him until cases are finished up.

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Progress on Forensic Audit (2003/4) Acting CFO: Mr. RH. Maluleke Suspended: July 13, 2005 Invited for a disciplinary hearing: April 21, 2006 Resignation letter: April 20, 2006 The Board is protecting at the CCMA for affirmed valuable expulsion. Criminal and Civil argument against him No advantages paid to him until cases are finished up.

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Institutional Performance Internal Audit: Price Waterhouse Coopers Appointment of Internal Auditor is in advance. MoU's: The MoU with Bohlabela District Municipality is being consulted with the new WSA (BLM). The MoU with SALGA-Mpumalanga is being actualized. Key Business Focus Name Change Repositioning Head Quarters Improved association with Local & Provincial Government and SALGA-Mpumalanga .

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Major Challenges Signing of Service Level Agreements & Cost Recovery. Disestablishment of Bohlabela District Municipality (WSA) New Councilors therefore of the Local Government General Elections. Claimed water quality issues in the Mbombela Local Municipality territory. Much obliged to YOU

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The Chief Executive's Report Background Institutional Arrangements Water Service: Water Resource, Production Maintenance and Distribution. Corporate Services Financial Performance Achievements Challenges Targets for 2006/07 Acknowledgment Conclusion

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Background Establishment: December 1997 as per the Water Services Act, Act 108 of 1997 PFMA Listing: A National Government Business Enterprise, recorded as Schedule 3 (b). Administration: 9 non official chiefs (as the bookkeeping specialist delegated by the priest of DWAF) and the CE as the bookkeeping officer. Nature of Business: Bulk water specialist organization to bolster districts. Workers: 252 individuals. Financial profile of the administration range: Rural & semi-urban towns (1.2 million individuals in BLM and MLM zones).

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Institutional Arrangements: BLM Area Agreement: MoU surrendered from the past WSA (BDM). Staff: Transferred from DWAF to BWB in 2000. Foundation: Original framework was given to BWB in 2000. New framework is given over to BWB after fruition to work and keep up. Responsibility for foundation is not yet illuminated. Salary: DWAF awards for compensations of DWAF exchanged staff and operation and upkeep of the first plans. A definitive arrangement: Service level assention for mass water benefits in the BLM zone.

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Institutional Arrangements: MLM Area Agreement: Tender Document (2 year contract with DWAF to a Month-Month with MLM until culmination of the segment 78 forms). Work force: Transferred from DWAF to BWB in 2001. Framework: Handed to BWB in 2001 to work and keep up and later exchanged to MLM on January 1, 2006. Salary: Monthly installment endorsements to MLM. A definitive arrangement: Service level understanding for mass water benefits in the MLM zone.

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Water Service: Water Resources Raw Water Abstraction; 5 waterways: Klein Sand, Sand, Mutlumuvi, Sabie and Crocodile And 3 dams: Acornhoek, Edinburgh and Inyaka. Solid Resources: Sabie waterway & Inyaka dam (62% most reduced level recorded). Feeble Resources: Mutlumuvi waterway (no stream amid dry season), the Crocodile stream (put sand sacks to control stream to the pump station). Edinburgh and Acornhoek dams.

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Water Services: Production BWB works 13 plans; 9 water plots in Bushbuckridge Local Municipality (BLM), 3 water plans and 1 sewage treatment framework in the Mbombela Local Municipality zone (since 2001). Normal deliberation, creation and loses; 47.7 Ml/d, 45.5 Ml/d and 6.6% individually: BLM range 67.9 Ml/d, 65.3 Ml/d and 3.8% separately: MLM region Average Daily Production: 100.8 Ml/d.

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Water Quality Monitoring Sampling Schedules: Thrice every day at all the works for operational purposes. Twice every month from water assets water works and conveyance systems. Impromptu examples are gathered as and when required to research particular toxins. Compliances: 100% for both physical and bacteriological qualities and 98% for compound attributes. Rebelliousness: Kabokweni lakes profluent because of the break of the lakes. Neither Cholera nor Typhoid were recognized in the drinking water and crude water assets.

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Planning and Development Current Role: Contribute amid improvement of WSDP's and IDP's of the WSA's. Screen usage of Bulk Water foundation ventures. Finished Bulk Water Projects; Inyaka WTW stage 1B: 5 to 25 Ml/d Acornhoek WTW: 3 to 6 Ml/d Shatale WTW: 0.3 to 1.2 Ml/d Thulamahashe WTW: 3.5 to 7 Ml/d Current Bulk Water Projects; Inyaka WTW: 25 to 50 Ml/d Hoxane WTW: 26 to 53 Ml/d Bulk pipelines from Inyaka to Acornhoek & Mariti

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Corporate Services Employees: 252 individuals (85 individuals in the MLM territory and 167 individuals in the BLM zone). Worker's guilds: NEHAWU, PSA and SAMWU. Work Equity: 3 females were designated amid the money related year; 2 bookkeeping assistants, 1 x PA to CEO. The work environment abilities arrange: It was submitted to the ESETA, concentrating on process administrators. Consistence to OHSA: Health and wellbeing delegates together with security advisory groups were set up.

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Marketing and Communication Customer Services: The in-house call focus takes care of client dissensions from the WSA and group individuals consistently. Group Programs: human expressions rivalry " Water for wellbeing and monetary advancement" Monthly visits to WTW's by understudy specialists, medical caretakers and schools. Directed water preservation training programs at schools. Taken an interest amid National Water Week and Arbor week. Led "Skipper Crime Stop programs" with the SAPS at schools.

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Financial Performance In the BDM/BLM Area; Total Billed Water Sales @R2.67/kl: R44.6m. Sum Recovered (from WSA's in addition to stipends): R25.5m BLM Debt: R 19.1m BDM Debt: R 26.4m. (persisted from past monetary year) In the MLM Area; Project net salary: R14.8million. Misfortune : R66 879.00 (pay increments and different changes) BBBEE strategy consistence: 20 % was recorded. The autonomous evaluator's report; Qualifications; Recoverability of obligation and marking of SLA Emphasis of matter; with respect to responsibility for.

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Latest Developments Towards Improved Cost Recovery Challenges in the MLM Area; Alleged water quality issue Resolved to settle the matter and build up a long haul relationship. Challenges in the BLM Area; Establishment of a Water Task Team; Billing Points (recognize and execute) Verification of water misfortune at mass dissemination Conclude Service Level Agreements (inside 3 weeks) Credit control measures: Reduce water supply by half with impact from April 7, 2007. Bohlabela District Municipality Debt; Involved DPLG to recuperate the cash from the disestablishment advisory group.

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Achievements 100% Compliance to water quality gauges IDP's and WSDP: Participated in the definition, accumulation and audit. BBBEE Policy Compliance: 20%. Amplified Coverage: Completion of Phase 1B of Inyaka included around 15Ml/day. Usage of the appropriation arrange. Benefit Quality: Uninterrupted administration regardless of the troublesome monetary circumstance. Compelling backing to BLM and MLM: Planning, Repairs.

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Targets for 2006/07 Service Level Agreements: seek after the marking with WSA Recover obligations from BDM and BLM. Increment speculation of foundation: Refurbishment/upkeep. Taken a toll recuperation at retail: BWB and BLM will set up frameworks for charging and gathering: Sustain water administrations. Augment generation to address benefit build-up

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Targets for 2006/07 (Cont.) Business Expansion: Ex