Presentation For National Conference on Agriculture Kharif Campaign - 2006 New Delhi, 21st 22nd Feb. 2006

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Presentation For National Conference on Agriculture Kharif Campaign - 2006 New Delhi, 21 st & 22 nd Feb. 2006 Department of Agriculture Government of West Bengal

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1. Appropriation of provincially separated system for upgrade of harvest creation and profitability and 4% agribusiness development

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AGRICULTURE Scope for expanding generation by bringing extra land under development in West Bengal, is nearly nil, Annual rate of development underway of nourishment grains has been 2.24% and yearly increment in efficiency 2.09% before, Target for 2006-7 is general increment underway by 5% when contrasted with 2005-6 (Rice-3%, Wheat-7.2%, Oilseed-2.4%, Pulses-43%, Potato-9.5%) by embracing enhanced agro-administration hones, viz.: Research Infrastructure in the State for growing new assortments, Production of Certified/Hybrid Seed – Strengthening seed preparations ranches (open & private) and seed confirmation apparatuses.

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c) Better Soil Health Management through Mobile Soil Testing Units, utilization of small scale supplements, Bio-manure, Organic excrements, Vermi fertilizer and Bio-pesticides, d) Introduction of New Varieties & Crop Diversification, including Horticultural Crops and increment development of Pulses, Oilseeds & Tobacco, e) Transfer of Technology – Strengthening of expansion apparatus, showing through culture-agribusiness, ladies ranchers preparing, f) Micro Irrigation System in parched regions – Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation System, g) Farm Mechanization – Introduction of Zero Tillage Machine, Drum Seeder & Power Tiller, Tractor & other physically worked cultivate hardware.

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HORTICULTURE Current rate of development in plant generation is around 11% (vegetables-11.52% and natural product crops-12.14%. It is proposed to keep up a similar energy for 2006-7 and the system is to: Increase arrive under green development, Adopt enhanced and half and half assortments and administration hones, Private association in sustenance preparing, esteem expansion and in getting to market( State Govt. through its drive has set up 5 agro-trade zones for pineapples, litchi, mango, potato and vegetables), Draw up Block-wise green creation arrange, Development of post gather innovation furthermore welcome private organization, Setting motivator anticipate taking care of and capacity units to minimize misfortunes.

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FISHERIES Annual normal development rate - 6%, contributes around 57% of the aggregate seed generation in the nation, There is extension for further expanding creation and profitability by: a) bringing more zone under pisciculture, b) presentation of mix/multipurpose vessels, c) usage of remote ocean angling, d) upgrading territory under concentrated development.

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POULTRY & LIVE STOCK yearly development rate : drain 2.63%, egg-2.52%, and meat-2.73% Special drive taken to build creation in the State are: a) disperse poultry chicks to one lakh ladies individuals from Self Help Groups, b) broad AI program to enhance nature of milch cows, c) extend action of drain co-agents WBMFL proposes to set up dairy plant/chilling plant in Purulia and Howrah, d) produce and conveyance of value encourage for steers, poultry and fish by the West Bengal Dairy and Poultry Development Corporation.

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2. Auspicious accessibility of value sources of info and appropriation of present day cultivating offices – seed arrange, supplements, past administration and agribusiness motorization Seed :- Seed anticipate Kharif submitted, intense lack of value seeds of crossover rice, heartbeats and maize crops, Nutrients :- Fertilizer get ready for kharif submitted, accentuation is on convenient accessibility of manure and in sufficient amount.

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Farm Mechanization:- advancing homestead motorization in little possessions, be that as it may, the State Govt. is laying weight on motorization of cultivating practices in little possessions by conveyance of force tiller, tractors, physically worked thrashers, plant insurance types of gear, and so forth. Bug administration :- the accompanying measures are being taken for nuisance administration : 1. I.P.M field show, 2. utilization of bio and herbal pesticide, 3. granting plant security preparing, Stress is more on utilization of Bio/natural fertilizer and chemicals ( av. Utilization of Tech. gr. Pesticide in the State has boiled down to 0.439 a.i.)

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3. Express' own particular activity for expanding interest in farming, consummation of on going water system venture and accessibility of force Investment in Agriculture: agri-credit is not effectively anticipated from the Nationalized Bank, GOI may utilize its impact to build scope by the Nationalized Banks, agri-advance focus for 2006-07 is Rs. 1600 crs. Water system :- 30% of the aggregate Kharif crops(54 lakh ha) is rain nourished, accentuation is to cover more region through minor water system extends and additionally through dry land development

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4. Edit broadening from grain to non oat and high esteem crops – agriculture crops, organic product, vegetables – cultivation mission and ISOPOM Diversification from oat to non oat, viz., from boro paddy to heartbeats and oil seeds, focus for expansion : a. 1.5 lakh ha for oil seed b. 0.5 lakh ha for heartbeats. High esteem crops :- an) increment arrive under cultivation trims on mission mode b) Increase profitability and generation of heartbeats, oil seeds and maize under ISOPOM

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5. Quality of Agriculture expansion organize making most recent innovation accessible to the ranchers in the field, advance in ATMA presented in six areas, SAMETI has been distinguished and finance stream is being attached from SAMETI to the recognized locale, Line office authorities are effectively required in the program, The modified state augmentation work plan will be put together before the end of February 2006.

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6. Promoting changes to upgrade intensity and ranch wage The West Bengal Agriculture Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act does not block a. coordinate showcasing by the makers, b. setting up of private horticultural markets.

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7. Chance administration - To give protection scope to shield agriculturists from harsh climate condition and fluctuating costs. Continuous NAIS might be made more exact and viable by making gram panchayet as the characterized unit, Amount of product advance issued under NAIS by various business banks and provincial banks is pitiful when contrasted with the co-agent banks, At present premium sponsorship level for little and peripheral ranchers is just 10% under NAIS, which might be expanded to make the plan more reasonable.

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