Presentation Directorate of Financial matters and Measurements (DES)is an appended office of the Division of Farming and

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Execution of Market Intelligence Scheme - To keep up close contact with other ... nearby and dispatches outstation. Market Intelligence Reporting System ...

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´╗┐Presentation Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES)is an appended office of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation. It is exclusively dependable to gather and give all sort of Agricultural related factual data. The DES have built up around 15 Market Intelligence Units (MIUs) at Ranchi, Patna, Lucknow, Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Shilong and Bhubaneshwar. Obligations of the MIUs - Implementation of Market Intelligence Scheme - To keep up close contact with other reporting organizations like State Agricultural Marketing Departments, FCI, IMD, Traders, FCA and Farmers Etc. To guarantee the dependability of information and its spread examination and report value circumstance and Crop prospects

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Activities of MIUs Preparation of cutting edge assessments of various harvests on Weekly premise Collection, Compilation and Interpretation of Agricultural Produce information on -Prices, supply, conveyance information -Area, Production and Yield -value, supplies and dispersion of Food and Non-Food things with reference to strategy of State/Center Govts. - Sensitivity Analysis on makers partake in shopper cost and showcase functionaries benefit/misfortune edge Preparation of Market overview report Collection and reporting of costs of key products in chose advertise in the States.

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Information Systems recognized for Phase-I Information being transmitted to head Qtrs on Weekly Basis Wholesale Price Monitoring framework Retail Price Monitoring System on Food and Non-Food Items Market Intelligence (Food grains) System Crops Prospects Information System. Checking System for Arrivals, Stocks and Outgoing Quantities

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Activities distinguished for Phase-II computerisation Preparation of cutting edge appraisals of various harvests on Weekly premise Collection, Compilation and understanding of essential information costs, supply, dispersion and so on of agrarian create; Collection and assemblage of information on Area, Production and Yield information of farming wares furthermore input use; Study of value, supplies and dissemination position of nourishment and non-sustenance things in market focuses in the States/Central Government and their effect on nourishment and rural front. Observing the cost and supply information reported by the essential journalists Agricultural Producers Market Centers in the States and giving preparing to the essential correspondents; Preparation of unique quarterly give an account of all the fundamental parts of the agrarian circumstance; examine the Agro-Economics state of town populace in the chose hinterland of delegate markets. Readiness of Annual and Administrative reports for the Annual Conference.

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Strategy Centralized Database in SQL Server to be kept up at NIC Head Qtrs Web empowered framework through DACNET Portal Linkage with AGMARKNET Only Weekly Price Monitoring System to be executed at first

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Market Trend and Analysis (MTA) Unit At focal level MTA is mindful to arrange with MIUs to get the information MTA examine the information and get ready pattern and examination report. MTA report devoured by FCI, Economics Affairs, Consumer issues and Commerce and Industry. MTA report likewise utilized for basic leadership emotionally supportive network for get ready Govt. Strategies on Agriculture and settling MSP and so forth. Report likewise utilized by Agricultural Universities and Agriculturalist for research and investigation reason.

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MIU-1 FCI MIU-2 EA DES (MTA UNIT) MIU-3 CA Central/State Govt. MIU-15

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Weekly Wholesale Price Monitoring System This framework use to report ware insightful week end reports. From this info similar investigation is finished. This investigation procedure will screen the tears. Week after week retail value checking framework on Food and Non-Food Items Retail value reporting framework comprise of nourishment and non-sustenance things. Sustenance things report gathered on week end premise. Non-sustenance things report gathered on month end premise. In both sort of reporting relative and pattern investigation is finished.

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Weekly Crops Prospects data System Accountability of this framework to report range sown up to the reporting time frame Area liable to be sown amid the ebb and flow season Expected yield amid the ebb and flow year. Checking framework for Weekly Arrivals, Stocks and Outgoing Quantities To discover advertise landings from towns and different markets. Stock toward the start of the week. Active amounts for nearby and dispatches outstation.

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Market Intelligence Reporting System on nourishment grains Textual report is readied in view of the nearby winning pattern of market. It will cover the accompanying angles like climate and rain fall conditions, Crop prospects, value patterns and market entries, stock and market assumptions.

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Directorate of Economis & Statistics (DES) It is situated at krishi Bahan, New Delhi Under DAC, M/O Agriculture Headed by Economic & Statistical Adviser Responsible for keeping up and giving rural insights to the Government of India.

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Application Software Requirements of DES, New Delhi Land Use Statistics This framework comprise of three parts in particular Land Use Classification, Crop and Area Irrigated and Area under Crops. . State Agricultural Statistical Agency(SASA) is the reporting organization for LUS. . LUS information being gathered year insightful, locale and state savvy. . This web empowered framework is as of now actualized in the DES.

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Area, Production and Yield (APY) System Crop savvy, season insightful and region shrewd data is gathered on region, generation and yield. Information passage is being done in customer/server mode. Web empowered reporting.

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Agricultural Commodity Price System(ACPS) Monitor the MSP(minimum bolster cost) to the ranchers. DES gathers the information through value journalists any place the market landings are high. Customer/server mode for information passage and web empowered for reporting. Relative examination is done to encourage the value information with earlier week, month and year.

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Retail Prices Information System The information is gathered and checked for crucial wares of sustenance and non-nourishment things on week by week premise. Information section is done in Client/server mode. Reports are web empowered. Focal database is kept up.