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Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition. Presentation duplicated to ... for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) E-mail Server. BlackBerry Enterprise Server ...

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Break free from your portable workstation! Stop the cost and burden of pulling a portable PC… … with your handheld and Impatica ShowMate. Break Free Today!

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Impatica ShowMate – Screen Projection Bluetooth or USB association with ShowMate BlackBerry ShowMate Projector Screen Projection

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Impatica ShowMate – Screen Projection Project screen substance Ideal for: Demonstrations Selling Training Close more deals Happier, better prepared clients BlackBerry ShowMate Projector Screen Projection

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Impatica's PowerPoint Solution PPT records are enormous 1/tenth the document estimate (normal) Fonts, design, PPT form will change on various gadgets Device autonomy (any Java gadget) Content is secure Recipient can "take" or adjust content

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Impatica ShowMate – Setup BlackBerry ShowMate Projector Presentation Screen

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Impatica ShowMate – Handheld Views See precisely where you are … and explore specifically to ANY slide in the presentation.

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Impatica ShowMate – Handheld Views/Other View the speaker notes … naturally extracted from the source PowerPoint.

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Impatica ShowMate – Specifications Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" Video Out: SVGA (800 x 600) or VGA port BlackBerry In: Bluetooth (worked in) for remote; USB for wired (USB link included); Power: International power connector included Also interfaces with BlackBerry control charger Applications Included: Impatica Presentation Viewer (PowerPoint survey and projection) Impatica Connector (screen projection)

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Impatica for PowerPoint – BlackBerry Edition .PPT on desktop Select Resolution Good/Better/Best Impaticize!

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Impatica for PowerPoint – BlackBerry Edition Preview & Check (on desktop) Presentation duplicated to handheld Put File (duplicate to BlackBerry)

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Impatica for PowerPoint – BlackBerry Edition Internet Presentation transferred to web Alternatively, transfer to web and convey 'Over-The-Air'…

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Impatica ShowMate – Handheld Presentations

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Impatica for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 1. E-mail with PPT arrives 2. User picks 'See Attachment' 3. Presentation plays E-mail Server Internet Impatica for BES Server Software Firewall or Proxy Server Wireless Network BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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