Preparation on New Service Model in Handling Adult Sexual Violence Cases 2007-02-14

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Preparation on New Service Model in Handling Adult Sexual Violence Cases 2007-02-14 Forensic Examination for Victims of Sexual Violence Dr SHUM Shui-fung, Bobby Head of NT Division, Forensic Pathology Service, Department of Health

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Forensic Pathology Service Department of Health Provides scientific pathology and clinical criminological prescription administrations to government offices

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Victims Suspects Sexual offenses Serious Wounding Cases Child Abuse CAT (Convention Against Torture) Claimant Forensic Pathology Service Operate open funeral homes Attend scenes of violations Clinical medico-legitimate examinations Consultation Court procedures Scope of Service

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Forensic Pathology Service Medical Staff 15 Forensic Pathologists + 1 Pathologist FP: 13 male, 2 female Assistants to Forensic Pathologists 8 Police Officers: 5 male, 3 female Staff

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Forensic Pathology Service Public Mortuaries Histopathology Laboratories Offices with Clinical Examination Facilities HKI (PHQ) Tel 28602466 K (KWRPHQ) Tel 27612405 NT (NTNRPHQ) Tel 26664224 Facilities

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Forensic Pathology Service 11/F, NTN Regional Police HQ On Po Lane, Tai Po Tel 26664224 NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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NT Office

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Forensic Pathology Service 6/F, Arsenal House West Wing, Police HQ Arsenal Street, Wanchai Tel 28602466 HKI Office

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HKI Office

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HKI Office

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HKI Office

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HKI Office

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HKI Office

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Forensic Pathology Service 3/F, KW Regional Police HQ Argyle Street Tel 27612405 Kln Office

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Sexual Offense R gorilla, endeavored assault Indecent ambush Unlawful sex with young lady under 13/16 Unlawful sex with rationally deficient Buggery…

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Rape Cap 200 Crimes Ordinance: A man perpetrates assault if-(a) he has unlawful sex with a lady who at the season of the intercourse does not agree to it; and (b) around then he realizes that she doesn't agree to the intercourse or he is foolhardy in the matter of whether she agrees to it

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Forensic Examination of Victims of Sexual Violence Evidence (physical/lab) Sexual intercourse harm to private parts nearness of semen Non-consensual example of wounds toxicological examination

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Forensic Examination of Victims of Sexual Violence Medical treatment must take need SAFETY OF VICTIM COMES FIRST!!

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Examination Suite Accessibility (24 hour) Security (limited, bolt) Cleanliness/Comfortableness (warm) Privacy (see & sound, passage & leave) Enough space

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Examination Suite Waiting territory (family, SW, police) Examination region (measurable pathologists, chaperone/nurture, translator) Equipment (love seat, lighting, amplifying glass, swabs, example compartments, water) Toilet

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Forensic Examination of Adult Rape Victims Consent History Physical Examination general examination genito-butt-centric examination Sample gathering Documentation and reporting

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Consent Informed Voluntary Capacity - MIP gatekeeper summon Part IVC guardianship load up

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History What signs to search for What tests to take How to decipher discoveries

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History Routine foundation Medical Gynecological Sexual What happened "… The casualty ought not be requested that depict the ambush more than once … "

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Physical Examination General examination Genito-butt-centric examination

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General Examination

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General Examination General appearance Upper arms, lower arms and hands Face, ears, lips Scalp Neck Breasts Abdomen Thighs and Legs Hips and Buttocks

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Non genito-butt-centric wounds Bruises and injuries (e.g. inward part of thighs, scalp, confront, lips); Lacerations (e.g. scalp, lower arm); Ligature marks (e.g. lower legs, wrists and neck); Pattern wounds (i.e. fingertip marks, scratch marks, nibble marks, factitious self-perpetrated wounds)

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Defensive Injuries

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Road Surface Injuries

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Lip Bruising

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Fingertip Bruising

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Genito-butt-centric Examination Inspection, labial footing Swabs Speculum Anal +/ - advanced +/ - proctoscope

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Genito-butt-centric Examination

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Genito-butt-centric Injuries

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Genito-butt-centric wounds

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Genito-butt-centric wounds

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Forensic Specimens Vulval/vaginal/endocervical swabs Buccal swabs – for DNA profiling Other swabs (e.g. butt-centric, oral, bosoms) Fingernail (cutting/scratching) Pubic hair Clothing/flotsam and jetsam +/ - Toxicological examples (blood, pee)

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Forensic Specimens

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Forensic Specimens Vulval/vaginal/endocervical swabs Buccal swabs – for DNA profiling Other swabs (e.g. butt-centric, oral, bosoms) Fingernail (cutting/scratching) Pubic hair Clothing/flotsam and jetsam +/ - Toxicological examples (blood, pee)

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Forensic Specimens Oral swab: up to 1 day (normally couple of hours Drugs and liquor: blood up to 4 days (typically half-day) pee up to 7 days Rectal swab: 3 days (ordinarily 1 day) Vaginal swab: up to 7 days (generally < 72 hours) Skin swab: before washing Dry material (undies): before washing

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Swab Taking

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Arrangement - Availability Through police Office hours (~ 9-5): workplaces of individual districts HKI (PHQ) Tel 28602466 K (KWRPHQ) Tel 27612405 NT (NTNPHQ) Tel 26664224 Outside Office (after 5, open occasions: Forensic pathologist accessible if the need arises)

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Arrangement - Timing Drug-encouraged cases: ASAP Fresh/late cases < 72 hours: most punctual time practicable (usu. < 2 hours or something like that) Cold cases: most punctual comfort

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Arrangement - Place Hospitals (A&ED, Wards - if showed e.g. conceded/for joint examination) Rain Lily CAIU Examination Suites (tyke, powerless casualties) Forensic Pathologists' Offices (if portable, esp. chilly cases)

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Forensic Evidence & FP's part Factual confirmation v Expert proof Impartial, for court and equity, not for either side Non-judgmental (we are not hearers) Objective, unbiased, autonomous, uninfluenced Opinion: logical technique connected on accessible information Limited to field of skill

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Further Reading Available for nothing download at WHO > WHO locales > Injuries and Violence Prevention > Publications > Violence distributions

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