Pre-college Engineering Education in the IEEE

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A Few Words about IEEE. IEEE is the biggest expert building relationship on the planet 367,000 individuals in 150 countriesA 501(c)3 association in fused in New YorkOriginally focusing on force designing and interchanges IEEE at present compasses specialized hobbies over the range of technologyFrom nanotechnology to maritime engineeringIn numerous regards IEEE has ended up

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Pre-college Engineering Education in the IEEE July 2007 Dallas, Texas Moshe Kam Educational Activities

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A Few Words about IEEE is the biggest expert building relationship on the planet 367,000 individuals in 150 nations A 501(c)3 association in consolidated in New York Originally focusing on power designing and interchanges IEEE at present traverses specialized interests over the range of innovation From nanotechnology to maritime designing In many regards IEEE has turned into "the steward of Engineering"

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In 1884 the Franklin Institute sorted out the International Electrical Exhibition in Philadelphia The Operator, 15 April 1884 "The… show would be gone to by outside electrical intellectuals, architects, and would be an enduring disfavor to American circuit testers if no American electrical national society was in presence to get them with the distinctions due them from their co-workers in the United States." Thomas Edison, Elihu Thomson, Edwin Houston, and Edward Weston AIEE's First Technical Meeting 7-8 October 1884, the Franklin Institute It all begins in Philadelphia… AIEE

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Early Presidents Alexander G. Chime Elihu Thomson Charles Steinmetz Frank Sprague

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A couple of later Presidents Leah Jamieson Joseph Bordogna Michael Lightner Wallace Read

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Established 1884 An American Organization Representing the foundation Rooted in Power Engineering First PCs working gathering Now the Computer Society Established 1908 A global Organization Open to understudies, youthful professionals Quick to embrace progresses in radar, radio, TV, hardware, PCs Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers (January 1913) AIEE IRE 1963: Merger of AIEE and IRE to make IEEE

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What is IEEE? An enrollment association A noteworthy maker and gatekeeper of specialized IP A system to bring individuals of basic specialized interests together both topographically and disciplinarily A watchman without bounds of Engineering An implementer of innovation related open Imperatives

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What is IEEE? A participation association A noteworthy maker and watchman of specialized IP An instrument to bring individuals of regular specialized interests together both geologically and disciplinarily A gatekeeper without bounds of Engineering An implementer of innovation related open Imperatives

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What does IEEE do? Distributes writing in building, innovation and registering Organizes meetings Develops principles Gets specialists and technologists from various districts together Organizes proficient exercises among designing understudies Educates general society about Engineering

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What does IEEE do? Distributes writing in building, innovation and registering Organizes meetings Develops norms Gets specialists and technologists from various districts together Organizes proficient exercises among designing understudies Educates the general population about Engineering

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Why is IEEE keen on pre-college designing training? Since it is in our expressed and un-expressed mission Because in numerous IEEE Sections there is checked decrease in light of a legitimate concern for youngsters in Engineering This is awful for the fate of these groups and would negatively affect their way of life Because we don't trust the issue will be handled successfully without us Industry does not have all the earmarks of being ready to address the issue straightforwardly Governments don't show up adequately concerned (yet) Other building affiliations admire us

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What is the Problem? Level or declining building enlistments in most created countries Coupled with baffling execution of youth in Mathematics E.g., "free fall" in Scandinavia Insufficient number of designers and building instructive projects in most creating nations Asia is a long ways behind Europe and the US in number of specialists per capita

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New baccalaureate designing degrees every year per million subjects (2004)

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What is the Problem? Ladies & minority understudies obviously under-spoke to Public impression of specialists/building/innovation is to a great extent deceived Resulting in early choices that square the way of kids to Engineering

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Engineering degrees US: 2005-2006

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B.Sc Degrees in Engineering by Gender, US: 2005-2006

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Engineering Degrees Awarded to ladies, US: 2005-2006

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B.Sc Degrees in Engineering by Ethnicity, US: 2005-2006

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B.Sc Degrees in Engineering by Residency, US: 2005-2006

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Graduates in Science and Engineering 1966-2004

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OECD insights

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OECD Program for International Student Assessment Mathematics, 15 year old understudies Finland, Korea, the Netherlands, Japan The United States

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Pre-college exercises in IEEE

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Who inside IEEE is dynamic here? The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) The IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB) IEEE-USA

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IEEE's Pre-University Initiative 2005-2006 New Initiative "Propelling Our Children's Path to Engineering" Objectives Increase the inclination of youngsters worldwide to choose Engineering as a vocation way Build a managed open mindfulness program, drove by IEEE, with wide support of partnerships and expert affiliations Current status: exercises are standardized in the normal work plan of IEEE

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Objective 1: Engineering in the pre-college classroom Institutionalization of IEEE Teacher In Service Program IEEE Section engineers create and introduce innovation situated ventures to neighborhood pre-college instructors Emphasis on volunteer-educator connection rather than volunteer-understudy communication Ideally: a maintained program including a few thousand schools each year

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Objective 2: Engineering Associations, Unite! Community for Pre-University Engineering Education Ideally, the asset of decision for pre-college collaboration with Engineering Associations Ideally, a multi-affiliation association With accomplices, for example, ASCE, ASME, IEE, SEE It is about ENGINEERING, not Electrical Engineering

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Objective 3: Strong On-line nearness New on-line entryways for understudies, educators, school advisors, and guardians Educational and engaging Focused on the group of onlookers From lesson gets ready for instructors to amusements for youngsters Ideally, the chief on-line asset on building for pre-college understudies

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On Line Portal "Solid On-line nearness"

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The Web gives us high potential for reachability A fruitful gateway can turn into a noteworthy asset for understudies, guardians, school advocates, and educators But achievement is troublesome in an ever-swarmed medium Effort should be combined with more current devices Instant informing, podcasts

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What data is required on line? We met with school advisors and Engineering Associations Need on line instruments for recognizing formal and casual building instruction openings Engineering affiliations that took an interest in our exchanges ACM, AIChE, AIAA, ASME, ASCE, IEE, JETS, SAE, SEE, Sloane Career Cornerstone Center

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What data is accessible on line? We led a far reaching audit of building training assets By EAB and advisors Conclusions: Many "Designing Resources" are really concentrating on Science and Mathematics Resources for educators are to a great extent deficient Wrong message is sent about the way of building and the life of specialists

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From Law

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From Broadcast Journalism

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From Civil Engineering

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From Civil Engineering

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From Civil Engineering

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From Mechanical Engineering

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From Electrical Engineering

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Good existing model "Your passage to encounter the fervor of contemporary science and innovation through on and disconnected intelligence with science and innovation focuses around the world." Science is energizing, and it's for everybody! Organization between IBM the New York Hall of Science the Association of Science-Technology Centers Science focuses around the world

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Next stride – Companion site to Comprehensive Ultimate Audience: youngsters ages 9-18 Designed to pass on fervor about building and configuration Can-do state of mind Hands-on experience Positive picture of the designing procedure and building "Find the innovative designer in you"

Slide 45 A entrance for understudies, guardians, school advocates and educators

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Unique elements School seek Ask an Engineer Ask a Student Coming up: Opportunities Pre-college understudies: summer camps, science fairs University understudies: examine openings, summer and center employments Graduating understudies: graduate review openings, scholarly occupations

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On-line Presence: TryEngineering is turning into an undeniably mainstream asset for the pre-college and college groups 40,000 guests for each month

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US (70%) India (5%) China (3.3%) Canada United Kingdom Austria Australia Malaysia Germany Japan Thailand South Africa Korea Brazil Countri