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HQDA 2009 Army Family Action Plan Conference 26 - 30 January 2009 Alexandria, Virginia "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Mobilization, Deployment and Family Readiness Strengths Military One Source Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs and Army Family Programs Reintegration Program (Assists Soldiers and Families straighten out post-organization ) Leadership Awareness of the Importance of Family Support Rest and Recuperation Leave "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Mobilization, Deployment and Family Readiness Challenges 1. Length of Dwell Time between Deployments 2. Keeping Remote Families Informed and Connected with the Unit 3. Conflicting Command Support for Family Readiness Groups 4. Increment in Domestic and Substance Abuse 5. Concurrent Dual Military Deployment of Family Members (Increases the trouble of care of Family individuals amid arrangement) "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Critical 6 Active AFAP Issues 1. Issue 497: Distribution of Montgomery GI Bill Benefits to Dependents 2. Issue 578: Paternity Permissive TDY 3. Issue 521: In-State College Tuition Issue 605: Table of Distribution and Allowance Position for Garrison BOSS Program 5. Issue 524: Military Spouse Unemployment Compensation 6. Issue 617: Federal Hiring Process for Wounded Warriors "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Top 5 Conference Issues 1. Loss Permissive TDY 2. Official Photographs for Soldiers 3. Secure Accessible Storage for Soldiers Residing in Barracks 4. Deficiencies of Medical Providers in Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) 5. Accessibility of Standardized Respite Care for Wounded Warrior Caregivers "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Issue Full Briefs "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Work Group: Benefits and Entitlements "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Bereavement Permissive Temporary Duty (TDY) SCOPE : A military leave classification for loss does not exist. Various tolerant TDY classifications exist however none approves non-chargeable deprivation clear out. Fighters take chargeable leave or a go in case of the passing of a close Family part. Obligations connected with the demise of a Family part may require additional time than collected leave or a pass. Inadequate time for lamenting the passing of a Family part and controlling obligations impacts the Soldier/Family's capacity to grieve and recoup from a traumatic misfortune. Proposal: Establish a lenient TDY classification for deprivation. "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Cap SCOPE : The SGLI top of $400,000 is deficient for some Families. The SGLI top might be deficient to secure surviving Families' money related steadiness while considering the typical cost for basic items and accumulated obligation at time of death. Subsequently, numerous Soldiers buy supplemental protection at essentially higher rates notwithstanding SGLI. Empowering Soldiers to buy extra advantages through the SGLI guarantees their insurability and offers reasonable money related security in case of death. Proposal: Increase SGLI top incrementally to $1,000,000 . "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Work Group: Employment "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Career Coordinators for Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Soldiers and Their Family Members/Caregivers SCOPE : The AW2 Program needs adequate Career Coordinators to help AW2 Soldiers/Families with move. A four-facilitator Career Cell serves 3,814 Soldiers, Families, and backings 120 supporters. A year ago, AW2 Soldiers expanded by 1,315 with a critical increment anticipated. The vocation administration standard is 1:30; the proportion of organizers to Soldiers is 1:953. This anticipates compelling profession coordination, boss system advancement, or long haul administration for the perplexing business/training issues. Suggestion: Increase approvals/subsidizing for facilitators doled out to AW2 Program to achieve a 1:30 standard. "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Death Gratuity for Beneficiaries of Department of the Army (DA) Civilians Killed in Military Contingency Operations SCOPE : The favored recipient of a DA Civilian slaughtered in a military possibility operation is not generally permitted to get 100% of the tip. DA Civilians' qualified survivors (mate, kids, guardians, kin) get up to 100%. Different recipients (encourage tyke, life partner, grandparent, and so forth.) are just approved up to half; the rest is paid to a qualified survivor or remains with the administration. Warriors' recipients get 100%, paying little mind to their relationship. By separating between DA Civilian recipients, the administration neglects to completely perceive the hugeness of all survivors' misfortune. Suggestion: Authorize 100% to be paid to any person(s) assigned by the DA Civilian paying little heed to their relationship. "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Work Group: Family Support I "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Dedicated Special Needs Space inside Child, Youth, and School (CYS) Services SCOPE : CYS Services spaces over the Army are frequently not devoted to bolster uncommon requirements kids and youth. While AR 608-10, Child Development Services, approves every battalion leader to set aside a rate of spaces, no Army level consistency exists. Inability to give these devoted spaces to extraordinary needs youngsters could adversely affect the Family fiscally, denies the kid chances to partake in CYS Services, and denies quality reliable care stood to Army Families. Suggestion: Dedicate tyke and youth spaces inside Army CYS Services keeping in mind the end goal to suit uncommon necessities youngsters. "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) Duration SCOPE : The 10-day impediment on TLE is deficient to permit Soldiers and Families to acquaint themselves with the neighborhood secure sufficient/reasonable lodging. TLE span has not been expanded since 1 Apr 94. Under FY94 National Defense Authorization Act, TLE term was expanded from 4 to 10 days. Expanding TLE will give sufficient time to finish military in-preparing prerequisites, get reasonable lodging, enlist Family individuals in schools/childcare, and bolster personal satisfaction. Suggestion: Increase term of TLE to 20 days. "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Work Group: Family Support II "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Collaborative Community Support of Severely Wounded, Injured, and Ill Soldiers and their Families SCOPE: Many people group don't know about how to bolster returning injured Soldiers. The bolster organize between group assets and Soldiers/Families is conflicting. This system is crucial to the long haul recuperation and reintegration of these Soldiers/Families. Proposals: Implement/impart a bolster program that interfaces group assets with Soldiers/Families. Actualize an administration plan that assesses the adequacy of the bolster program. "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE: Availability of Standardized Respite Care for Wounded Warrior Caregivers SCOPE: Standardized relief care is not accessible to all Wounded Warrior guardians. The absence of accessibility exists because of irregularities in regions, for example, data, repayment, approach, work force, and area. Parental figures of Wounded Warriors usually endure wear out and sympathy weakness. A Soldier's capacity to maintain exercises of every day living is straightforwardly connected with the prosperity of the parental figure. The absence of accessibility of institutionalized relief look after these parental figures endangers the guardian's strength and contrarily influences the recuperation of his/her Soldier. Suggestion: Provide uniform accessibility of institutionalized relief care to all guardians of Wounded Warriors. "Praising 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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Work Group: Force Support "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE : Funding for Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) SCOPE: The BOSS program is the main Army program that solely bolsters single Soldiers and single guardians, yet there is no predictable subsidizing. Armed force insights demonstrate 47 percent of the dynamic obligation populace falls into this class, excluding National Guard, Reserve, and topographically isolated Soldiers. Inability to give committed financing puts the eventual fate of BOSS at hazard, affecting one of the Army's biggest demographics. Suggestion : Mandate subsidizing for BOSS in POM 12-16. "Commending 25 Years as the Voice of the Army Family"

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TITLE: Official Photographs for All Soldiers SCOPE : Official photos are not required for all Soldiers. The Army requires an official DA photo at certain review levels. There is no official photo accessible to the media that gives an expert head and shoulder perspective of the Soldier with individual accomplishments. Individual photographs have been utilized as a part of the media to recognize Soldiers. Unseemly or grainy photographs don't precisely mirror the demonstrable skill of the Army or the Soldier. Having an official photo of this sort on document would guarantee Soldiers are depicted in a stately and deferential