PRAGMA Framework Research Ventures in Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Market Server. Like the routine commercial center, CPM Agent takes a shot at benefit of both ... Specialist (nearby scheduler) calendars and dispatches employment in light of neighborhood framework ...

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PRAGMA Grid Research Projects in Universiti Sains Malaysia Compute Power Market/P2P e-Science Grid Presented by : Chan Huah Yong Gian Chand Sodhy Grid Computing Research Lab Universiti Sains Malaysia

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PRAGMA Grid Research Projects in Universiti Sains Malaysia Compute Power Market/P2P

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Compute Power Market/Peer to Peer Compute Power Market (CPM) computational market in distributed figuring style, presents asset exchanging on sit still computational power over the Internet .

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CPM/P2P Framework Layer 4: Applications Portals Scheduler Layer 3: CPM Utilities Market Server CPM Agent Trader Dispatcher Accounting Job administration Layer 2: P2P Middleware JXTA Protocols (Peer Groups, Peer Pipes, Monitoring and so forth) JXTA Security Layer 1: P2P Fabric Internet USM Melbourne

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CPM Design Architecture Three fundamental substances: asset supplier asset shopper showcase . These substances are speaking with each other through an arrangement of utilities and administrations that will provide food for asset looking, evaluating arrangement, asset allotment, work organization, exchange bookkeeping et cetera.

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CPM Design Architecture Two key players driving the Compute Power Market: Compute Power Market Agent Market Server Like the routine commercial center, CPM Agent chips away at benefit of both asset proprietor and the asset shopper, while the market server gives the essential foundation including correspondence, data, security, transport access to remote assets, advertise store and data benefits that ready to unite these 2 parties for assets exchanging.

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Market Repository Entities Interaction Market Server 1) Publish Resource Information 2) Discover Resource Information CPM Agent CPM Agent 3) Contract Negotiation 4) Job execution 5) Accounting Consumer Provider

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CPM Market Server Consists of two noteworthy segments: Membership Control keeps up the get to verification of the market by applying enrollment among the supplier and purchaser. Asset Discovery part controls the asset distributed and revelation handle. The asset distributed administration permits the asset supplier to publicize their asset and the asset disclosure benefit gives buyer the office to find asset accessible in the market.

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CPM Agent Application that involves the crucial administrations of CPM, incorporates: Scheduler – timetable and dispatch work Trader - handles the exchanging and transaction between the supplier and purchaser. Work administration - handles the occupation arrangement and execution on the supplier PC gadget and returns the outcome back to the buyer. Bookkeeping - handles the charges and pays for the exchanging utilizing an asset meter   to monitor the assets that have been expended.

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CPM Agent (cont… ) Users connect with their CPM Agent for looking (hunt perfect asset supplier base on shopper inclinations), overseeing (consulting with CPM Agent from the supplier for a specific assets exchanging) and running (executing and planning work) assets in the CPM. CPM Agent will speak to asset proprietors and do the course of action and administration of the assets and assume an imperative part in exchanging arrangement . At the point when the occupation completed, CPM Agent finishes the bookkeeping procedure and bill the customer for the charge of asset utilization.

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Work Completed CPM/P2P Version 1.0 Trader Job Management Accounting Generic Components Basic parts Already transferred to JXTA CVS on September 2002.

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Benchmark + Retrieve + Publish Info sitting tight for contract Discover + Join Market Receive + Accept/Reject Contract Update log database Receive + Execute work Calculate Charge + plan charge Pack + Return Result + Bill Complete System Flow for CPM Agent on Provider Trader supplier Generic Components [using JXTA] Accounting Job administration

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Set Trading condition Discover asset Discover + Join Market Generate + send Contract Update customer account Send work get Result + Bill Check Bill + Pay supplier Complete System Flow for CPM Agent on Consumer Trader shopper Generic Components [using JXTA] Reject Accept Accounting Job administration

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Work In Progress Scheduler Market Repository Provide promotion control on Market vault Multi Rendezvous Model

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CPM Agent CPM/P2P Scheduler (super associate) … Scheduler Accounting Submit work Receive result User Trader Job Management Master Worker

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Scheduler The scheduler has a Hierarchical Master-Worker engineering. Ace (metascheduler) plans work in view of worldwide planning arrangements. Laborer (neighborhood scheduler) plans and dispatches work in view of nearby framework strategies. Work booking depends on dateline and spending requirement.

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CPM Agent Market Repository Market Server Discovery - Membership Market Repository User Market archive. Looking calculation (notice) Index control (include new, overhaul, erase) Market-to-market Interaction Resources

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Updating Market Repository Once peer leave the system Update Repository show peer has left (erase the administration offered by that companion) If there are new administrations to be shared by existing associate Update the old data (administrations) in Repository

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Future Work Trading Policy The asset use strategy, (for example, asset reservation, asset accessibility) Security Handle the security issues in CPM/P2P, incorporate secure interchanges, interruption location. Multi Market Model Adopt different market demonstrate (closeout, deal) into CPM/P2P broker. As of now, just Commodity (Flat Price) showcase model is being embraced.

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CPM Project Schedule

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PRAGMA Grid Research Projects in Universiti Sains Malaysia e-Science Grid

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"A meeting indicate for scientific groups run scientific applications through distributed worldwide joint efforts enabled by the Internet and grid motor , using conveyed assets and high execution stage." What is an e-Science lattice Portal ?

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Simulations Of Materials Scientific Informatics Mathematical & Theoretical Simulations • Phase II Compute-Intensive Data-Intensive Visualization & Collaboration Collaborative Resource Management Resource Monitoring Phase I Uniform Resource Access Uniform Data Access Authentication & approval Security administrations Grid Information Service Brokering Co-planning • Data Storage Special Instrument Fast-Ethernet based PC Cluster e-Science Grid The Complete Framework Layer 4: Portal & Application Iterative Solver Parallel Molecular Modeling Layer 3: Application Toolkit Data Management Security Layer 2: Core Grid Engine Globus Layer 1: Infrastructure Short-Area-Network based PC Cluster Existing Server/Super Computer

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Conceptual Model of e-Science lattice Service-arranged matrix Provider – association gives administrations to the lattice Economic-construct lattice Based in light of the register control advertise Contract – concurrence on administrations utilization amongst supplier and purchaser Marketplace – middle of the road/correspondence medium for both sides (associations)

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I O I O Market O Level 1 G Level 2 I Difference amongst P2P and framework E-Science GRID CPM/p2p O = Organization, and so forth USM, UKM, UTM G = Group (assemble by Individuals in an association) = Individual client, and so on:

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Visit us:

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Myproxy Server Compute Resources with Globus conveyed Information Services LDAP servers Client program Web Server Portal Framework GSI HTTPS, Globus Services LDAP Tomcat, Java, COG unit, GPDK

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Applications Replica Catalog e-Science Portal Replica Management Service File Transfer Job Manager Intrusion Detection Service Scheduler Specific module Bill Directory Service E-Science Grid Architecture User Mobile Agent Resources Account Manager Resource Usage Tracking Agent

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RESOURCE MONITORING Resource Monitor GRID RESOURCE ALLOCATION Overall Framework RESOURCE ALLOCATION Resource Broker Available assets? Framework Scheduler Cost? Charge? Asset Usage? Dealer Metering Replica Management Data? (by specialist) Select assets Sends operators RESOURCES ON GRID

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Framework (recently proposed) - Resource Broker - GRAM - DUROC Job Submission ask for by means of http GRAM Gatekeeper Job supervisor Condor GRAM Gatekeeper Job director Condor pool PBS pool Standalone PC's GRAM Gatekeeper Job chief fork

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Resource Broker Framework Resource dealer User ask for to RSL mapper Job Description in RSL Resource ask for Resource Monitoring Matchmaker Available assets Job + asset depiction RSL Resource Reservation Dispatch work Dispatch work Dispatch work Condor pool PBS pool Individual assets

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Consumer Provider Administrator Metering Design Cost? Financial plan/Deadline Charging Trading Accept? No Yes Credit >= Budget? Yes No Job Scheduling Message beat up Done? No Usage Tracking Message disappointment Yes Accounting Billing

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REPLICA MANAGEMENT Overall Framework Information Services (4) List of accessible assets (5) Conf. of every assets Replica Catalog (2) List of proteins Replica Selection (1) List of proteins to dock (3) List of accessible assets to a ligand Not reproduced protein records Selected copies Compute Resources Selected reproductions Set of duplicated PDB Grid Environments

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Resource Monitoring User Access Visualization Metering (Project 2) e-Sciences Grid Portal (Dynamic Information Services) Grid Scheduler (Project 2) Other Applications (Project 5) Processed Data Authorized Prediction Platform Type, Operating System, CPU, Memory, Network, File S