PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers and Students

Powerpoint presentations for teachers and students
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Exit PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers and Students Plan, Design, Create, Present, Engage, Evaluate, and Educate

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Home Exit Research indicates Multimedia Projects Support various insights Cooperative learning Construction of information Show more noteworthy elucidating subtle element Unique points of view, differing premiums, aptitudes Students get to be makers of learning, not purchasers

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Exit Home Overview of PowerPoint Primarily electronic slide demonstrates Cross stage Numerous predefined formats

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Hi MOM! Leave Home PowerPoint Has A Lot to Offer Carefully Planned or... A M e s

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Home Exit Planning Multimedia Projects Instructional Goals Decide on the Project Develop Skills for the venture Assess assets

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Group choices Heterogeneous Homogeneous Grouping factors capacity Learning styles Group numbers Introduce social abilities Listening respectfulness Place in gatherings Schedule PC time. On and off exercises Home Exit Organize the Project

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Brainstorming Current learning what information is required (KWL outline) Whole class? People? Little gatherings? Explore On or off PCs Library Classroom At home Bibliography sheet Journal/record guardian Home Exit Brainstorming/Research

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Exit Home Design! What Makes a Well-composed, Effective Presentation? A few Things… .

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Play? Back? Go ? Leave Home Keep the User Interface Simple Not for flaunting every one of the components of PowerPoint Users ought to just observe what they require

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Exit Home Consistency is Important Exit Objects that play out the same ought to have a striking resemblance Keep similarly situated Home

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"Beep!" Exit Home Immediate Feedback to the User Did the PC "listen" the client? Short beep Exit Home

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Exit Home Use Familiar Metaphors Use questions the client is acquainted with. Obviously comprehended

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Exit Home Colors Background hues (no red) Five or less hues for every screen Dark foundation = lighter content + visa versa Consistent content shading

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Exit Home Text Not as well "tedious" Left legitimize Double space No flickering No content on representation Large textual styles Same text style all through

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Exit Home Graphics No irrelevant pictures Same place Label outlines and charts Exit Plant Growth Home

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Exit Home Navigation Exit Common route symbols sufficiently big Permanent catches at screen edge Back up and forward Exit catch - every screen Instructions ? Home

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Exit Home Video Files Exit Keep the video portions short Include replay catch Home

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Blah,blah... Leave Home Audio Files Exit Students love to hear their voices! Discussion style No sound clashes Sounds for moves 10 Seconds or less Home

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Exit Home Planning! Flowcharts and Storyboards How sorted out? Flowcharts Storyboards Credits, references Where to Begin?

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Exit Home Flowcharts - Linear Specific arrangement Step-by-step Frog dismemberment steps Title Step 2 Step n Credits

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Exit Home Flowcharts - Tree/Cluster Main thought Branches into different themes Perhaps primary menu Cluster = two subjects Tree = more than two States, music sorts Title Menu Subject 1 Subject n Info

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Exit Home Flowcharts - Star Main thought Branches into a few others School presentations - exercises, sports plan, instructor contacts Subject 2 Subject n Subject 1 Menu Subject 5 Subject 3 Subject 4

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Exit Home Storyboards Each one = square in the flowchart Meets necessities of venture Include outline and substance data Sketch it here. Foundation: Border: Pictures: Title and content data: Navigation and Button data:

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Exit Home Evaluate Rubrics for each phase of the venture Research Flowchart Storyboard Self Evaluation Peer Evaluation Group Self Evaluation Teacher Evaluation Content Mechanics Design Presentation Final Grades A+

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Exit Home Now It's Your Turn... Pick your educational modules extend Quick flowchart Storyboards Put it together (see "How To" freebee) Present

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Exit Home Credits Ivers, Karen and Barron, Ann, Multimedia Projects in Education, Teachers Ideas Press, 1998 Sun Associates 55 Middlesex Street North Chelmsford, MA 01863 info@sun-associates.com Graphics from Barry's Clip Art Server