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Sint-Pieterscollege Blankenberge: Catholic school established in 1879 700 understudies matured 12-18 288 young men and 413 young ladies One building, 2 schools : Sint-Pieterscollege (SP) and Sint-Jozefshandelsschool (SJ) 3 types of training: General Secondary Education (SP) Technical Secondary Education (SJ) Vocational Secondary Education (SJ) Sint-Pieterscollege Use of present day and great media to create information, mentalities and aptitudes

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3 types of instruction: General Secondary Education (SP) Technical Secondary Education (SJ) Vocational Secondary Education (SJ) Fields of study : Economy + current languages* or arithmetic Sciences + math Latin + cutting edge dialects or arithmetic Human sciences * advanced dialects: French, Dutch, English and German

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Activities: Jong Talent: an ability demonstrate Reading venture '5 voor 5' sorted out by Year 12 100 Days: Year 13 commends the most recent 100 days of their school profession. Day of the Youth Group: Chiro , KSJ, KSA, Scouts Prom School trips Year 12: Germany Year 13: Paris Latin understudies year 12-13 : Rome An assortment of day treks: Bruges, Canterbury, Saint-Omer, Tournai , Lille, and so forth. Young ladies' football group

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Blankenberge: Coastal town arranged in the territory of West Flanders 18,908 tenants The shoreline: 3 kilometers in length and 350 meters wide Close to Bruges: medieval city nicknamed 'Venice of the North' Close to Zeebrugge : Belgium's most critical angling port

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Events: Sand design celebration in summer Flower parade in August Carnival parade in March Klankenberge : music celebration in July and August

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Sights and Museums: The Pier: 350 meters since quite a while ago, developed in 1933 Nature saves " Uitkerkse Polders' and 'The Fonteintjes " Marina: home to 1000 yachts Lighthouse and nautical gallery Sealife Marine Park Belle Epoque Museum Blankenberge Casino