Power Reforms in West Bengal

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´╗┐Power Reforms in West Bengal Dr. Keya Ghosh CUTS-Calcutta Resource Center

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Outline An Overview of Electricity Sector in West Bengal Reforms and its Impact in the Power area Consumer Protection and Public Participation Way Forward

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An Overview of Electricity Sector in West Bengal Generation Units State Agencies i WBPDCL West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd ii DPL Durgapur Project Ltd Private Agencies iii CESE Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation iv DPSC DPSC-Dishergarh Power Supply Corporation Central Agencies v NTPC National warm Power Corporation vi DVC Damodor Valley Corporation

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Total Installed Capacity as on 31-01-2008: 7616 MW Total Installed Capacity in 31-03-1996: 5481 MW Installed Power Sector-wise (MW)

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By November 2008 , the introduced limit will go up to such a degree, to the point that there will be no power deficiency in the state because of establishment of numerous all the more new producing units (trustworthy source). Between 2001-02 and 2006-07 (up to November 2006), the quantity of shoppers of power has expanded by more than 25.5 lakhs.

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Systems Improvement: WBSEB has been enhancing different transmission and appropriation works for development of force conveyance organize basically in rustic territories . Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has helped with West Bengal Transmission System Project. The Security and Loss Prevention (S & LP wings have been reinforced by making S & L P workplaces at 17 hovers notwithstanding the Central S & LP wing at Head Quarter. WBREDA executed a monstrous program in the field of Renewable Energy Sources like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass, Mini Micro Hydal, Tidal Power and so forth and it is outstanding in the nation for its great work. More than 1000 groups of the State are getting power through non customary vitality source.

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West Bengal Rural Energy Development Corporation Ltd (WBREDCL) A one of a kind component of WBREDCL's working is that it is to a great extent decentralized to the locale and sub-region levels, in its arranging, execution and checking operations. At the region level, the pinnacle body is the District Rural Energy Committee, whose individuals incorporate the Sabhadipati (administrator of the zilla panchayat) and the District Magistrate; At the piece level, there is the Block Rural Energy Committee, headed by the Block Sabhadipati and the Block Development Officer (BDO). d At the most fundamental level of this structure is the Beneficiary Committee, including a gram panchayat part, a nearby educator and a neighborhood youth delegate. After the charge and strengthening work is done, the Beneficiary Committee takes up the part of checking and ensuring the transformer, and thus it is known as the Transformer Protection Committee4

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Major Milestones in West Bengal Reform

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Intended Reforms in the MoU

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For Consumer Protection Established Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum Restructure in 2006 The West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission Regulations, 2006 has made arrangement for redressal of grievances of purchasers against the licensees with respect to supply of power and related matters, (for example, overabundance charging, long security store, mistaken disengagement , non receipt of meter ).

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Ombudsman & Redressal of Grievances of Consumers The appropriation licensees is ordered to build up an authoritative structure for redressal of grievances of customers. Every licensee must have the same number of Grievance Redressal Officers (GRO) as might be fundamental at the rate of no less than one such GRO at every sub-region; locale; provincial ; zonal; head quarter levels of every association. A wronged buyer is qualified for approach the Ombudsman ( set at the WBERC Office) on the off chance that he is abused by any request of any GRO at any of these levels or on the off chance that he doesn't get any reaction from GRO inside a predefined time .

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So far office of Ombudsman has managed the accompanying purchaser grievances up to 2005-06 since its commencement in June 2004. The Commission has audited the prior protracted system for taking grievance of the purchasers to Ombudsman and supplanted it with a basic methodology.

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Public Hearing and Tariff Orders In West Bengal , 'open hearing' used to be an essential part of the instrument of passing a levy arrange, yet under the Electricity Act 2003, there is no particular arrangement of open hearing. So open hearing is not occurring in West Bengal dissimilar to different states. This has been started by WBERC because of the lacuna of the 2003 Electricity Act. The method that is currently being taken after is: A Licensee ought to present its duty request of to the Commission no less than 120 days before the date from which the tax is proposed to be made viable. The Tariff Petition, being referred to, is conceded by the Commission After confirmation of the levy request of being referred to, the candidate is coordinated to distribute a substance of the tax appeal, as endorsed by the Commission, in daily papers.

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The inclusions in the daily papers are intended to call upon all invested individuals and individuals from general society to document complaints or make remarks on the appeal. Complaints/remarks to/on the tax request, being referred to, are gotten by the Commission up to a stipulated time of 30 days from the date of production of the substance of the levy appeal. The Commission analyzes these remarks and turns out with a Tariff Chapter for every solicitor. The fundamental focuses/choices (Gist Tariff) of the Tariff Chapter are distributed in the daily papers. Anyone intrigued can look to experience the nitty gritty Tariff part which are kept in the WBERC office or from the site of the commission.

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Way Forward Governments are pushing forward quick with changes. This change offer the private area a huge part. What's more, it is expected that if the power segment is left to the specialists, organizers and leaders situated in capital urban areas, the enthusiasm of basic man may be forgotten. Open control and open investment in this area accordingly is of incredible significance . In any case, this can happen just when the limits of people in general are constructed and improved with the goal that they can guarantee finish straightforwardness (T) coordinate responsibility (An) and important cooperation. (P). TAP is the way to improver the soundness of this area. Here falsehoods the significance and significance of this venture which expects to construct limits of subject gatherings.

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Bibliography Economic Review 2006-07 GoWB ICRA Report 2003 WBERC Financial Report 2005-06 www.wberc.net http://powermin.nic.in www.cea.nic.in www.wbsedcl.in www.wbsetcl.in

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