Post-9/11 GI BILL

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Reporting Tuition and Fees. You comprehend what influences you're reporting of educational cost and expenses, now ... the educational cost and expenses is as of now. Medicinal Online courses. Schools ...

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´╗┐Post-9/11 GI BILL Reporting Tuition & Fees and Payment issues Department of Veterans Affairs

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Goals How to report educational cost and expenses How Post 9/11 impacts different assets How and when to return cash to VA Understanding VA repayment

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Post 9/11 Benefits Tuition repayment The lodging stipend Books and Supplies Yellow Ribbon

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Tuition and Fees installments To discover what the most extreme in-state educational cost would be for your state, visit

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Federal Funds that impact what you report Reserve Officers Training Corp MYCAA Health Professionals Scholarship Program Tuition Assistance (Federal)

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Federal Funds that don't influence what you report Unsubsidized and Subsidized Federal Family Education credits Unsubsidized and Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans Federal Perkins Loans Pell Grants Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

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State Funds State law fluctuates state to state and the school must make sure to issue discounts as per their state law and distributed strategy VA ought to dependably be viewed as first payer

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National Guard State Programs Gives point by point portrayal of State educational cost benefits for National Guard

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Other Funds VA has no power to give direction in regards to the effect of receipt of Post-9/11 GI Bill installments on non-government monetary guide Eligibility or proceeded with qualification to non-elected money related guide ought to be composed between the beneficiary and the supplier

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Reporting Tuition and Fees You recognize what influences your reporting of educational cost and charges, now you report real educational cost and expenses, short whatever other elected advantages.

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Example of Tuition and Fees Student is Post 9/11 qualified Private foundation educational cost $325 per credit hour, expenses is $752 Student is selected in 12 credit hours for spring 10 (01-10-10 through 05-12-10) Student Receives MYCAA in the measure of $2000 for educational cost

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VA FORM 22-1999 Enrollment Certification VA-Once ver.P029 Chapter 33 VA File Number xxxxx1234 Student Information IMAVET, GEORGE B Type of Training Undergraduate Name of Program ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE-CRIMINAL JUSTICE Credit for Prior Training NA Enroll Dates Cr Dist R/D Clock Tuition Fees Yellow TT/Begin End Hrs Amt Rbn Amt FT= 01/10/10 05/12/10 12 $1900 $752 $0 Remarks

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VA Reimbursement VA pays by means of electronic Deposit ACH clearinghouse Or printed version check to the school Tuition and charges installment Yellow strip installment isolate Adjustments allocated up to the diminishment or pull back

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Example of Reimbursement School reports 12 credit hours. Educational cost $3000, Fees $741 State Maximum educational cost $151, max charges $11546.30 VA pays $2553 Student was qualified at the 100% rate

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Examples why the installment possibly unique Student qualified at a rate under 100% Prorated expression for change Prorated for race date Prorated for qualification depleted (max 48 months)

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When to return cash to VA? On the off chance that the understudy never went to The understudy bites the dust amid the term Duplicate installment Payment sent to the wrong school

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Where do we send the discount? Send Check to: Agent Cashier Muskogee RPO 125 S MAIN ST Muskogee, OK 74401 or Send paper check to: U.S. Branch of the Treasury Financial Management Service P.O. Box 51318 Philadelphia, PA 1911-6316 or Electronically by means of: Automated Clearinghouse to R31 ACH return code.

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State Residency/Questions Do not postpone answering to VA, since understudy residency is being referred to. Report what the educational cost and charges is at present.

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Remedial Online courses Schools can not affirm Remedial course in the event that they are taken by Independent study.

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What if the sum I confirmed is the not quite the same as the installment got? Chat with the veteran, one of the past issues we discussed influence installment sums. The understudy has the privilege to claim the installment sum.

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Overpayments/Debt Management Two sorts of obligation: Student Debt and School Debt Once an obligation is made we give the understudy 30 days to determine the excessive charge before we start gathering installment from different sources.

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When an obligation exists Students can organize an installment arrange Request a waiver Or clear up a slip-up in the accreditation of advantages. Give Mitigating conditions

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Case Studies Joe Veteran served in dynamic US Army 08-12-89 through 08-11-03, then went into the US Army Reserves from 08-12-03, rang 12-14-04 through 06-17-05, then resigned from the stores in 09-01-09. He was qualified for MGIB and utilized 34 months of privilege. On 08-31-09, the veteran chose to exchange Ch33 to youngster.

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Continued, Is the veteran qualified for Chapter 33? Is the veteran qualified to exchange qualification to kid? What level of qualification is the veterans and kid? How long of qualification can the tyke get?

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Continued, School guarantees understudy for 12 hours 01-12-10 through 05-12-10. School reports educational cost as $2400 and charges as $85. The state max educational cost is $150 per credit hour. The maximum charges is $1200. School participates in yellow lace.

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Continued, VA Paid $754.00 for educational cost and charges. Why?

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Case Study 2 Eligibility Established. 100% Off obligation 07/23/09 24 months of privilege remaining Post 9/11 (chose 8/1/09) State Max $354 credit hour/Fees $2356 No Yellow Ribbon

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Enrollment Certification Student Enrolled in 12 hours. 08/24/09 through 12/12/09 Tuition submitted was $4582 and expenses $254 How much is VA going to pay?

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