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Versatile Computing and Wireless Communications Short Tutorial and R&D Trends ... Part 2: Mobile Computing Applications: Supporting M-Business and M-Government ...

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Versatile Computing and Wireless Communications – Short Tutorial and R&D Trends Amjad Umar site: www.amjadumar.com Objective: Share Experience in light of Industrial association and mechanical research college showing Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Outline Framework for Discussion Mobile Applications (M-Business, M-Business, M-Government, M-Life, Positional Apps) Platforms to Support Mobile Applications Mobile IP Wireless middleware (WAP, iMode, J2ME, BREW, MMIT) Wireless Networks Wireless PANs (Sensor Networks, Bluetooth, UWB) Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi, 802.11a to n) Wireless Local Loops and Free Space Optics Cellular systems: from 1 to 5G Networks Satellite interchanges and Deep Space Networking Security, Integration, and Management Issues University Course Outline Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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The Jargon State of the craftsmanship State of the market State of the practice Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Framework for Discussion: The Building Blocks Research and advancement in each building piece Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Mobile Computing Applications Enable the business activities by supporting portability of Customers Suppliers and Businesses Employees Mobile figuring applications Wireless informing (e.g., SMS) Mobile ecommerce (M-Commerce) and its variations Positional trade (p-business) . Voice business (v-trade). TV business (T-Commerce) Mobile ebusiness applications (MEBAs), e.g., M-CRM, M-entryway, N-SCM Specialized applications – Many regions of research Location touchy applications (E911) Wireless sensor organize applications Mobile operator applications Two perspectives: Mobile applications are in a general sense new applications. Portability is another measurement of the current applications Research in each perspective Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Supporting M-Apps: Mobile Computing Platforms Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Mobile Computing Platforms Mobile working frameworks - Palm OS - Windows CE - Symbian OS Mobile database directors Mobile exchange administrators Utilities for cell phones Wireless Middleware (data concealing versus Information giving) Wireless Gateways: Collection of Middleware administrations Mobile Application Servers Research and advancement in each viewpoint Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Web WAP Gateway WML Content (XML/HTML) Web Server Servelet VoiceXML Gateway VoiceXML HTML/XML eCommerce Module Many players - WAP iMode J2ME BREW MMIT Industry action - Open Mobility Alliance Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Mobile IP – The Roaming in Wireless Internet World Mobile Node A NSP POP Home Network for A 3 Foreign Agent NSP POP Foreign Network for A 4 2 Home Agent IP Network 5 1 Research issues: Can Mobile IP supplant meandering Security issues Performance issues ISP Servers Flash OFDM Uses Mobile IP For cell systems Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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WIRELESS NETWORKS Different kind of remote systems bolster versatile processing applications and stages Wireless Personal Area Networks (Bluetooth, Sensors, UWB, Zigbees) Wireless LANs (802.11 family) Fixed Wireless Local circles Cellular systems 1G to 5G Satellite frameworks Many Research Issues: short rundown Lower level issues (e.g., flagging, mistake rectification, savvy recieving wires) Mobile Adhoc Networks Voice more than 802.11 Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Research and Development issues novel to remote Frequency designation (productive recurrence use) Multiple Access (CDMA versus TDMA) Location administrations (Data rate versus speed of cell phones) Error remedy (e.g., Turbo codes) Signaling and encoding (PCM versus Delta code balance) Antenna outline (shrewd reception apparatuses) Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless PANs: Home Networking Players: Bluetooth Sensor systems UWB 802.11 Zigbees HomeR/F (dead) Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Bluetooth PSTN Access Point Cellular Network Wired LAN Bluetooth Piconet (1 Mbps, 10 meters, portable adhoc arrange) Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Sensor Networks Sensor = bit Many R&D endeavors Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Centrex 11a, 11b, 11g 11n 11i – security 11e – QoS 802.11 Family LANs Link to Public Ethernet C D T1 or DSL LAN Server Wireless LAN Cell Wireless LAN Cell Z Y Router Wired Ethernet LAN X, Y, Z are get to focuses for the remote Ethernet LANs Wireless LAN Cell X A, B, C, D are understudy tablets A B Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Local Loops Inter-Exchange Switch Telephone Narrowband –telephony administrations Broadband –high-speed information benefit LAN Toll Connecting Trunks Wireless Local Loop Offerings (MMDS, LMDS) PBX, TV Intertoll Trunks Telephone Inter-Exchange Switch Local Control Office Toll Connecting Trunks Wired Local Loop Interesting applications Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Cellular Networks Cell 1 Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Mobile Telephone Switching Center (MTSC) Cell 2 HLR VLR Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Mobile User HLR = Home Location Register VLR = Visitor Location Register Cordless association Wired association Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Evolution: 1G to 5G 4-5G (10 Mbps+) Data Rates 2 Mbps 3G (144Kbps to 2Mbps) 1 Mbps 100 Kbps 2.5G (10-150Kbps) 10 Kbps 2G (9.6Kbps) Research Issues Mobility versus information rate blunder amendment Intelligent Antennas Intelligent radio 1 Kbps 1G (<1Kbps) 1980 2010 1990 2000 Years Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Satellite Communications GEO= 35,000 km, 250 ms defer LEO = 4,000 km, 20 ms postpone MEO = 10,000 km, 50 ms postpone Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Research Issue:Deep Space Networking Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Other issues Integration Security Management and bolster Regulations and norms Wireless Business and Industry Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Home LAN (802.11) Content Web Office Provider Content LAN (802.11) Wireless and Wired Content WAN Enterprise Cellular Provider Databases Cell Cellular (GSM, GPRS) Cell (3G) Content Provider Hotspot LAN Home (802.11) Enterprise Web LAN Databases Content (Bluetooth) Integration – Vision Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Integration Framework Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Vertical Versus Horizontal Integrations App2 Platform2 App1 Platform1 App1 Platform1 Network1 App 2 Platform2 Network2 Integrated Physical Network b). Even Integration at Network Level a). Add up to Vertical Integration App1 Network1 App 2 Network2 Integrated Applications Platform1 Network1 Platform2 Network2 Integrated Platform + IP c). Flat Integration at Platform Level d). Even Integration at Application Level Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Security – The Big Picture Latest Security Technologies Cryptographic methods Managing computerized testaments and PKI Secure installment frameworks Significant research advancements Unique issues: - medium - portability Security Solutions IT Assets Applications and mechanized administrations Databases, records Computing stages Middleware (e.g., web servers) Networks (equipment, steering programming) External Factors Intruder/assailant/attack Threats Privacy and confidentialty laws Consumer/client states of mind Organizational Requirements Survivability and Tolerance Requirements QoS Requiremensts Budgettary and strategy confinements Physical Assets Humans Buildings Other corporate resources (e.g., planes, prepares, and cars) Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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User View (PIA4) Privacy guarantee protection of data (i.e., nobody other than the approved individuals can see the data) away or transmission Integrity the respectability of data (i.e., no unapproved adjustment) Authentication: recognize for certain who is speaking with you Authorization (Access control): figure out what get to rights that individual has). Responsibility (Auditing): . guarantee that you can tell who did what when and persuade yourself that the framework keeps its security guarantees. Incorporates non-revocation (NR) - the capacity to give confirmation of the inception or conveyance of information. NR ensures the sender against a false foreswearing by the beneficiary that the information has been gotten. Likewise secures the beneficiary against false dissent by the sender that the information has been sent.. a collector can't say that he/she never got the information or the sender can't say that he/she never sent any information Availability : access to framework when a client needs it Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Sample Wireless Security Technologies SET for exchange security S/MIME and PGP for secure email Java security (sandboxes) Database security Applications Can utilize more elevated amount administrations to make up for lower layers Tradeoffs in execution and security SSL and TLS WAP security (WTLS) Web security (HTTPS, PICS, HTTP Headers) Proxy server security Middleware TCP/IP IPSEC and wirless VPN Mobile IP 802.11 security (WEP) Cellular system security Satellite connection security WLL and cordless connection security Wireless Link Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Centrex Wireless Security Example Link to Public Internet C D T1 or DSL LAN Server Wireless LAN Cell Wireless LAN Cell Z Y Router and Firewall Fast Ethernet LAN(Backbone) Wireless LAN Cell 1. No physical net security (server ID/PW) 2. No physical net security (server ID/PW + encryption) 3. Physical net security at APs (discretionary server ID/PW + encryption) X Wired Ethernet LAN A B Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Management and Business Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Middleware/Content Mobile Enterprise Network Gateway Providers/Application Device Wireless Element Users Operators Providers Aggregators Providers Builders Providers Wireless Value Chain Copyrights: Amjad Umar

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Wireless Telephone Business Wir