Points of view on Student Growth Measures utilizing the DCAS

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Points of view on Understudy Development Measures utilizing the DCAS. Presentation to DPAS-II Understudy Development Measures Working Gathering July 14, 2010 Dr. Michael Stetter, Acting Chief Responsibility Assets Executive, Educational programs, Guideline and Expert Improvement Delaware Division of Instruction.

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Viewpoints on Student Growth Measures utilizing the DCAS Presentation to DPAS-II Student Growth Measures Working Group July 14, 2010 Dr. Michael Stetter, Acting Director Accountability Resources Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development Delaware Department of Education

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DCAS Quick Facts DCAS Assessment-versatile, on the web, various thing sorts Initial Test Year: 2010-2011 Content Areas Assessed Reading (Grades 3-10) Mathematics (Grades 3-10) Science (Grades 5, 8, EOC) Social Studies (Grades 4,7,EOC) Grade 2 Practice Assessment (Spring)

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DCAS Operational Schedule – Drafted 7-12-2010

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DPAS Student Growth Measures Checklist and DCAS configuration highlights include: All enlisted understudies will take an interest in three evaluations in 2010-2011, and up to four appraisals in 2011-2012 and future Adaptive test organization arrange with test outline and institutionalized scoring Valid measure of understudy development on guidelines and GLEs Data stockpiling and score revealing component reports information at state, locale, school, review, class, and understudy levels Selected Measure must illustrate: Growth in understudy accomplishment utilizing no less than two measures after some time Has institutionalized organization and scoring Valid for expressed reason Recorded understudy level information accessible from chronicle

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DCAS: Design Criteria DCAS will gauge Delaware benchmarks and grade level desires in perusing, arithmetic, social reviews and science Online, Adaptive Designed to quantify understudy development inside the school year and between school years Student scores will be accessible inside days of understudy's finished evaluation session-the framework refreshes as understudies complete the test

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DCAS Scores and Reports Online Reports will furnish teachers with perspectives at region, school, review, content territory, class and understudy level Data correlation at all levels at particular focuses in time (test organization) and after some time

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Status of understudy level Score Reporting (DRAFT) Accountability Scores for this appraisal date Performance Level= 2 Scale Score=390 Additional Scores (Includes Off-level outcomes) Blended Scale Score=389 Numeric Reasoning Strand Score= W Algebraic Reasoning Strand Score=X Geometric Reasoning Strand Score=Y Quantitative Reasoning Strand Score=Z Accountability Scores for this appraisal information Performance Level=3 Scale Score= 450 Additional Scores (incorporates Off-level outcomes) Blended Scale Score= 453 Reading Comp. Strand Score= X Literary Response/Analysis Strand Score=Y Student: James Grade 4 Assessment: Mathematics Student: James Grade 4 Assessment: Reading

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Status of Class/Teacher amass Score Reporting All my understudies (% Prof in Reading Students by Class/Period educated (% Prof in Reading) Example-My English II understudies (% Proficient) All my students(Group Scale Score,% Proficient in Reading, in addition to Reading Strand Scores Reading Comp (Scale Score, capability status-Does not meet, almost meets, meets, Exceeds) Literary Analysis (Scale Score, capability status) Jane Doe All my classes Jane Doe Class Roster Detail

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Subject-Specific Trend Report Available at State, District, School, Teacher, and Class level, in addition to custom lists Reading Trends for Jane Doe Reading

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Additional DCAS Reports ROSTER REPORTS Subject-particular Student Roster Subject-particular Longitudinal Trend Roster for individual understudies Benchmark Report demonstrating instructional requirements for individual understudies INDIVIDUAL STUDENT REPORTS Individual Student Summary Report Student Longitudinal Trend Report