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Pointers to gauge viciousness against ladies Can we settle on the building pieces? Henrica A.F.M. Jansen Department of Gender, Women and Health World Health Organization Expert Group Meeting on pointers to quantify savagery against ladies Geneva, 8-10 October 2007

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Limited to degree, pervasiveness and rate of VAW Give a review of existing activities for the improvement of markers Consider the sorts of brutality that ought to be secured in a conceivable arrangement of pointers and propose an approach for characterizing a specialized depiction of every conceivable pointer Report of this Expert Group meeting

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(1) What is the reason? National/versus trans national Awareness, affecting strategy, cognizance, arrangement assessment (2) Tension amongst far reaching and least (perfect versus sensible) (3) Taking record of differential assets and abilities (4) Methodological difficulties: moral and security measures, questioners Essential difficulties

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Intimate accomplice viciousness Rape Other rape Stalking Sexual provocation at work FGM Forced relational unions Honor based wrongdoing Murder of ladies Types of savagery One bland pointer? Wellsprings of information

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Intimate accomplice brutality Rape Other rape Stalking Sexual badgering at work FGM Forced relational unions Honor based wrongdoing

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Definitions of the sorts of savagery Perpetrator Prevalence: Lifetime, a year ago Number of occurrences in the most recent year (power, recurrence) Severity, edge Study populace of ladies Dimensions of the markers

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Intimate accomplice viciousness

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Slapped or tossed something at that could hurt you? Pushed or pushed you or pulled your hair? Hit with his clench hand or with something else that could hurt you? Kicked, dragged or beat you up? Gagged or smoldered you deliberately? Debilitated to utilize or really utilized a firearm , cut or other weapon against you? Estimation of physical savagery by accomplice Has your accomplice ever..... Direct Severe

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Were you ever physically compelled to have sex when you would not like to? Did you ever have sex you didn't need since you feared what he may do? Ever constrain you to accomplish something sexual that you discovered corrupting or embarrassing? Estimation of s exual v iolence by accomplice

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Has your accomplice ever… . Offended you or made you feel awful about yourself? Put down or embarrassed you before other individuals? Gotten things done to alarm or threaten you deliberately (e.g. by the way he took a gander at you, by hollering and crushing things)? Undermined to hurt you or somebody you think about? Estimation of enthusiastic a buse :

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Perpetrator Intimate accomplice brutality Rape (by non accomplice) Other rape Stalking Sexual badgering at work FGM Forced relational unions Honor based wrongdoing

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Incidents Intimate accomplice viciousness Rape (by non accomplice) Other rape Stalking Sexual provocation at work FGM Forced relational unions Honor based wrongdoing Once, a couple times, ordinarily??

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Define the study populace extensively Use behaviorally particular inquiries: particular acts Specify time spans (a year ago, ever) and recurrence Context and how the inquiries are stated Cue respondent to various settings and culprits In reporting be particular about what you quantified! Recommendations for a wide range of brutality against ladies

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To bring issues to light about the issue To impact approach To screen patterns To add to pointers at worldwide level To contrast between nations With see more about viciousness, the effect, hazard and defensive elements What is the reason? Short module Special study

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1. Security of respondents and research group 2. Thinks about should be methodologically solid 3. Privacy for wellbeing and information quality 4. Determination and preparing of colleagues 5. Activities to decreasing trouble to respondents 6. Potential outcomes of referral, bolster components 7. Appropriate elucidation and utilization of study results 8. Viciousness addresses in different overviews Putting ladies' security first