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Plot Patterns Presented by Lancashire Leading Literacy Teachers

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Aim To utilize understood plots to structure and build up kids' written work.

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Learning Styles Visual Learners, 29% of class - recollect pictures, shapes and hues Auditory Learners, 34% of class - recall voices, sounds and music Kinaesthetic, 37% of class - recall by doing, moving and touching

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Which Story? A character gloats about another character's abilities. These don't exist. A bystander offers work to the "skilled" character. An outsider helps the "skilled" character to accomplish the result of the false ability as an end-result of blessings. The character guarantees the blessings yet overlooks this guarantee. Later, a request is made to respect the guarantee. This must be drop if the character meets a test. The test is met and the guarantee is scratched off.

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Pie Corbett … you can't make out of nothing! Kids who know no stories won't have the capacity to make their own particular … The greater the asset to draw upon, the more inventive kids can be.

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Rationale Speaking and listening To give youngsters a "story" To create vocabulary To fortify memory To give the kids a comprehension of story structure To give the kids a model to imitate

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Why utilize Traditional Stories and Rhymes? Unsurprising story structures and dreary dialect make them important for the teller and audience. A little scope of essential plots yet characters and dialect points of interest make every story distinctive and important.

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Key Skills to Story Making Immersion Imitation Innovation Invention

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Immersion in the Story

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Talking the Text Type 'Listening to it' and 'saying it' "Dallying" sufficiently long Building a storage facility Internalizing dialect designs

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Imitation Group undertaking: Extracting the essential plot

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Learning the Story Teacher as teller/youngster as audience Teacher as incite/kid as co-teller Teacher as audience/tyke as teller Avoid ruling Tell and re-tell Have fun!!

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Story Map

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Little Red Hen Pie Corbett DVD

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Activity Use plot example to make activities to story.

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Moving On: Innovate Re-recounting the story Verbal development Embellishing Adding discourse New character New occurrence New kind

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Embellishing Add more portrayal… The little goat delayed. The extension looked shaky and he wasn't certain in the event that it would hold his weight. Precisely, he started to jog crosswise over however the boards of wood squeaked and moaned. Most of the way crosswise over he had the stun of his life in light of the fact that… ..

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Add Dialog "Who goes trip trap, trip trap over my extension?" asked the Troll. "Why it's that thin goat from over the slope. So what do you need youthful 'un?"

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New Character Goldilocks swung to Josie and advised her to attempt the little bowl of porridge in light of the fact that there was bounty left…

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New Incidents or Modernizing the Tale Goldilocks flicked on the TV and settled down to watch Neighbors.

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Activity Modernizing Cinderella

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Cinderella by Roald Dahl She cried "Help!" and "Let me out!" The Magic pixie heard her yell. Showing up in a blast of light, She said, "My dear, are all of you right?" " All privilege?" cried Cindy. "Wouldn't you be able to see I feel as spoiled as can be!" She beat her clench hands against the divider, And yelled, "Make history me to the ball!" There is a disco at the royal residence! The rest have gone and I am desirous!

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Cinderella I need a dress! I need a mentor! Also, studs and a jewel clasp! Also, silver shoes, two of those! Furthermore, beautiful nylon undies hose! Done up like that I'll ensure The good looking sovereign will succumb to me!" The pixie said "Hold tight a tick," She gave her wand a strong flick And rapidly in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination, Cindy was at the royal residence ball

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Cinderella It made the Ugly Sisters recoil To see her hitting the dance floor with the Prince. She held him tight and squeezed Herself against his masculine mid-section. The Prince was swung to mash, All he could do was pant and swallow.

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Invention The capacity to imagine or make up a story

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"We should make together schools, which have stories at their heart – for without them, we have coldhearted schools. It merits recalling that at the heart of each culture lies melody, move, craftsmanship, religion… .and stories." Pie Corbett

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The End