Plausibility Study Fuel Cane Power Generation Project for Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Ltd.

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Enhancement . POWER GENERATION. Broadening. ETHANOL. Enhancement. Claim to fame AND REFINED SUGAR. Presentation and Background. Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Ltd. (BAMC) added to a model to give economical vitality from stick deposit (bagasse). This plan:Provides visionDiversifies vitality sourcesSubstitutes green powers for fossil fuelsSupports ecological stewardshipCreate

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Attainability Study Fuel Cane Power Generation Project for Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Ltd. Arranged by: Schaffer and Associates International, LLC 1020 Florida Boulevard Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802 USA

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Introduction and Background Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Ltd. (BAMC) built up a model to give feasible vitality from stick buildup (bagasse). This arrangement: Provides vision Diversifies vitality sources Substitutes green fills for fossil energizes Supports ecological stewardship Creates included an incentive for stick ranchers Promotes monetary improvement

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Introduction and Background Summarization of Project Objectives: Investigate the reasonability of the fuel stick show Evaluate the ebb and flow sugar bequests/stick fields, sugar manufacturing plants and sugar creation Assess the potential for power creation Provide monetary and money related appraisal for BAMC in the vitality part Determine the most ideal path forward for BAMC in building up its vitality program Provide choices and other options to the current model that will make it financially possible

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Introduction and Background Summarization of Project Benefits: Fuel security Ethanol fuel mixes Green fuel for power item Food security Tourism Sustainable/renewable supply of power Minimal effect on visitor zones and green spaces Economic Growth Driver Creates work Creates monetary dependability for stick ranchers and venture certainty Provides renewable wellspring of influence (ethanol & power)

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Agricultural Operations Cane Production Commercial Cane Fuel Cane Harvest and Transport Company Agricultural Input Suppliers Farmers and Outgrowers

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Industrial Operations Sugar Production Syrup Molasses Sugar Refined & Specialty Sugars Ethanol Production Power Production Bagasse Natural Gas Waste (Wood and Paper)

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Options: Summaries SAIL at first created seven potential cogeneration models and eventually nine that were mulled over: Grinding Rates Acres of Cane in Production Total Tons of Cane Analysis (% Brix, % Pol, % Fiber, Mixed Juice Purity) Products (Specialty Sugar, Molasses, Refined Sugar, Ethanol, Electricity) Power Generation Note: The last two models utilizing blends of alternatives were created subsequent to the last site visit in September 2005.

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Option #9. Case 2A + 1B with Combined Cycle Power Assumed Gas Turbine Combined Cycle, Sugar Cane & HFC, Refined Sugar, Specialty Sugar & Fuel Ethanol (Case 2A + 1B with Combined Cycle Power) Sugar stick: Fiber: 15.85%, Pol: 12.65% High fiber fuel stick: Fiber: 28%, Pol: 8% Production Cane 593,388 metric tons Refined Sugar (local) 12,000 metric tons Specialty Sugar (local) 5,000 metric tons Specialty Sugar (export) 10,000 metric tons Molasses 9,215 metric tons Ethanol 14,000,000 liters/year Electricity (bagasse) 102,751 MWh Electricity (characteristic gas) 157,680 MW/year

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Option #9. Case 2A + 1B with Combined Cycle Power Benefits High sugar creation amid some portion of the year and high fiber for electrical era and ethanol generation amid the rest of the year Combined cycle makes up to 30 MW of firm power conceivable Constraints Need to locate a reasonable assortment of high fiber stick Requires bigger beginning speculation Acceptable: Yes Preliminary Indicative Capital Costs: $156.0 million

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Project Economics (Option 9) * Difference between utilizing Natural Gas versus Fuel Oil/Diesel

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Project Economics Hence, the new Project's FOREX benefits contrast positively and verifiable financial matters.

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Project Economics Any future extra land will be committed to Fuel Ethanol, Power and Molasses Assures duration of cultivating in the customary cultivating region Provides fuel security Project consents to E.U. Settlement Requirements

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Human Resources New positions made by: New product offerings (ethanol, power, strength and refined sugar) Extended squashing season Extensive re-preparing, where important, to re-find existing specialized staff Senior administration to go up against more obligations Streamline overhead and managerial capacities Centralize all capacities to new mechanical site

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Recommendations For BAMC New Multipurpose Factory Cane Production – Replanting Scheme Markets Specialty Sugars/Refined Sugars (U.S., E.U., Canada, and Local) Molasses Ethanol Electricity High Fiber Cane Research