Planning for UFM: Financial Management Responsibilities

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Get ready for UFM: Financial Management Responsibilities By: Yvonne Cook (2005)

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Year-end Closeout of MWR USA Jun : Remind Managers that all APF approved consumptions ought to be caught in division code "GL", "GJ" or "GF", to incorporate NAF workers performing APF approved capacities. Jun-Jul: Prepare/approve contribution for the Unfinanced Requirements (UFR) list. UFR's on this rundown will be utilized for accommodation to the DRM for conceivable Garrison year-end subsidizing Jun-Jul: Contact the Installation AOPC in charge of the APF Govt Purchase Card (GPC) MWR APF GPC's will be ended amid 4 th Qtr to permit adequate time though exchanges to handle through Couldn't care less. Suggest no buys be made utilizing APF GPC after 23 Jul. MWR APF approved GPC buys can be obtained utilizing the NAF GPC as a part of lieu of the APF GPC and reallocated to Dept Code GL, GF or GJ as pertinent. Jun-Jul: Notify MWR APF GPC Approving Officials and Cardholders of the end date and the last date for buys Jul: Contact the Installation AOPC in charge of the NAF Govt Purchase Card (GPC) Identify existing or new cardholders that will have a necessity to make UFM buys Work with Installation AOPC to decide GPC preparing prerequisites Review bookkeeping information reflected in CARE to figure out whether the Child Rule Set should be redesigned to reflect UFM account codes

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Year-end Closeout of MWR USA Cont'd Mid-Jul: Review Jun "GL" salary explanation. Cross-level inside MDEPs, utilizing under spending as a part of some to records to off-set over spending in others. Mid-Aug: Issue year-end closeout techniques that additionally agree with the APF year-end closeout plan. Mid-Aug: Review Jul "GL" pay explanation. Cross-level inside MDEPs. Inform Division Chiefs of MWR USA dollars accessible to their exercises to be spent by 1 Sep EOM Aug: Ensure all Current Year APF GPC buys have been handled by the merchant and prepared through CARE

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Year-end Closeout of MWR USA Cont'd 1-10 Sep : Limit "GL" uses to crucial buys initial 10 days of Sep 1 Sep: Weekly premise - SERCCO starts giving a rundown of "GL" buy asks for that have not been finished Weekly premise - SERCCO starts giving a rundown of the "GL" buy arranges that have not been gotten/paid 1 Sep: Begin coordination for GL subsidized TDY that may not be settled by 30 Sep Mid-Sep: Coordinate with NFS to have preparatory pay explanations set on OLRV once a day starting 28 Sep COB 25 Sep: All Sep MWR Govt Purchase Card (GPC) articulations must be confirmed in CARE

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Year-end Closeout of MWR USA Cont'd COB 28 Sep: Based upon assessed Sep GL financed costs, do cost move in IMA On-Line to move MWR USA commitments from the "holding" APC to the different MWR APC's that are relied upon to utilize the commitment in Sep. Vital for the 218 Report to mirror a gauge of financing prerequisites for the MWR programs. Data from 218 Report is utilized to top load Service Based Costing (SBC) information for MWR Info from 218 Report is utilized for Common Levels of Support (CLS) 30 Sep: Generate the "Exchange Log" Report in CARE to see the "GL" buys made in Sep, however not executed by the seller 30 Sep: Generate the "Cardholder Full Transaction Detail" Report in CARE for the period 24-29 Sep to decide the "GL" consumptions that will be on the Sep CARE collection submitted to NFS

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Year-end Closeout of MWR USA Cont'd 30 Sep: Based upon data from SERCCO obtainment reports, CARE reports, open "GL" TDY, and so forth distinguish the costs that have been "committed" in Sep, yet not paid by NFS. Give this data to NFS by individual acquirement activity, asking for that a GLAC 240 (Misc Accounts Payable) be set up for Sep. 1-7 Oct: Work intimately with NFS to guarantee all "unpaid" GL buys in the past FY are thought about the salary explanation and on the asset report in GLAC 240 Monitor GLAC 240 all through FY until all PY MWR USA A/P have been paid and cleared from the Balance Sheet

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Unfunded Requirements (UFR) Identified to Garrison @Year End Continue to redesign UFR list based upon contribution from Manager's and Division Chiefs Work intimately with Garrison DRM and submit APF approved UFR's to be considered for nearby Garrison subsidizing at year-end Determine drop-dead-dates for execution based upon direction issued from the SERCCO office. Organize with SERCCO to explore early if the thing is accessible on the AFNAFPO or GSA list. Figure out whether it will must be contended or can a Delivery Order be issued against an agreement as of now set up The way to effectively executing UFR's is to have the printed material to SERCCO in an opportune way that permits the vital lead time to get the thing If bought on the GPC, cardholder must be set up to buy and know precisely what is to be acquired. Earlier PLANNING IS A MUST

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Establishment of Account Processing Codes (APC) to Support UFM APC's are to STANFINS what the Standard NAFI Number is to NAFISS Mid-Aug: Begin working with Garrison DRM to set up FAC 8 (reimbursable) APC's to supplant the current FAC 3 (direct) APC's that are doled out to every GS representative. Mid-Aug: Establish three FAC 3 APC's that will be utilized to commit any APF subsidizing got from the neighborhood Garrison. One for each MWR MDEP (i.e. QDPC, QCCS, QYDP, and so on) Early Sep: Coordinate the foundation of Customer Numbers for the reimbursable (FAC 8) APC's If a MIPR for the GS finance underpins more than one Program Director (PD) you should have different Customer Numbers set up (i.e. QDPC backings PD's R1, R2 and R4. Three Customer Numbers were set up and connected with one MIPR)

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Changing APC's on GS Employees All MWR GS representatives will must be connected with the new FAC 8 APC with a powerful date of 1 Oct Mid-Aug: Coordinate with Garrison DRM to decide when the printed material should be submitted to CPAC asking for the APC change on the GS representatives Mid-Sep: Check with CPAC finance contact to guarantee steps have been taken to move the GS representatives to the new APC successful 1 Oct First Pay Period in Oct: DFAS will naturally allocate the principal payroll interval in Oct based upon the quantity of days worked in PY versus CY. The principal DFAS receipt for UFM ought to mirror the work costs starting 1 Oct

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Programming and Budgeting

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Unfunded Requirements (UFR) Identified to Garrison During Budget Cycle Continue to distinguish the approved APF prerequisites important to work your MWR programs GS faculty NAF representatives performing APF approved capacities Having an approval or necessity on the TDA is redundant Nonpay necessities The delta of your prerequisites and the foreseen subsidizing level should be recognized to the Garrison DRM as a UFR

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Estimating GS Pay & Benefits Using APF OLRV, get to AVK-692 Report (STANFINS) The AVK-692 Report is proportional to the Personal Services Report for NAF workers. Find your MWR GS representatives and print This gives the base pay and advantages paid by the business for every individual GS worker per payroll interval. This report ought to be investigated to guarantee just MWR GS representatives are reflected in your commitments. Utilizing this data and Excel, you can assess what your regularly scheduled finance cost will be for spending purposes. Suggest this be done at area code/APC level and moved up to MDEP level. Keep in mind that yearly leave on GS workers is not collected

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TAB O - Local MOA Keep neighborhood MOA as a rule terms, for example, Allows for the acknowledgment of financing of UFRs that are endorsed by the Garrison Commander IAW typical endorsement methodology or affirmed as the year progressed end closeout systems Allows for the acknowledgment of extra appropriated reserves by means of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) for approved APF administrations when the administration is given by a MWR movement. These MIPRs give extra financing to projects, for example, yet not restricted to, … .. The above remarks will be contained in Enclosure 1 of the MOA Remember that MIPRs must be acknowledged and committed as APF at first in the fitting MDEP. Ft Campbell utilized the organization gave by CFSC

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TAB R - Budget Schedules Part I - MDEP Execution History Execution $: Direct APF costs not executed through MWR USA will be given by APF RM to the NAF RM Nonpay executed through MWR USA is accessible from the Sep pay articulation or from the APF RM as EOR 25FC and 25FD If execution mirrors a huge increment a clarification ought to be given (I.e. subsidizing for UFRs) Shortfall $: Available on Sep pay explanation (Depts GL, GF, GJ & GH) PY real should adjust to pay articulation Includes GLAC 181

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TAB R - Budget Schedules Part I - FY 06 Funding Profile Validated Requirement - Provided by Region amid June IMA Funding Target - Provided by Region amid June

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TAB R - Budget Schedules Part I - Level of Service FundingTargets Based after financing focus in thing #2, distinguish: % of aggregate prerequisites that will be supported by IMA financing target What level of value models will be met on ISR III Rating on the Baseline Standard State what projects are supported under CLS

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TAB R - Budget Schedules Part I - APF/NAF Transfer Schedule Print the FY 06 AOB for the UFM division codes Develop an Excel spreadsheet to relate the NAF area codes and the relevant MDEP Enter the GLAC 508 & 526 sums for every area code Provide the quarterly necessity by MDEP on the Transfer Schedule The yearly aggregate must adjust to the IMA Funding Target per MDEP

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TAB R - Budget Schedules Part II - CRA Using the Excel spreadsheet already talked about, recognize the month to month prerequisite amid first Qtr, FY 06 for: GLAC 649 (GS Pay) GLACs 50