Planning Better BlackBerry PlayBook Applications

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Attributes of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Seven inch screen size. Multi touch interface ... Drag or swipe from the base of the screen. This activity shows the ...

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Planning Better BlackBerry PlayBook Apps

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Characteristics of the BlackBerry PlayBook Seven creep screen estimate Multi touch interface Landscape or representation show Virtual console

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Make a touch driven application

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On screen associations

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Notifications and Indicators Application tells show up in the upper left corner of the screen Inform clients about application particular occasions, for example, new mail messages Status markers show up in the upper right corner of the screen Display framework status data, for example, battery power and remote association

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API's to fabricate incredible applications

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Adding a swipe motion

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Adding a swipe signal

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Device Information

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Device Information Battery level Battery state Hardware ID Device OS Device PIN Platform Version Vendor ID Capture battery occasions for application lifecycle Identify your clients in view of PIN Identify the Device OS for usefulness

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Activity Indicator give visual advance criticism to the client amid tedious operations

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Battery Level and Events Monitor battery levels for power utilization in your application Customize your application to give the client encounter Display battery and charging data from your application

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Battery Level and Events

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Database SQLite is an in-process library that executes an independent, serverless, zero-setup, value-based SQL database motor. Information is put away in a record on the framework, ordinary the designer stores it in File.applicationStorageDirectory. DB PlayBook AIR Application File

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AIR SQLite APIs SQLConnection open() – Synchronous openAsync() – Asynchronous loadSchema() – Database pattern Can Encrypt information on plate. SQLStatement content – SQL summons execute() SQLError points of interest/detailsID – SQL mistake message operation – SQL charge bringing about blunder

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Shared Object

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AIR File APIs File File.applicationStorageDirectory - a capacity index one of a kind to each introduced AIR application File.applicationDirectory - the read-just registry where the application is introduced (alongside any introduced resources) File.desktopDirectory, File.documentsDirectory, File.userDirectory Properties: exists, isDirectory, nativePath, expansion, name, … Methods: browseForOpen, browseForSave, getDirectoryListing(), … FileStream writeObject() – Uses AMF to compose paired serialization of question. open() – Synchronous openAsync() – Asynchronous

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Alert Dialog

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Skinning QNX UI Components

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Skinning Basics Skin alternatives Global topics Set particular segment skins parts Skin states Methods of making Skins Bitmaps with or without scale framework Display objects utilizing design API QNX skin resources accessible for reuse

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PlayBook Themes PlayBook accompanies 2 Themes: White (default) & Black

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PlayBook Themes Example 2

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Skin States SkinStates.DISABLED SkinStates.DISABLED_SELECTED SkinStates.DOWN SkinStates.DOWN_SELECTED SkinStates.FOCUS SkinStates.SELECTED SkinStates.UP SkinStates.UP_ODD

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Component Skin Parts DropDown setBackgroundSkin() setButtonSkin() setListSkin() ToggleSwitch setFillSkin() setThumbSkin() setTrackSkin() Button setSkin() TextInput setSkin()

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Setting a Skin Set skin strategy ordinarily takes these sorts: Class reference String of qualified class name DisplayObject occasion

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Bitmaps with Slice 9 Scaling Use Case: Custom TextInput picture that scales Up/Down skin picture Focus skin picture

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Skin Code: OddShapeSkin.png OddShapeSkinFocus.png

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Drawing API Use Case: Custom TextInput with attracting API Need to overhaul at whatever time the width/stature changes

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Skin Code:

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Skin Code:

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