Planets venture Preservation and Long-term access through Networked Services

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EU Support for computerized safeguarding. Significant activity in the Information Science and Technology (IST) Framework Program 6 Call 5 Two Integrated Projects supported: Planets (BL), Caspar (CCLRC)Coordinated activity: DPE (HATII at Glasgow)Research projectsPlanets expands on solid advanced documenting and conservation programs at European, National and institutional levels16 accomplices: 5 libraries, 3 archi

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Planets extend Preservation and Long-term access through Networked Services Hans Hofman Nationaal Archief Netherlands Training course 3 October 2007 Vilnius

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EU Support for advanced protection Major activity in the Information Science and Technology (IST) Framework Program 6 Call 5 Two Integrated Projects subsidized: Planets (BL), Caspar (CCLRC) Coordinated activity: DPE (HATII at Glasgow) Research ventures Planets expands on solid computerized chronicling and conservation programs at European, National and institutional levels 16 accomplices: 5 libraries, 3 documents, 4 IT-organizations and 4 colleges Four year extend beginning June 2006 with 15me spending plan

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Planets objectives Planets Addresses center computerized safeguarding challenges Uses an observational way to deal with realize what works and why Increase Europe's capacity to guarantee long haul access to its social and logical legacy Improve basic leadership about long haul safeguarding Ensure long haul access to esteemed advanced substance Control the expenses of protection activities through expanded computerization, scaleable foundation Ensure wide appropriation over the client group and set up commercial center for conservation administrations and instruments Build pragmatic arrangements

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Planets accomplices I The British Library National Library, Netherlands Austrian National Library State and University Library, Denmark Royal Library, Denmark National Archives, UK Swiss Federal Archives National Archives, Netherlands

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Planets accomplices II Tessella Plc IBM Netherlands Microsoft Research, Cambridge ARC Seibersdorf look into Hatii at University of Glasgow University of Freiburg Technical University of Vienna University at Cologne

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Approach Develop a down to earth and demonstrated procedure for protection arranging Build reasonable arrangements by Integrating existing skill, outlines and apparatuses e.g. Delos computerized safeguarding group, TNA/Pronom, Dutch KB/NA copying venture, … Develop systems for basic leadership, assessment and testing Build or upgrade registries on record configurations, devices and administrations Sharing and if essential building new devices Provide an interoperable disseminated open source condition, which will likewise empower Third-gatherings to give apparatuses and administrations Vendors to incorporate protection administrations Content proprietors to guarantee long haul access to their advanced substance

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Planets Project Components Planning administrations that enable associations to characterize, assess, and execute conservation arranges Methodologies, instruments and administrations for Characterisation of computerized articles Innovative answers for Preservation Actions An Interoperability Framework gives administrations appropriated administrations A Testbed empowers target assessment of conventions, devices, administrations and arrangements Outreach , workshops and preparing to connect with the client and seller groups

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Project engineering reflects issue structure

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Preservation arranging basic leadership Define an all around characterized, predictable, demonstrated and reported procedures of conservation arranging and execution Identify criteria for protection, based upon Organizational strategies "Accumulation" profile Provenance of advanced items (validness !) Identify and assess potential protection activities Develop protection plan(s) Requirements/aims: To make it a professional dynamic procedure To be mechanized however much as could reasonably be expected

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Characterize objects/content Characterize substance to keep an eye on/assess protection activities Two related methodologies Intellectual approach: building destinations trees (based upon 'utility investigation') Extraction of natural document (arrange) data Build on TNA's PRONOM for document organize recognizable proof Define a characterisation dialect Define an extraction dialect Define a pluggable translator Extend to quantify misfortune because of activities Leverage comprehension to enhance document positions Address an underlying driver of computerized out of date quality

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Transform content/objects Wrap outsider change devices Fill crevices with new devices Preserve social databases Build on Swiss Federal Archives' work Preserve Office content Build on MSFT devices Transform situations Modular imitating of the full equipment/programming condition Provides full search and feel Superb for very dynamic substance Layered solid copying Build on IBM Universal Virtual Computer (UVC) Establish conceptual gadget drivers Preservation activities

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Testbed Provides an establishment for target assessment Design analyses and tests incorporates all around characterized corpora of computerized articles Experiment: gather information, assess comes about, think about Validation structure for assessing conservation arranges Benchmark devices and administrations Consists of Data stockpiling, equipment, Planets programming, testbed programming Templates for examination configuration, testing and archiving Benchmark and other substance Provides assets for The venture accomplices, the protection group, outer associations, device and administration accreditation

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Planets gives an interoperability system including Interoperable dispersed administrations Service registries and shared information stores Encapsulate devices as administrations Orchestration capacity to join administrations Interoperability Framework

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