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Physical Fitness By: Ms. Smialek

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Physical Activity Form of development that causes your body to utilize vitality For instance: playing games, working out, or doing errands around the house

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Physical Fitness Ability to do day by day undertakings effectively and have enough vitality saved for unforeseen physical requests

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Benefits of Physical Activity The advantages endures forever! It reinforces you : *physically *mentally/sincerely *socially

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Physical Health Benefits: Makes your body more grounded Increases your vitality Improves your stance Reduces ceaseless weakness & solidness Reduces the danger of ailments

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Continuation of Physical Health Improves the accompanying body frameworks Cardiovascular : fortifies the heart, permitting blood to stream productively Respiratory : can inhale effortlessly without the muscles tiring rapidly Nervous : enhances your response time

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Mentally/Emotionally Benefits Reduces push Helps oversee outrage and dissatisfactions Improves your inclination Decreases danger of sadness Increases fearlessness Improves focus

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Socially Benefits Meet new individuals Builds self-assurance Helps oversee stretch

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Risks of Physical Inactivity Teen Facts (2000/2001) : 1 in 3 adolescents (35%) don't take an interest routinely Decline in customary physical movement from 73% in 9 th grade to 61% in 12 th grade  29% go to a physical training class

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Sedentary Lifestyle Involves minimal physical action Teens invest an excessive amount of time: Watching TV Playing computer games Texting E-mailing Talking on the telephone

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Negative Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Diabetes Cancer Osteoporosis Reduces the capacity to oversee stretch Decreases the chance to meet individuals

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Physical Activity & Weight Control Fact: ½ of Adults and 14% of Teens are OVER WEIGHT  Due to over eating & stationary way of life

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Metabolism Process in which the body gets vitality from nourishment Metabolic rate rises when your dynamic Stop practicing your metabolic rate backs off

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Calories Foods vitality is measured in units of warmth Need a specific sum every day to capacity Are singed through physical action If not smoldered off they transform into FAT-wow!

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Recommendations 3-5 days a week 30-a hour Take the stairs Play a game Walking, swimming, biking, running, and so forth. Conveying some goods to the auto/house Mowing the grass Washing your auto Fitting Physical Activity into Life

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Replace the underlined words with the right terms . Physical movement Physical wellness Metabolism Osteoporosis Sedentary way of life Watching TV, taking rests, computer games, messaging are cases of physical action . Physical wellness is a type of development that causes your body to utilize vitality. Osteoporosis alludes to the procedure in which your body gets vitality from nourishment. Scaled down Quiz