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PHYSICAL Training Division. Activity AND Build. LEARNING Results. Characterize somatotype and know the three sorts of physical make-up. Know how contrast in constitution might impact execution and achievement in game.

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LEARNING OUTCOMES Define somatotype and know the three sorts of body. Know how distinction in constitution may impact execution and accomplishment in game. Have the capacity to state different sorts of wearing exercises influenced by various sorts of constitution. Mr M Hopkin

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b) During the half-time break of a football match the players will drink loads of water. Clarify why this is fundamental. STARTER TASK Mr M Hopkin

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ANSWERS a) b) When you practice you lose water through sweat. This should be supplanted with a specific end goal to stay away from lack of hydration and onset of exhaustion. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 1 What sort of things do you think will impact a people capacity to perform and be effective in brandishing exercises? For instance: Football Badminton Rugby Basketball. Running (oxygen consuming and anaerobic). Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 2 Physique implies the way the body is assembled or body sort. Somatotyping essentially depicts the sort of body work of a man. Estimate , weight and shape may direct the kind of game a man can take part with sensible achievement (i.e. a tall individual might be appropriate to high bounce or ball). These body sorts are characterized into three gatherings: Endomorph. Mesomorph. Ectomorph. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 3 Extreme en D omorph – think D for dumpy. For the most part alluded to as round or pear molded. Greasy upper arms. Thin wrists. Wide hips. Limit shoulders. Greasy thighs. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 4 Extreme meso M orph – think M for muscles. Strong. Expansive shoulders. Solid lower arms and thighs. Limit hips. Frequently alluded to as an upset triangle shape. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 5 Extreme ec T omorph – think T for thin. Regularly alluded to as thin. Limit face and high temple. Limit shoulders. Thin, limit trunk and stomach area. Thin hips. Long appendages, very tall. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 6 171 A triangular chart with 3 tomahawks extending from 1 to 7 are utilized to relate a people body to three extremes. 444 117 711 Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 7 People don't have a tendency to be extraordinary endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph. The normal individual would be 444. The vast majority extend in the vicinity of 344 and 352. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 8 Sumo wrestlers require quality, weight and low focus of gravity. These are solid endomorphic and some mesomorphic elements. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 9 High jumpers should be tall and light however with effective muscles. These are solid ectomorphic and some mesomorphic elements. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 10 Qs. What sort of exercises are Endomorphs most appropriate to? Wrestling. Shot-putting. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 11 Qs. What kind of exercises are Mesomorphs most appropriate to? Decathlon. Swimming. Aerobatic. Lifting weights. Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 12 Qs. What sort of exercises are Ectomorphs most appropriate to? Long separation running. High bouncing. Mr M Hopkin

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High jumper, Footballer, Rugby union second column forward, Sumo wrestler, Rugby association players. EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 13 Using the rundown of brandishing exercises beneath endeavor to finish the somatotype outline on the following slide. Gymnasts, Weightlifters, Wrestlers, American footballers, Sprinters, Tennis players, Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 14 Mesomorph Endomorph Ectomorph Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 15 Mesomorph Weight lifters Gymnasts Sprinters American footballers Rugby League Wrestlers Tennis Players Sumo Wrestlers Rugby Union Footballer High Jumper Endomorph Ectomorph Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 16 Name the three body sorts underneath. Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph Mr M Hopkin

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EXERCISE AND PHYSIQUE 17 Home work. Utilizing the data given in this lesson and prescribed course books discover what kind of body sort a man would should be to take an interest in the accompanying occasions: Swimming. Football, (goalie, barrier, advances). Badminton and tennis(are they the same?). Mr M Hopkin