Perspective of Bare Handle Cross and the Shawnee National Timberland

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Titan City Lodge for seared chicken meals. Southern Illinois. Trekking in Giant City State ... After the ice storm. Southern Illinois. The Peach Queen is delegated at ...

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´╗┐Perspective of Bald Knob Cross and the Shawnee National Forest

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Giant City Lodge for fricasseed chicken meals

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Hiking in Giant City State Park

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Culling apples

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Fishing and BBQ's

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Betsy wins BINGO

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Visiting Blue Sky Winery and the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

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Farmyard companions

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Fancy and Rosie

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Filly and colt

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Mule hopping challenge at the County Fair

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Barrel dashing

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Calf reserving at the family rodeo

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Gathering kindling

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After the ice storm

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The Peach Queen is delegated at the Peach Festival

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Peach plantation in blossom

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Peach plantation after the ice storm

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In a Makanda plant

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Music at the Makanda Vulture Festival

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Judging bovine udders at the DuQuoin State Fair

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Rendleman unwinding on the patio

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Enjoy Southern Illinois . . . Remain at The Stablehouse