Persistent wrongdoer responsibility Automated 24 x 7 testing Comprehensive following day reporting Court-upheld technol

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September 25, 2008 PROBATION ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY (PANJ) Separate liquor from the guilty party. . . also, your employment will get much less demanding.

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David Connon Mid-Atlantic Region Manager Dick Irrer Director, Northern Region Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc.

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Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) Corporate office situated in Littleton, CO Company established in 1997 7 years and $20+ million in R&D Privately supported Product presentation in March 2003 100+ representatives

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AMS Reputation in the Industry CAM Market Leadership Largest supplier of electronic liquor observing Strong associations with national particular vested parties: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) National Institutes of Health (NIH) American Probation & Parole Association (APPA) National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)

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Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Legal Substance Socially Acceptable Available Almost Anywhere Driving While Intoxicated (33%) Domestic Violence (75%) Other Criminal Behavior(36%) $184,700,000,000/liquor mishandle

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Alcohol : A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System *Nationally – 12,998 DUI Fatalities in 2007 * New Jersey – 724 DUI Fatalities in 2007 ** New Jersey DWI Arrests – 13,359 January – June 2007 ** New Jersey Domestic Violence Incidents, 35,589, January – June 2007 * NHTSA DWI Fatality Statistics ** 2007 NJ Uniform Crime Report

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Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Some People basically ought not drink liquor Separating Alcohol from the Offender Why is it so Difficult? Fast Metabolism (Absorption/Elimination) Need for Consistency Need for Accuracy Positive Identification Incident Reporting Manpower Intensive

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Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Alcohol Testing Technologies Personal Breath Testers Urine Testing Remote Breath Testers Vehicle Ignition Interlock ALL ARE POINT-IN-TIME MEASUREMENTS

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Why irregular testing does not work Alcohol metabolizes rapidly Offenders can drink around arbitrary breathalyzer tests Offender is Sober 6 AM Offender Starts Drinking 6 PM Breathalyzer Test 7 AM Offender Peaks 0.095 Breathalyzer Test 7 AM Breathalyzer Test 5 PM Unless you're fortunate, arbitrary point-in-time testing will miss most drinking occasions

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What Is required? Nonstop guilty party responsibility Automated 24 x 7 testing Comprehensive following day reporting Court-upheld innovation

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CAM Testing Methods Alcohol metabolizes rapidly CAM screens a wrongdoer's liquor utilization ceaselessly, 24x7! Guilty party is Sober 6 AM Offender Starts Drinking 6 PM Offender Peaks 0.095 Entire drinking occasion is recorded

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Assess Detect Deter The Role of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Assess Identify/Direct Offenders to treatment and supervision Detect Improve Supervision/Intervention Separate Compliant from Noncompliant Offenders Deter Offender Accountability – Stay Sober or Else Enhance Public Safety Separate Alcohol From the Offender

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At The Core: Responsibility & Accountability Shift Responsibility/Accountability to Offender 24 x7 Testing versus Point in Time Testing Cannot Drink Around 24x7 Testing Awareness of Testing Increases Successes Long-Term Abstinence Increases Success Rates "

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SCRAM – Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor Worn on the lower leg all day, every day Goes where the guilty party goes Tests for liquor at regular intervals Uses transdermal innovation to quantify liquor as it dissipates through the skin Automatically gathers, stores, and exchanges all information to the SCRAM modem on a foreordained timetable

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SCRAM System Components SCRAM lower leg arm jewelery Secured to wrongdoers leg SCRAM modem Plugs into a simple phone line Stores liquor readings, alter alarms, and indicative information Sends all information to SCRAMNET Web-based application oversaw by AMS where wrongdoer information is gathered, put away, and dissected

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The SCRAM System

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What Does SCRAM Detect? Liquor Tampers/Obstructions Environmental Interferrants

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SCRAM GRAPHS Non-consistent guilty party: SCRAM Detected the Consumption of Alcohol

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SCRAM GRAPHS Non-agreeable Offender - Obstruction

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SCRAM GRAPHS Environmental Interferant Detected

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Transdermal Alcohol Testing A rate of liquor is discharged unaltered wherever water is expelled from the body – breath, pee, sweat, and salivation Unaltered liquor discharge allows a precise estimation utilizing both breath and torpid skin sweat

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Transdermal Testing Used as a screening gadget to figure out if a little, direct, or vast measure of liquor has been expended Does not deliver a particular BAC perusing Recent studies reason that transdermal liquor readings relate with BAC readings Transdermal testing has a period delay in the ingestion, pinnacle, and end of liquor

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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) Absorption and Elimination Rates

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SCRAM Research NHTSA "Assessing Transdermal Alcohol Measuring Devices" University of Colorado Health Sciences "Legitimacy of Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring: Fixed and Self-Regulated Dosing" (Sakai JT (2006) Alcohol Clin. Exp. Res. 30:1, 26-33) Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) Other Studies National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)- NW in Alaska Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory, LA Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC)

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SCRAM Usage in the Criminal Justice System DUI Offenses Domestic Violence Family Court Underage Drinking Prison Overcrowding Condition of Bail Probation/Parole Sanction/Sentence

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AMS-Supported Court Hearings SCRAM innovation is maintained in court hearings and difficulties the nation over 50 evidentiary hearings in 19 States 19 hearings brought about Frye/Daubert decisions 18 of 19 courts verified that proof was allowable

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Program Efficiency 100% 8.2% .0033% of resistant guilty parties of rebellious wrongdoers of rebellious wrongdoers 14,888 1,226 50

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SCRAM TODAY* 155,151,236 tests performed 73,533 wrongdoers checked SCRAM programs in 46 states Over 1650 courts and offices utilizing SCRAM * As of August 31, 2008

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SCRAM Program Objectives Ensure members keep up temperance Increase responsibility of members through persistent observing Provide contrasting options to court framework Reduce recidivism by tending to underlying driver of the issue and adjusting conduct Decrease effect of DUI and liquor related cases on the framework Provide confirm based program measurements

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SCRAM Program Summary Proven Product & Technology Peer Reviewed Court Validated National Acceptance Addresses Root Cause of Alcohol Problem Assesses the wrongdoer's liquor issue Places consistence obligation on the guilty party Provides for quick mediation upon infringement Provides consistent mindfulness – discouragement Successful Program Implementations Across a wide range of criminal-equity applications

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