Perfect Command Theory

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Presently assume.

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Divine Command Theory Suppose an adherent revealed to you that God had taught them to offer £10 to philanthropy – would you be shocked? Why? Why not?

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Now assume … this mother said that God advised her to send her child on a suicide bombarding mission What might you say?

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You have experienced … .. The DIVINE COMMAND THEORY

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The Euthyphro situation According to Plato, a man called Euthyphro was asked: Does God call great acts "great" since they are ethically great? on the other hand are the demonstrations ethically great since God instructed us to isn't that right?

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"Well" said Euthrypho That's a pretender. Since, you check whether God affirms acts BECAUSE they are ethically great, then they more likely than not been great BEFORE GOD SAID THEY WERE!!!! Profound quality IS THEREFORE INDEPENDENT OF GOD. AAAAAAGH!

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And then again … . On the off chance that demonstrations are great by prudence of the way that God wills them … then God could request that we do ANYTHING and it would be a decent demonstration. Er, yes, that WOULD mean assault, kill, and so forth would be great if God requested it DOUBLE AAAAAAAGH!!!

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Furthermore … . ethical quality would in this manner be founded on minor impulses of God. God's orders aren't educated nor authorized by ethical quality. How could such ethically self-assertive orders be the establishment of profound quality?

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And something else! It implies that announcements like "God is great" and "God's orders are great" are inane: "God acts as per his charges" and "God's summons are as per his orders". However, that one does my head in!

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But hold tight a moment … Divine summon hypothesis is in no way, shape or form the main moral hypothesis in the Christian convention. There's Situation Ethics and Natural Law so the adherent need not freeze regardless of the possibility that these protests are right. There are other ethical quality hypotheses to look over!

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And besides If God made all things, then He more likely than not made our ethical commitments as well! On the off chance that God is sovereign, He should have the expert to disclose to us how we are to experience our lives. Why would it be a good idea for us to hope to comprehend it all? In the event that God exists then all profound quality fundamentally spills out of Him. Moral lanuage depicts God. It doesn't characterize Him.

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But on the other hand … Some individuals say that Divine Command hypothesis gives a decent let out statement for God when He requests that fathers give up their youngsters to Him, or to devastate towns and execute every one of the occupants. He's God, right, so it must be OK, OK? Come to consider it, it gives a decent let out statement for crooks as well..

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Ultimately Believers may contend that Divine Command works in no less than two ways The general – "Love your neighbor as yourself." " You should not confer murder" Such summons can apply to everybody all over the place

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And the specific which apply just to a couple people and at specific circumstances. "Go, offer all that you have and offer it to poor people. At that point come and be my supporter. " God has the RIGHT to do it – and who are we to judge!