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Darts are a fun recreational movement. Venture deliverable fun and ... Could harm Piezo film with darts. Electronic Dartboard http://www.ecs.umass.edu/ece ...

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´╗┐Electronic Dartboard (ED) Azum Z. Ali, Jason Ngo, Matthew O'Connell, Han Truong Faculty Advisor: Prof Massimo (Max) V. Fischetti Thursday, October 13, 2005 PDR PRESENTATION

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Introduction Building an Electronic Dartboard ("ED") that naturally monitors score Recreational movement for an assortment of potential clients Automation is given by electronic framework Sensing Array Intermediate equipment for information transmission Software for calculation and yield

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ED's Design horse hair/stopper dependable scoring smooth outline direction estimate any standard darts Background Dartboard available made out of plastic extremely temperamental ugly not control utilize plastic darts

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Motivation Darts are a fun recreational action Project deliverable fun and pleasant End arguments about scoring, swindling No more extended in charge of scorekeeping, more concentrate on fun and gameplay Great to demo for SDP06

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Overview Sectionalized board Sensing gadgets Data Transmission Software Combine into utilitarian outline

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Long-term objective MDR Working solid sense framework Efficient information transmission Final Design All areas working Accurate scoring

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The Present Situation Researched equipment specs All sensors are on request (various choices) Micro-controllers picked Chose serial transmission Overall arrangement settled upon

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Development up to present Members looked into changed sensors Spare dartboard for execution Extra parts for testing Sensors consented to test Strain gages, Piezoelectric, Push-Button Sensor rejected Laser matrix (cost, unfeasible usage)

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Potential Alternatives Strain gages weight connected resistance goes up make resistor circuit for voltage contrasts Pros Simple plan Sensitive to weight Low cost Cons Is it excessively touchy?

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Potential Alternatives(contd.) Piezoelectric Disturbance in Quartz precious stones on Piezo material actuates a voltage Pros Low cost Piezo material can cover zone required Good affectability Cons Could harm Piezo film with darts

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Potential Alternatives(contd.) Pushbutton Spring is packed, voltage flag yield Pros dependable diverse sizes, shapes, springs Low cost Cons affectability of weight connected spring constants

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System Block Diagram

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Dartboard Electronics Pressure sensors A/D Converter Foot Line Sensor Power supply

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Microprocessor Receive Data Store Data Convert Data Transmit Data Serial Connection

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Computer Program Store Data Compute Data Display Data GUI

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Proposed MDR Specifications at least one detecting choices working Operational sensor connected to segments on dartboard Serial transmission of bits to PC Computer perceives values appointed to areas

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Conclusion Automatically keep track of who's winning Efficient and Reliable Sensing Values perceived and Displayed on GUI Overall fun and bother free gameplay!

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Any inquiries?