PC History does NOT start with Apple , IBM or Microsoft , in spite of the fact that Microsoft was an early member in the

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Others surmise that Steve Jobs stole the thought from Xerox, where the mouse was utilized ... Employments, conversely, saw the business capability of the machine that could help ...

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´╗┐PIONEERS Of Computer Technology Personal Computer History does NOT start with Apple , IBM or Microsoft , despite the fact that Microsoft was an early member in the PC business.

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THE MITS ALTAIR 8800 The primary PC, The MITS Altair 8800 was presented in Popular Electronics in 1975 ED ROBERTS The creator of the Altair Bill Gates and Paul Allen composed a BASIC programming language for the new Altair 8800 and shaped Micro-delicate. Course of events: 1975-Ed Roberts made the Altair 8800 PC!

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Apple Computers & the Apple II Timeline: 1976-Apple's two Steves made the Apple II! Macintosh 1 was the main unit PC outlined by the two Steves. The youthful business detonated in 1977 as Apple PCs presented the APPLE II, a shading PC with extension spaces and floppy drive bolster.

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Lisa and the Macintosh After the IBM-PC... LISA and the MACINTOSH After IBM made its PC to contend with the Apple Company, Apple repulsed with its first customer machine with a mouse and graphical interface, the Lisa (named after Steve Jobs first girl). Obviously, at $10,000, very few shoppers could manage the cost of it, however it made ready for the Apple Macintosh of 1984. At the moderate cost of $2,500, it turned into a hot thing among PC specialists & schools! Course of events: 1984-Lisa and the Macintosh were made!

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Microsoft windows 3.1 delivered in 1993. Amongst Windows and the equipment of the day, the assets existed for Windows to end up a noteworthy player. Windows soon turned into the default working framework transported with new PCs. Despite the fact that the web had been made numerous years before, it was in 1995 that it soared into general visibility. Windows 95 sent in August. Timetable: 1993-Windows 3.1 was a BIG hit!

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DOUG ENGELBART Many individuals trust the mouse was developed by Apple PCs. Others imagine that Steve Jobs stole the thought from Xerox, where the mouse was utilized on an early office PC called the star. In any case, in truth, the mouse was initially brought about by a man name Doug Engelbart in the mid 60's. On December 9, 1968, Engelbart and a gathering of 17 different scientists displayed a hour and a half live open show of the mouse, web and different components they had been chipping away at since 1962. The presentation was gone to by around 1,000 PC specialists. This was the general population presentation of the PC mouse. Course of events: 1969-Doug Engelbart demonstrated the mouse.

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Steve and Steve Pirates of the Computer Industry Engineers and fashioners at the base camp of Apple Computers Inc. in Cupertino, California were acclimated to seeing a slim figure walk past their workplaces wearing frayed pants, softened cowhide boots, and a cowhand shirt. The boyish-looking individual with the string mustache is 26 year old Steve Jobs, Apple's director of the board. One of Job's closest companions was Steve Wozniak. "Woz" was a fashioner at Hewlett-Packard. Twilight, Woz buckled down building a little, simple to utilize PC. In 1976 he succeeded. The somewhat little machine was littler than a compact , yet it could do the deeds of much bigger PCs. To Wozniak, the new machine was just a device.. Occupations, interestingly, saw the business capability of the machine that could help families do their own back or private ventures control inventories and he encouraged that they shape an organization to showcase the PC. Occupations, reviewing a charming summer that he spent working in the plantation in Oregon, initiated the new PC, Apple. Hi, my name is WOZ! Apply from "The Seeds of Success" composed February 15, 1982

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BILL ionaire Gates and Partner Paul Allen In 1980, IBM initially drew closer Bill Gates and Microsoft, to talk about the condition of home PCs and Microsoft items. Entryways gave IBM a couple of thoughts on what might make an incredible home PC, among them to have Basic composed into the ROM chip. Microsoft had as of now delivered a few adaptations of Basic for various PC framework starting with the Altair, so Gates was glad to compose a rendition for IBM. That is the place everything began...

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Susan Kare Queen of Icons Susan Kare's plans have turned into a basic part of the PC culture. She is a 2001 beneficiary of the Chrysler outline grant. Some of her most acclaimed symbols are the trashcan, (for disposing of documents), the watch (which implies the PC is occupied and can't be utilized), and the representation of a PC with a wily Mona Lisa grin (which implies the machine is working). AFTER THE MACINTOSH... Susan left Apple to end up Creative Director at NeXT inc. Following two years she began to independent. Over the previous years, she has drawn more than 2,000 symbols for PCs, thinking of many images speaking to the charges 'print', 'blend', and 'quit'. She did a considerable lot of the symbols for Windows 3.1

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Pirates of the Silicon Valley MOVIE Quiz MOVIE Quiz During which even did the Macintosh "1984" advertisement run? The Superbowl What unlawful gadget did Jobs and Woz produce and offer? The Blue Box Who in the motion picture was the down to earth joker? Steve Wozniak Who had a place with the Homebrew Club? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Who was a join forces with Bill Gates? Paul Allen What school did Bill Gates drop out of? Harvard