PBIS at Stemmers Run Middle School

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School Demographics. Regular workers communityAverage enlistment: 850 studentsPredominantly Caucasian; with expanding quantities of African American and Hispanic studentsStudent versatility: A normal of 13% new participants and 17% withdrawals every year. Purposes behind Positive Behavior Intervention Program.

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´╗┐PBIS at Stemmers Run Middle School Presented by Mr. Brian Muffoletto, Social Studies

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School Demographics Working class group Average enlistment: 850 understudies Predominantly Caucasian; with expanding quantities of African American and Hispanic understudies Student portability: A normal of 13% new participants and 17% withdrawals every year

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Reasons for Positive Behavior Intervention Program High quantities of office referrals Frequent cases of disregard and interruption Teachers needed information of how to manage testing understudies Need for school to concentrate on giving a protected and methodical condition for all understudies

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Overview of Program

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Topics Covered in Presentation Professional Development Character Education SWIS Data Targeting Red and Orange (Yellow) Zone Kids Positive Reinforcement Incentives Results

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Professional Development Overarching Theme: Building a Culture of Positive Behavior in Our School PBIS theory extensive information introduced (set up basis) Linking PBIS with other broad activities Setting all inclusive objective to decrease number of office referrals Establishing the requirement for educators to instruct suitable conduct

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Professional Development Use of "high five" tickets and stamps Using set of accepted rules outlines and networks Using the dialect of the set of accepted rules when speaking with understudies and guardians Teaching methodologies to address understudy conduct (tool compartment) Teachers and groups made arrangements for managing understudies displaying negative practices

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Professional Development Helped instructors comprehend PBIS, the far reaching arrangement, the need to set up a PBIS board of trustees, and made purchase in among the staff

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Character Education Monthly 45-minute sessions in light of necessities recognized through SWIS information Pre-arranged lessons dispersed to instructors Students take an interest in substantial and little gathering sessions Teachers model and educate fitting conduct as required inside the classroom

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SWIS Data Specialized framework to screen understudy conduct using office referrals SWIS separates information by time of day, explanation behind conduct, area, understudy names, level, and so on. SWIS information is utilized to guide getting ready for character instruction lessons or if the school concentrates on a particular conduct

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SWIS Data SWIS information is evaluated much of the time by the PBIS board of trustees SWIS information drives behavioral choices set up to control negative conduct SWIS information is introduced to personnel at month to month workforce gatherings for examination and mediation

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Targeting Red and Orange (Yellow) Zone Kids Students with high quantities of office referrals (as indicated by SWIS information) are hauled out of huge gathering sessions for character training Red and orange zone understudies are offered goes to work in little gatherings with overseers, the SRO, curator, direction advisors, and coaches for character instruction The little gathering sessions permit a tutoring relationship to shape and greater open door for issues to be tended to

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Targeting Red and Orange (Yellow) Zone Kids At the start of the school year, groups are given a posting of the earlier year's red and orange zone understudies Each red and orange zone understudy is doled out a tutor instructor who is in charge of checking in with that understudy and building a relationship from the main day of school

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Positive Reinforcement Code of lead and conduct lattices posted all through the building Students discuss the set of accepted rules after the promise amid broad morning declarations over the PA framework Stamps to strengthen great classroom conduct IOU tickets given to fortify great corridor and regular territory conduct Reinforcing the set of principles and character training in day by day lessons and by utilizing the dialect of the set of accepted rules when conversing with understudies High intrigue motivating forces

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Incentives Student Incentives Teacher Incentives Teacher to Teacher (Given from educator to instructor as an educator actualizes PBIS rationality) Student to Teacher (Tickets given to educators who epitomize the estimations of the set of principles) By Number of Tickets Distributed (Given month to month to instructor who gave the most impetus tickets to understudies)

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Student Incentives September: Ice Cream Social October: all inclusive Sports Day November: Turkey Dance December: Basketball Game (understudies v. personnel) January: Snowballs/Cotton Candy/Popcorn March: MSA Mega Blast April: all inclusive Sports Day May: End of Year Swim Trips

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Teacher Incentives Teacher to Teacher: Golden Apple Award Student to Teacher: Gift Certificates By Number of Tickets: Special PBIS Parking Space In Front of Building

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Intangible Results Sense of connectedness among staff Increased feeling of wellbeing in the building Clearer comprehension of desires for tending to understudy conduct in class Less time preparing referrals (for educators and overseers) More instructional time Increased PTA/parental contribution in process

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Results far reaching Referral Data

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Downward Behavioral Trends

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Closing Remarks/Questions