Past Traditional Lecturing: The Interactive Computer-Based Classroom

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Past Traditional Lecturing: The Interactive Computer-Based Classroom Bassam Hammo (Ph.D) Department of Computer Information Systems King Abdullah II School for Information Technology Jordan University Amman Jordan email:

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What is an Interactive Classroom An intuitive classroom is a place where learners are urged to speak with companions and instructors definitively . Makes helpful learning openings in which the educator shows the material in a way that is intuitive and in this way important to the learner.

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Interactive Classroom Electronic classroom or just "E-classroom" is furnished with advances that catch classroom exercises, take into consideration sound and video recordings of addresses, slides presentation, catch the notes composed by the instructor, and make class material accessible constantly. can be gotten to and assessed by understudies for missing parts, examining troublesome ideas or to plan for exams.

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Why Interactive Classroom Cognitive clinicians: learning is more gainful when the procured information happens in an intuitive situation. Tentatively, it was found that understudies going to intelligent addresses take in more than understudies going to a customary one. This is on the grounds that understudies in an intelligent situation don't invest the energy in composing and replicating the material from the load up as the case in customary classrooms; rather, they invest the time in considering, comprehension and making inquiries .

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Why Interactive Classroom Efficient learning strategies got to be obligatory to stay aware of the request of gainful learning: Significant upgrades in computational power, organizing data transfer capacity, stockpiling limit and graphical UIs New showing techniques, for example, long-remove and virtual realizing, where understudies are isolated in space as well as time, turn out to be progressively normal in numerous colleges and instructive organizations

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Motivation Lecturing at King Abdullah II School for Information Technology (KASIT) at the University of Jordan (UJ) depends on electronic presentations utilizing PowerPoint slides: Classrooms are furnished with roof mounted projectors and whiteboards for composing notes. A common address is around 50 minutes and has around 60-80 understudies. The classroom is the main place where understudies can learn and take notes. Address notes, much of the time, are not made accessible outside the classroom. As of late, KASIT begins offering few courses through Blackboard: yet not as effective and used as required. high running expense of the framework serves just a thin cut of the tremendous group of the UJ.

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Motivation Support a long-standing issue of instructing a compulsory, multi-area course of Computer Skills required by all understudies at the University. enormous number of understudies per area was not extremely helpful for set up important cooperation amongst understudies and the educator. The execution of a few understudies was constantly low and understudies need to rehash the course more than once.

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Interactive Classroom Model

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Features of our Interactive Classroom Our framework goes for abusing the capability of PC innovation for enhancing the way we educate and learn: Bi-lingual (Arabic/English) Developed to empower understudies inside the grounds of UJ to interface with the teacher's PC, where address notes are accessible for projection. It empowers the instructor to enhance the association of the course material: presents addresses and give a method for disentangling broad substance screens understudies' exercises through getting prompt input with respect to how well they have taken in the material in an intuitive way.

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Features of our Interactive Classroom For understudies, the new framework urges them to take an interest and finish the coursework with more assortment in learning encounters, for example, noting questions straightforwardly, taking tests, downloading sound and video records, looking into past addresses, transferring due assignments and numerous other intriguing errands. Our framework comes requiring little to no effort It has the upsides of being adaptable, simple to utilize, and can keep running at wherever inside the grounds where a systems administration association is accessible.

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The Roll of the Administrator Add another teacher Establish educator understudy relationship.

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Connecting with the Instructor Server Two noteworthy undertakings through this server: deal with the coursework content, begin a presentation.

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Starting a Presentation Delivered material could be basically: PowerPointâ„¢ presentation, material from the World Wide Web, supplementary sound/video documents, or execution of any number of various projects on the primary PC. Checking understudies' exercises

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Connecting with the Student Machine Displays a rundown of online dynamic teachers running on servers. Understudy joins a teacher; login window asking for the understudy's ID and the secret key.

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Connecting with the Student Machine Student can play out an arrangement of undertakings: downloading missed address notes, perusing messages sent by teacher, and review a dynamic presentation.

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Joining an Active Presentation Student Joins a Session Student has no power over the showed material: simply setting there viewing the presentation and different exercises exhibited by the teacher, checking participation record, perusing notes sent by the educator, bringing up hand to pose a question, transferring a task when asked for to do as such, and reacting to snappy Yes/No issues.

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Joining an Active Presentation

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Conclusion & Future Directions We go for using more than thirty PC labs disseminated around the grounds and right now furnished with most recent PCs, servers, and associated over a high-transfer speed system to be utilized as a part of showing synchronous multi-segment courses intelligently. It conquers divisions in space by trading sound, video, and printed materials at various PC labs. It worth to specify that the venture was started and created as a six-month venture, and it was driven by viable needs and focused at giving a well disposed, simple to set, ease Windows/PC-based intelligent classroom environment.

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