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The water atom is a little particle. Oxygen=sharp, H2O enters, general dissolvable. ... Covalent bond, particles offer electron, locks iotas together to wind up atoms ...

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Past THE MOLECULE: Supramolecular Chemistry and Homeopathy Theory Evidence Action Structure Physical Biological ACTION

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Clathrate Model

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ELECTRONS OXYGEN ATOM HYDROGEN ATOM HYDROGEN ATOM Shared electrons H2O= 1 oxygen, 2 hydrogen particles

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H2O qualities The water particle is a little atom. Oxygen=sharp, H2O enters, general dissolvable. Oxygen iota is undifferentiated from fit as a fiddle to a tetrahedron, which gives it four interfacing joints. Two of these associations hydrogen particles are reinforced, which gives the water atom a positive and negative end.

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Positive shaft Water particles conform to a particle as per its shape and attractive mark to make an ionic large scale How water structures Negative post Aqueous macros Cybotactic field Outer hydrate shell Inner hydrate shell Outer hydrate shell reaches out to next cybotactic shell

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2010 logical commemoration 200 th year commemoration of Avogadro's Constant (1810) Davy and Farraday recorded confirmation of fluid watery organizing (1810) Mendeleev watched watery organizing 1910 Johannes van der Waals wins the Nobel prize for his descrition of intermoclecular strengths, what holds this watery organizing together.

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Clathrate hydrates 1940's named "clathrate" = "pen" or "grid." Double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling guessed clathrates have natural impacts 1950's French scientists Gay and Boiron found homeopathic arrangements have dielectiric stretch lists 1960's Barnard - intermolecular strengths key to fluid organizing. 1990's Anagnostatos proposes Clathrate Model

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Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences Identifies both structure and EM motion from high weaken Identifies "cross talk" Validates homeopathy physically and electromagnetically Vindicates Benveniste Luc Montagnier, champ of the Nobel prize for Science and Medicine

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Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences Abstract: A novel property of DNA is depicted: the limit of some bacterial DNA arrangements to incite electromagnetic waves at high fluid weakenings. It has all the earmarks of being a reverberation marvel activated by the encompassing electromagnetic foundation of low recurrence waves. The genomic DNA of most pathogenic microscopic organisms contains arrangements which can create such flags. This opens the path to the improvement of very touchy location framework for perpetual bacterial contaminations in human and creature illnesses.

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Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences Signal creating weakenings typically went from 10 - 8 to 10 - 12, with profiles upon Fourier change In one analysis, some high weakenings were discovered positive, running from 10 - 9 to 10 - 18. Filtration exhibited watery structures had a size more noteworthy than 20 nM and lower than 100 nM. Why were the lower weakenings "noiseless?" Silent low weakenings perhaps self-inhibitory from obstruction of different sources emanating same wave length or marginally out of stage, similar to radio sticking . . alternately the wealth of nanostructures can shape a gel in water and in this way are averted to vibrate.

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Evidence for homologous "cross talk" between weakenings Is it conceivable wave exchange to create new flag discharging structures from tube to tube? A container of a low "quiet" weakening of E. Coli (10 - 3) was put next to each other near a collector container of the positive "boisterous" most astounding weakening of a similar arrangement (10 - 9). Both tubes were set in a mumetal box for 24 hours at room temperature, so that the tubes were not presented to outside electromagnetic commotion, and just presented to the signs created by the structures introduce in the tubes themselves. Tubes were perused again by the flag distinguishing gadget: the contributor tube was still noiseless, however the collector tube turned out to be additionally quiet.

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#2 Evidence for homologous "cross talk" between weakenings When facilitate weakenings were produced using the beneficiary tube (10 - 10, 10 - 11, 10 - 12), these weakenings had got to be certain. These outcomes propose that the recipient tube was made noiseless by development of an overabundance of new nanostructures, which could emanate signals upon further weakening. Shockingly, the scope of positive weakenings were not entirely subject to the underlying grouping of E. Coli cells, being generally the same from 109 cells down to 10 cells, recommending that a similar last number of nanostructures was come to at all focuses. Accordingly, incomprehensibly, 10 cells are giving similar signs than 109 cells.

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Evidence of activity Pre-clinical & clinical confirmation can't be sensibly denied. 200 years clinical, basic utilize , clinical reports ought to be convincoing of viability. By all appearances piece of the substances utilized negates sound judgment of natural activity. Faultfinders accept clients of homeopathic are uninformed of absence of dynamic sub-atomic substance & reason that impacts are psychogenic. William E. Boyd, M.D. "The Biological and Biochemical Evidence for the Homeopathic Remedy," Boyd, 1954

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Homeopathic myths "There is no science to move down homeopathy." "There are no twofold visually impaired trials for homeopathy." "Homeopathy is misrepresentation" "Homeopathy doesn't work." "Fluid water can't structure" When there aren't atoms of the dynamic specialist left in arrangement there can't be organic impacts. (Ennis) Homeopathy is a fake treatment"

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Biochemical studies HomBRex database gaining practical experience in homeopathy look into as of February 2009 contained 1301 investigations in 997 unique articles including 1172 organic studies. Witt 2007 built up criteria for assessing homeopathic research: Score for Assessment of Physical Experiments on Homeopathy (SAPEH) SAPEH scored every test 1 - 10: Objectives, controls, blinding, randomization, consistency, test institutionalization, measurements and results Witt assessed 67 tests (1/3 of them replications). 3/4 discovered impact, Nearly 3/4 of all replications were certain.

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Six sorts of biochemical (in vitro) tests for homeopathy 1932-2005 Non celluar frameworks – 17: 15 positve, 2 negative Cultured cells – 13 : 5 positve , 8 negative Erythocytes – 2 positive Basophile granulocytes – 28 : 23 positve, 5 negative Neutrophile granulocytes – 2 : 1 positve, 1 negative Lymphocytes – 4 : 3 [postive, 1 negative Eugene Kolisko

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Basophil degranulation test First presented by Murietta in 1985 First effective degranulation, Poitevin, 1985 First propagation by Sainte Laudy and Belon 1986 Davenas, 1988, Nature article, first generally publiszed brings about a noteworthy science magazine. Benveniste 1991 ninth positive replication Belon, Ennis et al 1999 multi focused trial Sainte-Laudy, Belon "Restraint of basophil actuation by histamine: a touchy and reproducible model for the investigation of the natural movement of high weakenings Ennis calls for new multi cnetered test Dr. Jacques Benveniste

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Social measurements World's most common current inward pharmaceutical Second just to customary Chinese in utilization Founder abandoned principle of work that treats anybody with any issue 100,000 case notes, Expanding materia medica Widow not as much as a large portion of his age. Not exclusively psychogenic (fake treatment) so we need to look to physical reasons for the reply. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Our Founder

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Two sorts of science Traditional science, utilized by the enormous pharmaceutical organizations to make advanced licensed medications. Second science known just fifty years, supramolecular science. Branch of science that clarifies homeopathy. The missing connection to the study of homeopathy. The best clarification for the homeopathic cure. Supramolecular science is the investigation of an association of at least two particles held together by intermolecular powers.

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Supramolecular science Supramolecular science = best clarification for homeopathy. Supramolecular science is the investigation of an association of at least two atoms held together by intermolecular powers. Supra signifies "past." Supra atomic signifies "past the particle." Fits homeopathy delightfully: homeopathic substances are "past the atom."

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The Clathrate Hydrate Clathrate is the dynamic element of the homeopathic cure Clathrate model now approved by the material sciences Roy 2005 Structure of Liquid Water; Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy Profs Rick Hoover of Penn States material sciences dept; Iris Bell, MD, University of Arizona's dept . of psychiatry, Professor Emeritus Rustum Roy. Roy's most far reaching presentation for fluid watery organizing as the reason for the homeopathic cure. Particularly names the clathrate

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Clathrates pass by numerous names Chakras Clathrate hydrates are likewise called gas clathrates or gas hydrates, consideration particles or pen atoms. Clathrates are types of organized water, crystalline water based solids that look like polyhedral ice precious stones. Particles caught inside hydrogen fortified crystalline water confines Formed through host visitor handle TREE OF LIFE

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Biological impacts and physical properties of clathrates The world's exclusive individual to win 100% of two Nobel prizes, scientist Linus Pauling, guaranteed clathrates are what give liquor its opiate impact. A late American-Russian study uncovered that the taste in liquor is because of its clathrate substance an