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Enthusiastic INTELLIGENCE DBA – Management Course May 26, 2001 Becky Haskett

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RECENT PRESS Harvard Business Review Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups (March, 2001) Leadership that Gets Results (March, 2000) Life @ Work (main story) What's Your EQ? (Walk/April 2000) Fortune How to Manage Like Joe Torre (April 2001) (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE "The limit with respect to perceiving our own particular sentiments and those of others, for rousing ourselves, and for overseeing feelings well in ourselves and in our connections." Daniel Goleman (1995) (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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IQ VS. EQ Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test Binet & Simon (1905) - first formal test Persisted as the standard to quantify: Cognitive knowledge: Memory & vocabulary Emotional Quotient (EQ) Test Reuven Bar-On (1985) therapist Questioned "Why high IQ doesn't = achievement?" (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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STUDY OF MULTI-MILLIONAIRES Recent book: The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley Surveyed 733 U.S. Multi-tycoons Top Five Factors for Success (out of 30): Being straightforward with all individuals (Self-Mgt.) Being all around restrained (Self-Mgt.l) Getting alongside individuals (Social aptitudes) Having a steady life partner (Social abilities) Working harder than a great many people (Self-Mgt.) (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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EARLY ROOTS OF EQ Thorndike (1927) "Social Intelligence" Contrast to Frederick Taylor Ability to comprehend & identify with individuals McClelland (1973) Harvard Professor Paper "Testing for Competence Rather than Intelligence" Predictors of occupation & life achievement (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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EARLY ROOTS OF EQ Gardner (1983) Harvard School of Ed. Idea of "various insights" Intra & Interpersonal abilities Salovey & Mayer (1989) Coined term "Enthusiastic Intelligence" Goleman (1995) Book: Emotional Intelligence 40 weeks on Bestseller list (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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DANIEL GOLEMAN CEO of Emotional Intelligence Services Author of global smash hits: Emotional Intelligence Working with Emotional Intelligence Former columnist for The New York Times Ph.D. & teacher at Harvard University (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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DANIEL GOLEMAN Research has demonstrated that "accomplishment in life" depends 10% on IQ and no less than 90% on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Promotions People are here and there advanced for wrong reasons - specialized information just Should consider capacity to move others and make an agreeable work atmosphere (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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DANIEL GOLEMAN Work atmosphere is subject to EQ level of administration Majority of representatives leave or remain at an association in view of association with their directors (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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DANIEL GOLEMAN Bad News: EQ capacities are declining in kids more incautious, forceful, and irate passage level representatives are requiring additionally preparing in EQ abilities Good News!! EQ is open to instruction and tends to increment over your lifetime (development) (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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IMPLICATIONS FOR EDUCATORS Debate over motivation behind Higher Education Stakeholder needs Educate the "Entire Person" Are we arranged? (EQDBA2001.PWR)

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