Part Two

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Segments of Culture. Society Traits - littlest units, heavenly dairy animals, chopsticks, lingos, beliefs....Culture Complex - from mix of Traits, fig 2.3,Culture Region - areal degree, a segment of the earth\'s surface possessed by populace sharing conspicuous and distinctve social characteristics.Culture Realm - much bigger region. (fig 2.4)Globalization - collaboration between societies are high.

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Part Two Roots and Meaning of Culture "Lifestyles" An educated practices (figures 2.1,2.2)

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Components of Culture Traits - littlest units, heavenly dairy animals, chopsticks, lingos, beliefs.... Culture Complex - from blend of Traits, fig 2.3, Culture Region - areal degree, a part of the world's surface possessed by populace sharing conspicuous and distinctve social qualities. Culture Realm - much bigger region. (fig 2.4) Globalization - collaboration between societies are high.

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Interaction of People and Environment - social biology: the investigation of the relationship between a culture assemble and the regular habitat it possesses Environments as Controls Environ. Determinism – expelled by geographers Possibilism – individuals, not conditions, are the dynamic strengths of social improvement Human Impacts Cultural scene (fig 2.5, Chaco Canyon, Easter Island) – the world's surface as changed by human activities, is the unmistakable physical record of a given culture.

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Roots of Culture In preagricultural periods - Hunter-gatherers (fig 2.8) Brief History Paleolithic (fig 2.9) By the finish of Paleolithic period, people had spread to every one of the landmasses however Antarctic. (fig 2.10)

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Seeds of Change Agricultural Origins and Spread hotter atmosphere, expanded generation of nourishment, increment "conveying limit", entered "Mesolithic" (Middle Stone Age) period.(11,000 - 5,000B.C.) Domestication of plants and creatures, plants - maybe 20,000 bp. Significant focuses of plant and creature taming (fig 2.12) relocation of first ranchers (fig 2.13) Neolithic Innovations - new and propelled devices/tech for rural env. (fig 2.14, 2.17a), religion, particular experts.

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Culture Hearths Culture Hearth - developed in the Neolithic time frame (fig 2.15) Multilinear Evolution Cultural Convergence

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The Structure of Culture Ideological Subsystem Mentifacts Technological Subsystem Sociological Subsystem Sociofacts Cultural Integration

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Culture Change Innovation Diffusion Expansion: various leveled, infectious, jolt Relocation: (fig 2.21, 2.22, 2.23) Spatial Diffusion of Wal-Mart: Contagious and Reverse Hierarchical Elements Chinese Inventions : black powder, printing, and spaghetti, be that as it may, dissemination courses are not reported. Cultural assimilation and Transculturation (fig 2.24) Cultural Modification Acculturation – migrants, tribal European in ranges of Roman triumph, local Americans

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Contact between Regions Diffusion Barriers - remove, time, Diffusion is a particular procedure. Syncretism - procedure of the combination of the old and new societies Do your online test for Chapters 1 and 2 – for practice just