Part 8, Section 3. Samurai Live Honorably.

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´╗┐Part 8, Section 3. Samurai Live Honorably. By Kyle Baker, Brady Silverwood, and Tristan Armstrong. *Take notes on anything red like this.

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Bushido "The method for the warrior" The Bushido is the samurai code of standards. Both men and ladies need to take in the standards of Bushido. The Bushido said just men went to war. Both men and ladies of samurai family figured out how to battle. The Bushido advised samurai to live straightforward and restrained lives. The Bushido advised samurai to do tranquil customs that required focus, for example, keeping blossom game plans, developing bonsai trees and holding tea services. Numerous samurai got to be Zen Buddhists since it focused on self-restraint.

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Samurai and Honor was imperative to samurai. The Bushido obliged samurai to be overcome and respectable warriors. Samurai could lose respect by losing a battle, ignoring a request, and neglecting to ensure his master. On the off chance that a samurai lost respect he was required to confer suicide. Samurai were not allowed to do what they satisfied.

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How Bushido Connects to Modern Japan Values, for example, steadfastness and respect in the Bushido are still essential in Japan. Likewise, many individuals still do combative technique with swords like the samurai did.

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How the Samurai Dressed