Part 7 The dexterous inventory network

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´╗┐Part 7 The light-footed inventory network

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1. 2. The idea of readiness Agile practices Content

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What are the measurements of the dexterous store network? 1 The idea of Agility Key issue

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The idea of Agility Market touchy Supply chain is fit for perusing and reacting to genuine request Virtual Information-based store network, instead of stock based. Spry store network

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The idea of Agility Network based EDI and web empower accomplices in the production network to follow up on the genuine request Process combination Collaborative working amongst purchasers and providers, joint item improvement, normal frameworks and shared data Agile store network

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Efficiency, cost end-clients turn out to be more proficient about item Lean production network 1980 " s Focus Agile inventory network 1990 " s Responsiveness The idea of Agility Demand attributes and supply capacities

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The idea of Agility Demand qualities and supply abilities

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The idea of Agility Comparison of attributes of incline and deft supply

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The idea of Agility Source: Mason-Jones, Naylor and Towill (2000), Engineering the leagile production network

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Supply attributes Hold stock: fence and convey Plan and control Long lead time React and execute: dexterous capacities Short lead time JIT: pull booking Demand attributes Predictable market Unpredictable markets The idea of Agility

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The idea of Agility Application of leagility: detachment of " base " and " surge " requests

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Application of leagility: the Pareto bend approach Source: Martin, Christopher and Denis Towill, An incorporated model for the outline of lithe supply chains

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Application of leagility: the de-coupling point approach

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The idea of Agility Preconditions for effective light-footed practice Enterprise-level rude awakening Cost of multifaceted nature once-over to make sure everything seems ok Lowering the cost of intricacy: maintaining a strategic distance from excessively costly readiness Forecasting: lessen the requirement for a minutes ago emergencies External: request figure Internal: money related estimate, resource conjecture

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1. 2. The idea of spryness Agile practices Content

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How would we be able to utilize light-footed practices to profit by turbulence in the commercial center? 1 Agile practices Key issue

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Agile practices Three attributes of inventory network operations identified with spry Mastering and profiting by variety sought after; Very quick reaction to market openings; Unique or low volume reaction.

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Demand change Time Agile works on Benefiting from difference Three wellsprings of interest instability Seasonality Product life cycles End-client request

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Organize Adjust Volume Agile capacity is required Start up Micro-markets assortment Agile works on Benefiting from fluctuation Three wellsprings of interest vulnerability Seasonality Product life cycles End-client request

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Agile works on Benefiting from brief time windows Decreased D-time requires diverse levels of deftness (VMI & QR) Speed of recharging Upstream time affectability Information scattering and arrangement

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Agile works on Benefiting from little volume Small volume is an aftereffect of smaller scale markets, customization and fast responsiveness. Three methodologies of light-footed system identified with little volume Changeover adaptability Modularity at the system level Service-based and data based arrangements

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Variety diminish Mass generation Flexibility Modular supply organize Craft creation Volume diminish Agile works on Benefiting from little volume

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A coordinated model for empowering the Agile production network