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´╗┐Section 7 Spreadable Raw Sausages

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Topics Covered Raw Sausages Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages

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Raw Sausages Two sorts of spreadable crude cured wieners: Mettwurst and teawurst Cured and smoked Salami, cervelat, and arrive jaeger Cured and after that brooded Dried/aged Sometimes smoked

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Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Mettwurst and teawurst: Easy to get ready Limited time of freshness Four to five days put away in a plastic holder in cooler

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Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Mettwurst and teawurst (cont'd.): Meat and fat are semifrozen Mixed with salt and seasonings Ground Mixed well for five to six minutes or until sticky Release of protein gives a superior tie Piped sealed shut into hoard housings Incubated and hung for three days at 70┬░F Cold-smoked and refrigerated

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Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages Pork: Leg Shoulder Neck Butt Lean trimmings

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Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Pork fat: Fresh fatback without skin or pork cheeks (for fine mettwurst) Fresh fatback or gut strip without skin (for coarse mettwurst) Pork tummy: Good substitute for pork cheeks

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Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Other meats: For a change of flavor, different meats (e.g., sheep or fowl) can be substituted Leg or loin from sheep, sheep, or diversion give distinctive surfaces

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Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Other meats (cont'd.): Trim all fat from sheep or sheep Meat has a tenacious fragrance and taste and in addition abrasive surface If utilizing wild amusement (e.g., rabbit or amusement winged animals): Remove all pellets and trim wicked wounds

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Meats Used in Spreadable Raw Sausages (cont'd.) Other meats (cont'd.): Duck and geese are phenomenal for additional flavor parts Fat particularly has great flavor and smooth surface

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Summary This part checked on: Spreadable crude frankfurters How to securely get ready crude hotdogs for utilization Preparation of mettwurst and teawurst is a preface to more troublesome sliceable wieners (salamis)