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Chapter 11 notes
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´╗┐Part 11 Notes

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Section 1 - Pressure - equivalent to the constrain applied on a surface isolated by the aggregate zone over which the compel is applied. Weight = compel/territory weight units = pascal increment surface range, diminish weight ice skates liquid - substance which can without much of a stretch stream Chapter 11

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All of the powers applied by the individual atoms in a liquid include to make up the weight applied by the liquid. Adjusted weight - pneumatic force weight at a given level in a liquid is the same every which way gaseous tension abatements as height expands water weight increments as profundity builds Chapter 11

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Section 2 - Transmitting Pressure in a Fluid Pascal's guideline - When drive is connected to a kept liquid, an expansion in weight is transmitted similarly to all parts of the liquid. Part 11

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Hydraulic System Multiplies a compel by applying the constrain to a little surface territory. The expansion in weight is then transmitted to another part of the limited liquid, which pushes on a bigger surface region. Little constrain over little range brings about a bigger compel applied by a bigger region at somewhere else. Auto brakes, repair shop lift, fire truck step Chapter 11

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Section 3 - Floating and Sinking Buoyant constrain - acts in an upward bearing, against the drive of gravity. Makes a protest feel lighter Archimedes' standard - the light constrain on a question is equivalent to the heaviness of the liquid dislodged by the protest drifting and sinking - pg. 362 Chapter 11

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thickness = mass/volume units g/mL or g/cm 3 water thickness = 1 g/mL pg.363 Chapter 11

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Section 4 - Applying Bernoulli's Principle Wright siblings Chapter 11

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Bernoulli's rule The weight applied by a moving stream of liquid is not exactly the weight of the encompassing liquid. Air moves at various speeds above and beneath items. Distinction in weight causes lift or descending power wings pg. 367 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 - Vocabulary List Pressure Pascal's standard water powered framework light compel Archimedes' guideline Bernoulli's rule Chapter 11