Overseeing Fisheries for the Commercial center What the Worldwide Fish Market Needs from Fishery Chiefs

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Howard M. Johnson. Howard@hmj.comwww.hmj.com30 years in the fish industry15 years in fish counseling and market researchTechnical Advisory Board of Marine Stewardship CouncilConservation Committee, Sea Change Investment FundCo-Author Buyer

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Overseeing Fisheries for the Marketplace What the Global Seafood Market Wants from Fishery Managers Howard M. Johnson H.M. Johnson & Associates BC Seafood Alliance Summit IV November 1, 2005

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Howard M. Johnson Howard@hmj.com www.hmj.com 30+ years in the fish business 15+ years in fish counseling and statistical surveying Technical Advisory Board of Marine Stewardship Council Conservation Committee, Sea Change Investment Fund Co-Author Buyer's Guide to Sustainable Seafood

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What the Global Seafood Market Wants from Fishery Managers Supply from very much oversaw and reestablished fisheries Timely information Quality/security confirmation Sustainability Traceability

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Supply from Well-Managed and Restored Fisheries Future worldwide request will require essentially more fish Markets having a tendency to incline toward "wild" fish FAO gauges catch fisheries could increment by 10% if reclamation is effective

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Forecast World Seafood Demand 33 Million Ton Increase by 2020 Million Tons 33 Million Tons Source: Int'l Food Policy Research Inst.

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FAO Edible Seafood Demand Forecast Increase of 27 Million Tons by 2015 versus 2002 137 Million Tons Source: FAO

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China 2020 Future Demand 20 Million Tons

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Japan 2020 A Shrinking Market

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U.S. Populace 1950 Versus 2020 70+ Million Americans Over Age 60 by 2020 % of Population

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U.S. Fish Demand in 2020 Three Scenarios 817,000 MT Increase 20.4 kg for every capita + 20.4 kg for each capita 1.5 Million MT Increase + 4.1 Million MT Increase 21.8 kg for each capita + 27.2 kg for every capita Million Tons Round Weight

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Global Demand Forecast 2020 Per capita utilization anticipated at 17.1 kg Developing nations will represent 79% of sustenance fish generation by 2020 Real fish costs will rise 4 to 16% Meat costs will fall 3% Fishmeal and oil costs will rise 18% Source: Int'l Food Policy Research Inst.

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Timely Data Stock appraisals – what's coming Catch information – what's occurring Ex-vessel costs – what's it worth

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Quality/Safety Assurance Development of species particular quality/wellbeing gauges. Advancement of value confirmation seals and logos.

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Quality Assurance Programs Alaska Quality Seafood Voluntary Third gathering confirmation Logo advancement Norwegian Seafood Export situated Branded Commission by Norwegian parliament

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Sustainability Certifies that fisheries are solid, all around oversaw and don't affect nature Strong support in Europe Often used to counter NGO charges and affirm sound administration

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Trade squeeze scope follows a move in industry state of mind on supportability 2004 " Market interest for practical, or ecologically dependable, fish is traverse from a specialty to the standard. " 1997 " If you're a fish organization, you don't slither under the spreads with greenies ." " The maintainable fish development is staying put . No doubt about it about that. "

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Ecosystem Impact Effective Management The Marine Stewardship Council Standard Three Main Principles The maintainability of the stock

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Fishery Certification

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MSC Certified Fisheries (12) Alaska Salmon (all species) – 332 498 MT New Zealand Hoki – 100 000 MT Alaska Pollock (BS/AI) – 1 500 000 MT Alaska Pollock (Gulf of Alaska) – 70,000 South African Hake – 166 000 MT Western Australia Rock Lobster – 10 750 MT Southwest Handline Mackerel – 1 750 MT Thames Herring – 121 MT Loch Torridon Nephrops – 150 MT Burry Inlet Cockles – 7 135 MT South Georgia Toothfish – 4 500 MT Mexican Baja California Spiny Lobster – 1 300 MT

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Undergoing Certification (19) Australian Mackerel Icefish – 2 980 MT BSAI Pacific Cod Freezer Longline – 100 000 MT British Columbia Salmon – 16 900 MT California Chinook Salmon – 900 - 2 700 MT Chilean Hake (Trawl) – 82 000 T Hastings Fishing Fleet Dover sole – 40 MT Hastings Fishing Fleet pelagic – 80 MT Lake Hjälmaren Pikeperch – 165 MT Lakes and Coorong fisheries, South Australia (local) Maryland Striped Bass – 900 MT North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee Lobster – New North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee Sea Bass – New North Sea Herring (PFTA) – 329 000 MT Oregon Dungeness Crab – 4 500 MT Oregon p ink shrimp – New Pacific Halibut & Sablefish: (3 fisheries) BC & Alaska/Oregon/Washington – 34 000 MT Patagonian scallops – 6,000 MT

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Momentum in Europe Retailers drew in 79% concur natural effect is key acquirement basis 88% show obligation to advance economical decisions Consumers intrigued Purchase choice in view of Freshness (97%) Health benefits (91%) Environmental effect (79%) 86% "more probable" to purchase fish named as earth dependable

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Product Availability Switzerland Germany & Austria Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark Ireland

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Australia Product Availability France Italy Spain Greece Belgium USA

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Product Availability

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Traceability Now a crucial part of working together From "pontoon to throat" Chain of guardianship for guaranteed fisheries

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Conclusion From a fish showcasing viewpoint Canada has an extraordinary open door. Steady, all around oversaw fisheries will turn into a significantly more indispensable monetary resource in tomorrow's worldwide fish showcase. Protection of fish assets and the framework expected to adventure them is vital to long haul reasonability of the business.

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