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Issue. We change school material science courses however PER concentrates less on optional levelPossible boundaries to the immediate dispersal of techniquesNot enough scaffoldingWeak mathLack of non-conventional resourcesLack of non-customary bolster system. . To take care of the issue we began dealing with another curriculumPUMPhysics Union Mathematics.

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Conquering any hindrance Between Middle/High School Physics and Mathematics Hector Lopez, Eugenia Etkina, Suzane Brahmia, Jim Flakker, Jeff Goett, Alan Van Heuvelen July 21, 2008 AAPT Summer Meeting Edmonton, Alberta

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Problem We change school material science courses yet PER concentrates less on auxiliary level Possible obstructions to the immediate dispersal of procedures insufficient platform Weak math Lack of non-conventional assets Lack of non-customary bolster organize

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To take care of the issue we began taking a shot at another educational programs PUM Physics Union Mathematics

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What is P hysics U nion M athematics? Logical capacities + numerical thinking Improved learning of both material science and arithmetic physical science educational modules for center school and secondary school in its pilot stage. in view of ISLE (dynamic learning; mirrors science forms, accentuation on creating logical capacities) separated so can be adjusted to differing classroom and learning levels. center - secondary school continuum concentrated on numerical proficiency.

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My perceptions (information) design increasingly Multiple clarifications, systems or relations between physical amounts diverse Revision check no forecast Testing tests: Does result coordinate expectation in light of clarification/connection? + Assumptions yes More + Applications Investigative Science Learning Environment, school material science Etkina and Van Heuvelen (2001; 2007)

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Project Goals My perceptions (information) design Multiple clarifications, instruments or relations between physical amounts + Revision forecast Testing tests More + Applications Scientific capacities and rubrics; numerical thinking Provide diverse levels of expert advancement and study the reenactment

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PUM People

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PILOT Modules High School Kinematics Dynamics Work & Energy Electrostatics Middle School Kinematics Dynamics Work & Energy Matter

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ALG unique action 1.3.7 Three articulations about movement and compel are given underneath. Utilize any of the hardware recorded toward the start of Section 1.3 to discredit the announcements. (a) An protest dependably moves toward the lopsided drive applied on it. (b) If the uneven constrain applied on a question is zero, the protest is very still. (c) The bolts on a movement graph for the protest and the unequal compel on the free body chart are in a similar heading. Which articulation couldn " t you refute?

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Changing the ALG exercises Provide additionally platform Simplify the dialect Emphasize, implant, and fortify science thinking

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Revised PUM action (center school) 5.1 Test a theory: movement and unequal constrain Aaron has a speculation that articles dependably move toward the uneven compel applied on them by different items. (a) Design an analysis in which a question will move toward the uneven compel . Portray painstakingly what you will do, draw a constrain outline. (b) Make a particular expectation about the question " s movement in view of Aaron " s theory. A forecast is an announcement of what will occur in your examination if the speculation is right. The expectation must be made in the event that you have an analysis as a main priority. Utilize the means underneath. on the off chance that _____________(hypothesis) is right and I do ________(description of the testing test) Then ___________(prediction: portrayal of the result) ought to happen.

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(c) Perform the examination and record the result . Did it coordinate the expectation? Will you say that you demonstrated Aaron " s speculation? Think how the forecast is not quite the same as the speculation. (d) Now think about a trial in which you can apply a constrain on an effectively moving article toward the path that is not the same as the heading of its movement. Draw a constrain graph. Presently utilize Aaron " s thought to make the forecast about the question " s movement. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE AARON " S IDEA TO MAKE A PREDICTION EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH IT. At that point play out the examination and record the result. Did it coordinate the expectation? Presently what would you be able to say in regards to Aaron " s thought?

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PUM module structure

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Test questions Mark says that a washroom scale measures the constrain that the Earth applies on a man remaining on the scale. What trial would you be able to configuration to test his theory? For inquiries 19-24, a rope pulls a sled applying a constrain of 50 N to one side. The snow applies a contact compel of 30 N on the sled to one side. The mass of the sled with the traveler is 50 kg. Is the sled accelerating or backing off? How would you know? Clarify. - What whole number statement(s) speak to the powers applied on the sled in the level course? You may pick more than one answer. a. +30 + (- 50) b. -30 + (+50) - 30 + (- 50) +30 + (+50) - What number proclamations speak to the strengths applied on the sled in the vertical bearing? a. +50 + (- 50) b. +500 + (- 500) c. -500 + 500

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Next 2 talks - the procedure of module advancement and testing and imbuement of science For more data http://pum.rutgers.edu http://www.islephysics.net http://paer.rutgers.edu/scientificabilities http://paer.rutgers/pt3

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16.1. Condition peril: Four scientific explanations are recorded underneath. For every announcement portray the issues for which this announcement could be an answer. At that point speak to the announcement utilizing a drive chart and a movement outline. a) F unequal on question = 9.8N/kg x 3 kg. b) 7m/s – 2m/s = 3s x a c) 35 N – 9.8 N = 1 kg x a d) F rope on sled – F Jake on sled = 35 kg x 0m/s 2

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Middle school progression passage from an arranging table 16 lessons + test