Our Political Beginnings

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´╗┐Our Political Beginnings

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Magna Carta (1215) "The Great Charter" Signed by King John of England in 1215. Included central rights: Trial by jury Due procedure of law Private Property Established the rule that the force of the government was not supreme.

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Petition of Right (1628) Limited the lord's energy considerably more. Expressed that even the lord needed to comply with the rule that everyone must follow. Ruler could no more: detain or rebuff any individual without a legitimate judgment of his associates. force military law (lead by the military). Raise charges without the authorization of parliament.

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The English Bill of Rights (1689) (Created amid the Glorious Revolution.) Established: Trail by jury Due process No unfeeling discipline No unnecessary safeguard or fines Right to carry weapons Right to appeal

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Virginia Bill of Rights (1776) Established: No exorbitant safeguard or fines No irrational quests and seizures Freedom of discourse Freedom of squeeze Freedom of religion

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Enlightenment Principles Man is sensible Man must agree to be government A Constitution/Contract must LIMIT THE GOVERNMENT Clearly characterize forces of the Government Make a known law w/and target judge Progress/Change is normal and generally great

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The Enlightenment Era brought new thoughts of the Natural Law. What is the Natural Law? Life Liberty Health Property