OSHA Update and Safety and Health Management Systems

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OSHA Update and Safety and Health Management Systems 2009 DOL Forum Jim Shelton, Houston North

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Topic Areas OSHA Update and Emphasis Areas Business Case Elements of an Effective Safety Program OSHA Compliance Assistance Overview Finding Safety Resources

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OSHA Update New Deputy Assistant Secretary and Acting Assistant Secretary Donald Shalhoub Updated Field Operations Manual (CPL 02-00-148 replaces the Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM) Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking identified with flammable clean

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OSHA Update Stimulus Work – Looking for effort potential outcomes for organizations required in boost work, green or renewable vitality ect. Mechanical Hygiene – Look for expanded OSHA effort and authorization identified with modern cleanliness including expanded air observing and testing for potential over exposures

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Emphasis Industries FY 09 Operational Plan Industries: Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Landscaping/Horticultural Services Oil and Gas Field Services Residential Building Construction Blast Furnaces and Basic Steel Products Concrete and Concrete Products Fruits and Vegetables

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Emphasis Hazards FY 09 Operational Plan Hazards: Combustible Dust Electrical Falls from Elevation Noise (Non-Construction) Silica Struck-By Trenching

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National Emphasis Programs PSM Refineries (NEP) Silica (NEP) Amputations (NEP) Combustible Dust (NEP) Trenching (NEP) Falls (NEP) Portland Cement

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Regional Emphasis Programs Construction (REP) Demolition (REP) Powerlines (REP) Work Zone (REP) Cranes in Construction (REP) Falls in General Industry (REP) Highway & Bridge Construction and Maintenance (REP) High Noise Industries (REP)

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H1N1 Influenza OSHA has various distributions and assets tending to pandemic influenza Preparations and arranging are imperative in the occasion this or another infection develops Typist During 1918 Influenza

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H1N1 Influenza The CDC prescribes: Employees ought to be ready for the side effects of flu. On the off chance that you show such side effects as fever, hack, sore throat, body throbs, migraine, and chills, you ought to demand leave from your boss, remain home, and point of confinement contact with other individuals to keep the spread of disease. Look for proper restorative consideration, and take after any guidelines from your essential care supplier

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H1N1 Influenza Practice great cleanliness. Wash your hands frequently with cleanser and water, particularly after your hack or wheeze, in the wake of utilizing the restroom, and before touching your eyes, mouth, or nose. Liquor based hand cleaners are additionally viable if cleanser and water are not promptly accessible Practice great respiratory manners. Sniffle or hack into a tissue; then deliberately discard the tissue in a waste container

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H1N1 Influenza Avoid wheezing or hacking toward different representatives, and abstain from wheezing into your uncovered hands Employees who work in social insurance or lab settings may require extra safeguards Additional data can be found at http://www.cdc/swineflu/direction/

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H1N1 Influenza

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H1N1 Influenza

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H1N1 Influenza OSHA 3328-05 OSHA 3323-10N OSHA 3327-02N

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Business Case for Safety According to Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety for each $1 put resources into security there is amongst $3 and $6 in investment funds Accidents with or without harm may likewise bring about property harm, gear substitution costs, downtime, and despondent clients Workers remuneration premiums and Experience Modification Rates (EMR) influence your primary concern. Bringing down your EMR by purchasing down or paying littler claims out of pocket still costs you cash

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Business Case for Safety If you're at 0.71 and kept all mishaps you would spare $66,000 in premiums If your at 1.00 and your rival is at 0.71 you are at a $58,000 every year hindrance. In the event that he's at 0.38 you're at a $124,000 disservice. Data Courtesy of Liberty Mutual, Houston, TX

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Business Case for Safety Direct Costs * Medical Costs *Indemnity Payments Indirect Costs *Lost time by: - Injured - Co-laborers - Supervisor *Spoiled item *Loss of clients *Cleanup time *Production postpones *Training new specialists *Overhead costs *Legal charges *Rise in protection costs

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Business Case for Safety Foreign body in the eye - Direct cost of $317* + backhanded cost of $1394 = $1711 add up to cost. A 5% overall revenue requires $34,236 in deals to take care of The 2003 normal expense of a WC damage assert in Texas was $3,078**… $98,000 in deals to cover * Argonaut Insurance Average Claims 1992-1994 ** TDI WC Research Group Medical Cost Trends in TX - 2004

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Business Case for Safety OSHA has discovered complete security and wellbeing programs decrease damage and ailment rates a normal of 20% Accident costs go straightforwardly to the main issue Many organizations won't contract you if have an EMR more than 1.00 or a harm rate over the national normal and numerous audit your OSHA reference history Your security execution influence the budgetary prosperity and aggressiveness of your organization and the lives of your work groups

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Characteristics of Exemplary Pgms Uses sorted out and orderly strategies to: Assign duty to chiefs, administrators, and representatives Inspect consistently for and control dangers Orient and prepare all workers to dispose of or keep away from perils

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General Guidelines A compelling project Includes arrangements for methodical recognizable proof, assessment and counteractive action or control of risks Goes past particular prerequisites of the law to address all dangers Written program "In composing" less critical than viability As size and multifaceted nature of worksite or process builds, so needs for composed direction

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Major Elements A viable word related wellbeing and wellbeing programs include: Management responsibility and worker association Worksite examination Hazard avoidance and control Safety and wellbeing preparing

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Commitment and Involvement Management responsibility and representative contribution are correlative Management duty gives the propelling power and assets for sorting out and controlling exercises inside an association Employee inclusion gives the methods through which specialists create and express their own dedication to S&HG assurance

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Commitment and Involvement Recommended Actions: State unmistakably a worksite wellbeing and wellbeing approach Establish and convey a reasonable objective and target for the wellbeing and wellbeing program Provide obvious top administration association in actualizing the program

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Commitment and Involvement Recommended Actions: Encourage worker inclusion in the program and in choices that influence their wellbeing and wellbeing (e.g., review or peril examination groups; creating or reexamining safe work rules; preparing new contracts or collaborators; helping with mischance examinations) Assign and impart obligation regarding all parts of the program

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Commitment and Involvement Recommended Actions: Provide sufficient power and assets to capable gatherings Hold directors, bosses, and representatives responsible for meeting their duties Review program operations in any event yearly, to assess, distinguish inadequacies, and modify, as required

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Worksite Analysis Worksite investigation includes an assortment of worksite examinations, to recognize existing perils, as well as conditions and operations where changes may jump out at make dangers Effective administration effectively dissects the work and the worksite to foresee and forestall hurtful events

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Worksite Analysis Recommended Actions: Conduct extensive benchmark and occasional studies for wellbeing and wellbeing Analyze arranged and new offices, procedures, materials, and hardware Perform routine occupation peril examinations

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Worksite Analysis Recommended Actions: Provide for standard site wellbeing and wellbeing assessments Provide a solid framework for representatives, without dread of backlash, to inform administration about clear perilous conditions and to get convenient and suitable reactions

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Worksite Analysis Recommended Actions: Provide for examination of mishaps and "close miss" occurrences, so that their causes and means for anticipation are recognized Analyze harm and sickness slants after some time, so that examples with basic causes can be recognized and averted

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Hazard Prevention and Control Triggered by an assurance that a danger or potential risk exists Where attainable, avoid perils by viable outline of occupation or occupation site Where end is not possible, control dangers to avert hazardous and unhealthful introduction Elimination or control must be refined in an opportune way

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Hazard Prevention and Control Recommended Actions: Establish systems for auspicious rectification or control of risks, including Engineering strategies, where plausible and proper Procedures for safe work which are comprehended and took after as a consequence of preparing, uplifting feedback, amendment of risky execution, and authorization Provision of individual defensive gear Administrative controls

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Hazard Prevention and Control Recommended Actions: Provide for office and hardware upkeep Plan and get ready for crises Training and bores, as required Establish a restorative program First guide nearby Physician and crisis mind close-by

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Safety and Health Training Addresses the security and wellbeing duties of all faculty, whether salaried or hourly Most successful when fused into other preparing about execution necessities and employment hones Complexity relies on upon size and many-sided quality of worksite and nature of perils

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Safety and Health Training Recommended Actions: Ensure that all e