OSH Management Systems National, Establishment levels, The Philippine Experience

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Destinations. 1.Present the Philippine OSH frameworks, programs, at national and foundation levels;2.Discuss achievements, yield, result, under the NOSH-Medium Term Plan 2006-10;3.Steps taken to adjust the OSH frameworks and projects as per: ILO OSH-MS Guidelines, and ILO Convention No 187.

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OSH Management Systems National, Establishment levels, The Philippine Experience Dr. Dulce P. Estrella-Gust Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards Globally Dusseldorf, Germany November 4, 2009

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Objectives 1. Present the Philippine OSH frameworks, programs, at national and foundation levels; 2. Discuss achievements, yield, result, under the NOSH-Medium Term Plan 2006-10; 3. Steps taken to adjust the OSH frameworks and projects as per: ILO OSH-MS Guidelines, and ILO Convention No 187

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OSH administration framework inside steady OSH strategies, foundations, projects, observing and input framework; incorporates related game plans outfitted towards the counteractive action of business related dangers and dangers Compliance to OSH principles, related laws and late arrangements, the arrangement of advantages for pay for business related wounds and diseases.

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Framework of Action for an Integrated and Comprehensive National OSH Plan (2006-2010) Vision: All laborers appreciate a superior personal satisfaction through OSH approaches and programs Mission: With the empowering limit of DOLE, unions, businesses and different partners make an interpretation of the vision into orchestrated arrangements, projects and standard working methodology on OSH through viable organizations Feedback Goal By 2010, all OSH partners have the ability to do practical OSH preventive projects of the most elevated quality connecting with the dominant part of specialists in the formal and casual divisions in all districts of the nation; and to diminish business related wounds and sicknesses by 20% Strategies fit OSH frameworks and projects, instruments with concentrate on aversion through strategy, preparing, data, inquire about, specialized administrations - convey quality OSH benefits, and assemble assets Indicative Plans of offices and partners 4

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Objectives of the National OSH Plan 2006 to 2010 "Approach" Harmonize approaches, frameworks, structure and projects on OSH "Asset Mobilization" raise the level of assets for preventive word related security and wellbeing programs for both open and private areas. "Quality Services" achieve more specialists with quality OSH programs. "Consistence" enhance consistence of foundations on OSH Standards and related strategies "Exploration" To complete reviews and looks into as reason for arrangement detailing and the plan of projects and arrangement of administrations

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Legal Framework Governing OSH ENFORCEMENT Supreme Court Inspection, NLRC, DOLE, Courts, DOLE, Courts, Internal Monitoring (Bipartite) Joint Labor-Mgt. Grievance Procedure ORIGIN Constitutional Convention Congress Government Tripartite Bipartite: Company, Organization CBAs,/CNAs LMCs, OSH Committees others

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Department Orders and Policies on OSH

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Philippine Occupational Safety and Health System and Programs

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Policy accomplishments, holes: Objective 1 of NOSH-MTP An exhaustive OSH System, Structure and Programs, however needs harmonization Improved Resource Allocation towards avoidance of business related sicknesses and advancement of laborers' wellbeing, yet restricted by law, needs new enactment . Relentless Organic Pollutants; a natl program exist however needs enactment Globally Harmonized System of Labeling Chemicals: same accomplishments, same authoritative concerns 9

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OSH Structure accomplishments, holes With two new e xtension workplaces of OSHC; needs more to cover 16 areas, 800,000 estabs, and 33 M specialists Few OSH accomplices in the private division Slow advance in incorporating OSH in instructive frameworks Public part OSH troubles in getting up to speed Interagency advisory groups with fluctuating degrees of supportability: Philippine National AIDS Council Interagency Committee on Environmental Health Committee on Chemical Control Order Committees to actualize ILO Convention 176 on Mine Safety, 182 on Child Labor, others. 10

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Objective 2 of NOSH-MTP: Resources Expected Outputs, Accomplishments, Gaps 1 . Actuarial review on enhanced designation of assets for aversion as assets expressed in EO 307 is constrained. Assets still exceedingly insufficient to cover 35 million specialists 2. :Enhanced assets at nearby government unit (LGU) levels Few LGUs have resolved to bolster OSH when all is said in done as well as particular perspectives like medication free work environment, school H and S Need for dynamic extension to bigger quantities of LGUs 3. Constrained association with outside benefactors for helpless working populaces Systematic investigation of participation and financing with old and new accomplices for inventive tasks i.e. on OSH, better than average work and non-segregation of the casual part, of ladies youthful and more seasoned specialists, Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs), compound security, OSH-MS, others . 11

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Objective 3 : Capability/Capacity Building Expected Output, Accomplishments, Gaps 12

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New instructional classes and material: Accomplishments 1. Psychosocial Concerns 2.OSH in Industry areas 3.Piloting of OSH-MS 4.Support preparing materials: Stress Management, Violence and against lewd behavior, Tobacco Drug-Free working environment OSH in Call Centers, In Shipbuilding, Ship Repair 100 hr. OSHMS Manuals, Technical Guides, narrative movies, freebees 13

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Capability: Observations/Gaps Coverage of customers through preparing, data, tech administrations enhanced by more than 500% from 2006 But, quick growing interest for OSH administrations has outpaced accessibility of administrations Current OSHC/security preparing associations/academe understaffed to meet all capacity building prerequisites and requests a little center of trainors for OSHMS, and psychosocial issues Inadequate endeavors in coordinating OSH data and aptitudes in existing projects of GOs, bosses/specialists gathers Slow advance on combination of OSH courses in both undergrad and post-graduate degrees  No mechanical cleanliness college class yet. 14

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Capability Building Gaps/recommmendation Speed up process and orchestrate framework in ability building, Same with accreditation of specialists and foundations And observing of master develop New projects are at trying stage; e.g on shipbuilding, call focuses, psychosocial concerns Intense linkup with training accomplices 15

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Obj: 4 of NOSH-MTP Compliance Expected yield Achievements Standards Increased number of foundations profiting from and agreeing to LSEF prerequisites of LSEF results refreshed and looked into  WAIR , AMR reports refreshed Specific strategies and projects LSEF advanced across the country through DOLE ROs and BWC Regular checking with an expansion of 10 to 20% : WAIR report refreshed AMR report most recent refresh Databases on: HIV/AIDS sans drug working environment TB, H1N1 counteractive action OSH in Call focuses, shipbuilding, and so on 16

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Compliance: Gaps Limited OSH parameters utilized; Few assents Limited degree for checking unwavering quality of self-evaluation reports Limited limit with respect to OSH assessment and TAV Procedures ought to be clear for all Work Alert group 17

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RESEARCH: Active Surveillance Work-Related Disorders: Results Work-related musculoskeletal issue (WMSDs) most continuous 33% Lung illnesses 20% Skin maladies 18% Circulatory framework 12% Skin sicknesses 5% Renal infections 5% Eye ailments 5% Blood issue 4% Hearing misfortune 2% Neurologic 1% 18

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Other Studies Working Conditions Hazardous Workplaces (shipbuilding, transport repair, swine, pesticide presentation, development, and so on) Service (Hotel and eateries, Call Centers) - . OSH of Local Government Offices OSH Qualities of Commercially Available PPEs Women in the Informal Sector, drugs, HIV/AIDS, TB avoidance, OSH in particular areas as in call focuses, shipbuilding, development, and others. 19

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Research: Accomplishments, Use reason for medium term arranges and activity programs; enhancing scope/nature of projects; creating preparing and data program on psychosocial concerns. utilized as "Best practices" in ZAP and efficiency, and the Gawad Kaligtasan Kalusugan award contributions to Technical Guidelines help to standard setting and authorization of Standards and related strategies. 20

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Research : Gaps Sharing of skill and other specialized assets, between and among research organizations databases on articulated strategies and projects of HIV, medications, TB, Call Centers, Shipbuilding, irresistible sicknesses like H1N1 standard subsidizing assets enthusiasm of real financing offices to OSH investigate 21

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OSH Management Systems: Selected Countries 22

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OSH Programs for Vulnerable Populations Informal Sector Women specialists in the casual economy Young Workers Child Labor Achievements Case thinks about, backing in LGUs, arrange National Conference on Young Workers 2003. explore, approaches, preparing progs, rules for call focus specialists, progs and rules for laborers in tourism contextual investigations in little scale mine, footwear, paaling, vegetable cultivating; preparing, arrangements, tech help to ILO C 138 and 182

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Vulnerable Population Achievement Gaps Older Workers: OFWs contextual analyses, neighborhood and intl. organizing, coordinated in preparing, promotion for approach Selected pre-takeoff preparing programs for Korea-bound, contextual analyses on HIV

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Emerging Industries, developing Hazards and Risks Call Centers New irresistible maladies (SARS, Avian influenza, Ebola Reston, H1N1) MSDs Psychosocial dangers push, lewd behavior, tobacco, medications and liquor, weariness Policies, data programs

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Good Practices in OSH National Level National OSH System NOSH Profile 2006, now refreshing to 09 National OSH Medium Term Plan up to 2010, being updated National Safety Award (GKK), biennial National and Regional OSH Congresses Networks (natl, regl, specialty,LGUs) Monitoring System Setting up of Extension Offices .:tslide